Saturday, June 16, 2007

Butterfly Moon

I'm a butterfly dreaming I'm the moon.
I'm the smoke you keep breathing.
I'm every word you cannot say.
I am undone.

won't you take my hand?
your trophy—smug souvenir
before your good night is spat
before you leave me undone

with wings torn from me

your breath
like the wind
my lust
my secrets
my lies
my heart

We lie down, smoke drifts dieing
—and though I dream of light,
I pine for all of your inviting darkness
to envelope the broken shards of my love

for I am taken with a nightmare
wings torn from flesh with
each caress of anxious lips red,
searing skin, sanity surrenders

by the light of the old moon
wingless in the smoke
heaven's pearl nigh--
I am undone.



Susan Miller said...

This is engaging and tragic. It seems almost as if it's best recited in a whisper for it feels like those things we never say with our mouths....just our bodies.

Nice, Eric.

Crashdummie said...
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Crashdummie said...

eric, you're totally breaking my heart. It's so sad. I bet these words will haunt me when I try to get some sleep tonight...*sigh*

Behind Blue Eyes said...

It is sad. Is it better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at they say?

eric313 said...

Thanks for the ovbservatio; I did picture this poem as best read in a very low and dramatic voice. It is the unwanted part of love left over at the end.

eric313 said...

Aw! I didn't set out to break any specific heart at all. I hope you don't lose too much sleep. Be well!

Behind Blue Eyes
It is about that, too. It's about how the physical attraction far outlast the mental attraction in this specific relationship. Thanks!

Cazzie!!! said...

Every line makes you think, every line has its own meaning, I like it, I like the way the poem goes back on itself in the end. Capturing the heart, and the mind..surrendering the reader a blithering mess!!!

Cazzie!!! said...

Eric, yep, me again, LOL...write a poem for your nan :)

eric313 said...

I was thinking and doing just that sort of thing. Thanks and blessings to you.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Awwww...I must be warped, I did not perceive this to be sad at all. I thought it was about wisdom & support, lightness & darkness, thoughts unspoken & actions speaking louder than words...

eric313 said...

it is all that, too. One of the bits of wisdom is in taking a familiar path, with love as your goal, all the while keeping in mind that you need to know the risks. You know, once bitten twice shy, that old cliche, the second time you aren't naive, you're desiring another bite.

You just know better that second time, so you let it happen and are ready for what you sew.

Thanks so much for the comments

Justgivemepeace said...

"I am undone"
so of course.....

eric313 said...


Your website is some of the best poetry I've read, period. I recomend everyone see what I mean.