Saturday, June 16, 2007

Almost Finished

"You aren't perfect,"
she whispered over my shoulder,
slumping as I was
through the abyss,
through the shadows
of my sewage strewn
emotional crack alley--
a computer monitor
my guiding light out of hell.

I felt my tooth with my tongue,
still shattered.
I felt my stomach
wrenching with our prologue
I felt my attention slip,
from love to lust and back
truth from the fictions--
maniac wild beast heart
the story of a poet’s life.

You aren't perfect,
was all I said
just one more line
the right amount of light
and spilled ink shade
that would make it all right
that would push it over the top.

She yawned and rolled over.

Things were almost finished.



Susan Miller said...

Getting caught back up this morning, Eric. Its nice to hear your voice, and it sounds perfect.

It's great to see ya' keeping the faith. Your writing is very powerful.

eric313 said...


It's always wonderful to see your comments. Thank you for the kind and heartfelt compliments and observations, as always. Do tell me if I suck one day! It's all good. Thanks and talk to you soon

Behind Blue Eyes said...

Ah! The moment when it finally sinks in that the other is less than perfect.

eric313 said...

It is that moment, behind blue eyes. Both kind of know, now, and the poem of their relationship is almost finished. Thanks for reading this very simple poem.

singleton said...

but isn't it those mornings when it's over, but remains unfinished for a lifetime, that you know....
less than perfect...
is sometimes all
you ever dreamed of....

eric313 said...

I agree.
less than perfect has got to be the sexiest thing ever. I do deffinitely agree with that. Thanks for the words. That was exactly right.

And welcome. Say whatever you like

skinnylittleblonde said...

highlight the bottom(sssshhhhhh....p&l)

eric313 said...


i saw it! bonus words from an extra sweet heart. that henna crown is yours

all natural... sweet and beautiful.