Friday, June 15, 2007


She says so,
you say
as you tear down
what it means to be her
with every stroke
of your loving claws.

She said so,
you say
the next morning
looking at the blood
and her empty space

at the chance
that she said no
with everything
except her voice.



Heart Of Darkness said...

The sadest thing in life is to stretch out your arm in the morning and let it fall over the empty space in bed where love used to be...

G'night & sweet dreams!

neko said...


that's good/deep/heartfelt/amazing/pick one.

almost made me miss someone.. almost made me rethink my strategy..

blood you say?

tearing of flesh and searing of the soul, is never as destructive as the regret of something which was and will never be again.

Behind Blue Eyes said...

did I get this wrong? I thought you were talking about a one-night stand. Or am I just cynical. If you think she said no with everything besides her voice, you are probably right. I liked that one too.

Blancodeviosa said...

wow... i feel nauseaous. in a good way

benjibopper said...

i thought it was describing a rape. and it hit hard like that. was i mistaken?

eric313 said...

this poem evokes everything all of you are saying and I was going for that and had no clue it worked, as I only knew it worked within what I felt about it at the time that I wrote it, and again when it was revised. It is beauty and horror--it's how people who love each other can hurt each other worse than anyone else, because of this knowledge that they have of one another's hearts. Sometimes.

It is about how we may feel we are trying to communicate deeper emotions to one another, but perhaps all we actually acheive is to make someone else feel uncomfortable, slowly or quickly pushing them away. In that way, it is an emotional type of assualt.

Its about a lot, probably more than I know. And this isn't bullshit! Everything you all have said is true. Thanks.

MyUtopia said...

What a powerful poem!

eric313 said...

Thanks, myutopia. It worked out-- very powerful, indeed.

hinty mctellin' said...

This may also be about virginity...