Sunday, June 17, 2007

If I Were a Hammer--AKA Holden Caulfield's Favorite Song

If I were a hammer
and not the left hand
of poetry's glass rose,
I would hammer the toes
of every pederast
--every racist
every murderer
--every rapist
until pancakes are served
with morning joe
for the giant rats
under Grand River
and Bagley Street
Monday mornings
in the raw.

But a hammer I am not;
a voice my only tool
to nail this cross
and build these gallows.

That which I would fix
and that which I will break
are all crystal roses,
fragile to begin with

If I were a hammer,
I'd strike smash and flatten
the heads of broken nails
but this voice--
how useless is this?

A hammer sadly I'm not,
or much of this world
could have been fixed.



Heart Of Darkness said...

Damn, I wanna be a hammer too! Only I'd aim a bit higher then the toes... :)

eric313 said...

Thanks, Heart
I know what you mean. But the toes getting smashed is fine. I wouldn't want to poison the rats under downtown with sex offender penis pancakes and scrambled eggs. Glad you made me laugh and write something as ridiculous as this response! Thanks for the shout!

eric313 said...

And everybody should read Salinger's Catcher in the Rye, to know and understand Holden Caulfield's love of hammer songs.

Crashdummie said...

Eh, Hart just wanna smash everything in her way - anger management! ;)

Hammer.. my mind is drifting to Mc Hammer & "Can't touch this"... *grins*

benjibopper said...

so smash yourself and gnash them with the shards


go to the youth before they learn such false dominion, inspire them with your poems

eric313 said...


We should all aim high, like heart does. And if my poetry makes you think of a song, so much the better! Thank you!


Right on. The youngest generation and what they know and are taught by us older kids is of the utmost importance. To teach the young to not fall into the trap of false dominion.
Indeed, that is worthy. Thanks Benji

Crashdummie said...

sowwie, my mind is kinda occupied at other things at the moment... but i'll get back to ya when I regain som sanity.


eric313 said...

No problem, ever. You sound like you're having the same problems that the people in my poems and fiction often have. Love makes us all insane with passion and we just have to try and capture that passion in writen and photographic moments whenever we can.

And I feel crazy, wise, warped and sad by love too, so its all good.
Thanks and take care, girl!

Anonymous said...

Heh, I'd rather be a hammer than a nail.

eric313 said...

Trevor Record:

indeed. To strike or to be struck...
Excellent. Thanks for the comment.

Bardouble29 said...

Hey there thanks for the visit to my blogs. The poets corner blog is for anyone who wants to post a poem. I have about 6 authors that submit. (You are always welcome also)

You have a great site here. I do hope you will pop back by!

eric313 said...


Thanks for the invite. You do have a nice collection of contributors at your site. I'll see you soon and who knows? I've been having the worst time writing new stuff lately. Maybe that can help me. Thank you for your kind words and welcome. You in turn are welcome to say whatever you like here!

Behind Blue Eyes said...

You know, I've been thinking about some of this stuff lately. I've always been very against the death penalty. I mean, we're with Saudia Arabia, Iraq...even some of the more backwards countries in South America don't have it. America has one helluva fucked up shadow. Anyway, I realized something rather disturbing about myself...I don't think I mind the death penalty for child molester. Oh, I guess I really do. I myself, if I were suddenly made into Queen would probably never order anyone put to death, but I don't think that they should walk after a short sentence like they do now. I am rather freaked out right now. Since I've had this stuff on my mind, I went on the net to look up sex offenders in my area and there are 44 in my zip code. About 1/4 of them are incarcerated and there are 5 or 6 who had sex with a 16 year old when they were 19 but still! Maybe it's time to move!

eric313 said...

Behind Blue Eyes

Yes, what you say goes right to the heart of this poem, as much as anything we've all discussed.

I just wrote and edited it and tried to keep it together, more than anything else and it came from the heart so easily when I wasn't planning the whole thing out like a massive statement. I can say that; I am no genius here, sitting indian style on an office chair that feels carpeted as opposed to upholstered, posting polished junk I wrote a month back, temporarily unemployed and writing responses to responses. I'm a writer. So it goes.


This country babies the horrible individuals who ruin children's lives, sentencing them to a few years in a brick box with their crimanal collegues. All this in return for inflicting a nervous life of insecurities, nightmare memories and personal hell on a child.

Incrediblly blind justice for all. If somebody takes it upon themselves to ruin a young child's life for their sexual gratification they get a handful of years and are put on a list with rules that they try not to adhere to whenever possible.


"An eye for an eye, making the whole world blind."

That is a good quote for the part about being only a voice, and not an intrument of building or destruction, as well as not wanting to be a symbol of judgement. But we must write and expose this hurt and pain whenever we can, and let the eyes that would know have their fill of horror that is inflicted at the hands of evil human beings, physically and mentally.

Thank you Behind Blue Eyes.

eric313 said...

And thanks Trevor.

I realized this poem was an unfinshed story because of nails.

Behind Blue Eyes said...

Bearing witness. That's what a writer can do. So many victims need someone to bear witness.

I'm actually of the opinion that a pedophile cannot be cured, much the same way that homosexuals cannot be 'cured'. You are what you are.

A child is not given much value in our society. Did you know that if a child is killed in an auto accident that only a fraction of the amount is awarded for a child than an adult. Their lives are actually not valued as much. Isn't that creepy?

Molesting a child can be considered akin to murdering them. You forever changed who they were going to be.

It's good that you care all of this so much that you wrote a poem about it.

eric313 said...

Keep the dialogue open. That's what I try to do. And try to know what's going on around you at all times and costs. Thank you for stopping by and talking with me.

And I'm glad I do reach out like this. I didn't know how strong my voice would carry, and sometimes its really hard to keep writing about what hurts the most. It wears you down and you lose people, but you gain others and then there's those who read and are silent and you hope the like what they read, or even dislike it, it's all feelings inspired by words arranged in clever little patterns that mean only as much as the reader makes of them, and that can be any range and shade of emotion. They mean everyhting to the person who wrote them, but truest meaning is in interpretation. Glad you find meaning in what i write.
Thank you.