Saturday, June 30, 2007

June Bug Poet

Happy June bug
fly to the fire light
after most knew
last rites in May

You’re the last one left
you can type--
you're a JuneBug Poet!
Living on excess, alcohol
and borrowed ideas
from a money tree’s sway
you live
on borrowed days
with your borrowed
golden baby soul
drinking daiquiris
in the summer haze

You can’t let it go,
you should have done so
you died, you know
when last rites were called
way back in May



singleton said...

last rites....last calls...
and the music still plays....
peace, friend.

eric313 said...

You are fast, my friend! I didn't even have the picture up yet!

skinnylittleblonde said...

lol...a poet with a keen sense of humor!

eric313 said...

Thanks for the compliment. It's tough to know when something is too silly. This deffitintely is. But it's cool. I had to get it in before June was dead itself.
Another month down.

What wins in the end?

clinks all around

captain corky said...

Why do I relate to this poem so much...

I like it Eric.

Behind Blue Eyes said...

Okay, have I gotten this right? People who love to read and write are often alone. When you see a good movie, chances are someone else has seen it. You can talk about it together. When you read a good book, chances are no-ones seen it. You don'et have anyone to talk to about it. Only people who like to read can understand how a reading a writer who gets exactly the right word is such a thrill. How we watch it like a sport. How we are alone with it because no-one else relates. this is part of what you are talking about, right?

I do read your blog even when I don't comment.

Behind Blue Eyes said...

I dream that I can fly by jumping too. And when I get high enough I kind of start swimming. I wish it was true.

eric313 said...

Captain Corky
So many of us should have said goodbye, but we don't. We keep haning around. Maybe one day we will reap the rewards of sticking around longer than reccomended. That's all kind of it.

And I was relating to it big time when I wrote it. I thought others might, as well. We all overstay, just we don't all get a story from it.

Having people relate to or not has a lot to do with the feeling. Really, it's kind odf about over staying one's own welcome, or a poet over staying his grace. And yes, we are alone in interpretation, very often. I love when twenty people have twenty different ideas and opinions. That's great for the poet.

and... Ahh, yes. The slow motion jumping flight. I forgot where I posted that response, BBE. Trevor's? I think so. Ha. Trully we live in a small world and it is cool to know this network in individuals and reporters of personal and universal truths. Thank you for dropping by any time you want to, BBE. See you around.

Enemy of the Republic said...

This is very nice--the flow is wonderful.

Crashdummie said...

Knowing that we live on borrowed time makes everything so more beautiful… we never know when it will all end, and can therefore savour the sweetness of life…

Well, that’s at least what I hope people are doing. A great poem as always eric. Glad to see that you are doing betta. Cheers mate

eric313 said...

Enemy of the Republic
Every line has to suggest an idea and a rhythm or it will never work out. People will not put up with clumsy prose or poetry, outside of a response field, anyway. Thanks for dropping by and for the encouragement.

Cheers back at you around the world.
Thanks for the link and the beautiful shout out to me on your post. That was a sweet thing to do and I'll learn to use my links next, I think. You and a lot of people, new and old acquaintances alike, have been so supportive of me and what I'm trying to do here, that I'll have to find ways to thank you all and pay tribute to your work.

And you know it. Borrowed time and borrowed ideas. We are all limited by it. I felt this way last month on the first day of June, and revised it a good bit last night for a post. Last minutes of June ticking away on a June bug poet. It wasn't going to work in July! Thanks for coming by and I'll see you soon, crashie

cheers to you once more, friend

Danny Tagalog said...

Hi Eric,

Living on in the aftermath and continuing regardless.

Good god, I have to go off and die right now - upon a treadmill. Only the upcoming holidays can resurrect this soul.

eric313 said...

Let the holiday spirits ressurect us all. The aftermath of damage we do to ourselves, as well as the damage that comes from without.
Thanks, Danny
See you around

miller580 said...

"You can’t let it go,
but you should have
done so
you died, you know
when last rites were called
way back in May"

Awesome lines! No shit.

Karmalennon said...

Hi! I'm good. Been busy trying to write new poems and not having any luck. Bleh...My favorite line "living on excess, alcohol and borrowed ideas"-so very true especially for the creative people I've met in my life.

singleton said...

"with your borrowed
golden baby soul
drinking daiquiris
in the summer haze"

no, you can't let it go....

mist1 said...

I have a 75 watt bulb outside. The June bugs (or Japanese beetles or what ever we call them here in the Dirty South) find it irresistible. They cling to my screen door and I watch them land on their backs where I know they'll die. I can't bring myself to flip them over.

eric313 said...

Thanks, man. I love it when it all works like that. Simple lines and a beat and a goal to build toward. In this case, the goal was finding a rebirth after dying back in May, one hopes. Thanks and see you around soon.

Hope your weekend was good to you. Keep at the poetry and it gets better every time. Very much unlike everything else that disapoints us and depresses us into writing poetry in the first place. Thanks and see you around as well. Let the lines flow like blue wine!

eric313 said...

It is so much better when you read it the next day. Glad you made your way by once more to check it over. It is a lot smoother flow and meaning tonight.

And how could I let go everything that helps me to create? It is what makes us love, too. We can do anything with this knowledge.

To the poet's heart

eric313 said...


Junebugs and Japanese Beatles everywhere note your concern over thier fate, despite your physical neutrality on the issue. They only had a day to live anyway.
Unlike crickets, damn them to hell.

Thanks, Misty
you'll help me to a hundred, too one day, if its easy and you don't have to try too hard. I'll try and write well to deserve the hundred.

Mob said...

Don't go gently, June Bug...

Cheap booze was probably responsible for keeping Bukowksi alive for the better part of his life, so it can't be all bad.

neko said...

aren't we all on borrowed time?

talk about being faced with your own mortality.

poor little june bug..

did he burn?

Crashdummie said...

To be honest, I started thinking of Troja and Achilles (Brad Pitt) speech about how the Gods envy us for our mortality… ;)

Eh, no need to thank me, I meant everything I wrote. You are a very talented poet and I am totally amazed over how poetry is just dripping out of you. But then again, I have always had a fantasy about a guy singing & playing solo on his guitar would dedicate a song to me. But then again, if a friend dedicates a poem to me, well that wouldn’t be that far off now would it ;)

Cheers mate!

MyUtopia said...

Interesting poem for today. Made me think of the fish fly season, when they are just EVERYWHERE.

Blancodeviosa said...

that's one fucked up june bug

Blancodeviosa said...

the Bukowski of june bugs even

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

I'll never kill another bug (deliberately)

realbigwings said...

I recognize the origins of this one. Nice to see it fleshed out, grown up into full form.
~It's nice seeing other's writing process at work.
Good one.


singleton said...


SouthsideMMA said...

Isn't it all borrowed, bruz?

Five5six said...


I hate blogger.

Princess Pointful said...

There's that june bug again, on borrowed time, but making the most of his short life all the same.

Happy July!

eric313 said...

Sorry I haven't got to everyone sooner. You know how it is! Glad you kept makin it by.


Never go without tipping over the salad bar and spilling someone's drink on their head. Thanks for the word. A legend in bar room poetics who's secret I sometimes forget.

We are all on the borrowing end. We have to use it well. But it's a good metaphor.

You are awesome, too. Write anything you want to here. I'm so glad to have you reading my poetry, and for the link. I will have to learn to do that. And sit tight while I write some more poetry. Who knows what way I'll take off next.

Yes! The fish flies are everywhere right now. Man, what an odd regional issue we share, us Detroiter near and far. But you have killer bees down there in Austin! I'm glad not to contend with that anxiety in my life! No way! But you're brave. Kudos to you, Kelly.

eric313 said...

Bukowski lived like a Junebug everyday of his life. That is dedication, getting drunk alone, lisyening to classical music and writng poems about all the neighbors.
Ah, the life of a poet.

Ultra Toast Mosha God
The bugs will always remember you fondly in thier strange afterlife. Life for a day of driven debauchery was their breif vahalla. But don't worry too much. If they invade your home, it's war.

Thank you for the time and space. I was just writing happy june to you that day, and boom, it turned into a poem rigth away! And it fit with me really good. Thank you so much for being you, Dawn. Keep the images wirling by in that slow motion dance.

eric313 said...


To all the stars of her heavenly crown.

(as I remember before passing out!)

I love blogger! We all love blogger! Do not dis the god blogger, or he will wreck your well crafted lines and shrink them to junebug scratch.

I hate blogger, too, but hey? It's all good.

I hoped the bug wouldn't deteur you. Glad to see that that was not the case. He was after all dead.

Exactly! Make the most of your life and fly, or write or atttend grad school and party with those you love for a weekend. You have to take them yourself, or you migth not be here to do so. Thank you, Princess

Everyone! You all make tis worth it. Thank you so much for your support. Bless you by what you hold most holy, no matter what that happens to be.

Princess Pointful said...

I guess we could all model ourselves off the Junebug a little more...

(and, no worries, my phobia only extends to the eight-legged, non aquatic creatures. Regular ol' bigs are fine by me)

eric313 said...

Everyday really could be a lot more if we drove ourselves harder. Compared to the earth and time, we are all bugs, so really, we should grab this metaphor and fly with it in some aspects. But pace is still important.

Glad this poem worked. It's nice when they work out so well. Thanks for dropping by, Princess. Hope your night is going famously. Take care

Blue the Spa Girl said...

"you are a poet June bug"

My goodness, this is good stuff. For awhile there, I thought only I pondered the June bug. I guess I was wrong.

Tink! To the golden souled little Juney.

eric313 said...

Tink! To sharring good poetry with all the good people. Thanks, Blue Spa Girl. You read great stuff over with the sisters. So maybe there might be some stuff here that you'd like. Thanks for dropping by.
take care