Monday, June 25, 2007

Peace Love and a Soulring

a lust for all creation
a love for
one night
whose face


with your own

drinking that same blue wine
watching the same view of stars
seeing the same graces in sin and flesh
and that solution; our own covenant
slipping somewhere southward
to complete the soulring
circle joined since before history
and before the rain fell that
filled the world with mother ocean

The circle of lust for
love's every caress,
love for that one flavor
and shade of indigo soul to
kiss everything in creation

and by that time
it truly is so.


realbigwings said...


eric313 said...

Thank you, Dawn
Read you soon and come by whenever you want.

Danny Tagalog said...

It makes me think how thirsty I am to drink blue wine myself. I haven't done enough stargazing recently...

Cazzie!!! said...

Beautiful yet sad...sad it had come to morning's end...wonderful there will be nightfall yet again!!

eric313 said...

Blue wine was the flavor of choice;
not to mention the star's choice
Stars drink what they like

When outside of an LA county jail, anyway. Paris probably finds a bottle of Port once in a blue moon, despite being confined.
Is she even in jail anymore?
Is she on milk cartons yet?
Will she be the new nightshift clerk at Speedy Q gas stations?

It is a beautiful progression of days, just like you say.
Everyone loves the happy ending after the sad...
after the happy... infinite setsunrise

Thanks for your comments

karma lennon said...

Reminds me of something I once had. I like how all your poems make me remember.

Behind Blue Eyes said...

People say that when you fall in love that all of the boundaries between you and the other go away and you merge, that is why the feeling is so powerful. And when your boundaries are gone, you merge with the universe as well.

eric313 said...

It's all about memories.
That's the main weapon in a writer's arsenal, though there are many that seem to suit us equally well. The truth as interpreted by our emotions-then our minds. That is the heart of all writing, fact or fiction. Know it, then let the fingers fly without telling them what they do wrong. Write it all out and let it get sorted out later, god or you, either way someone will find what rings true and everything will be golden.

eric313 said...

And yes, the sweet merge of spirit.

the soul ring
souls joining
that have been joined
since before they could have known
and before the rain fell to fill
the world with mother ocean

thank you both
you rock

I just edited that all in and it works so much better. I love when ideas come together. Keep coming back and see you both at your home turf absolutely soon.

Blancodeviosa said...

You have the gift sir

eric313 said...

Thank you so much.

But I had to work it! Gift schmift, if I don't write everyday or at least edit intensely every day, I will loose it.

Not that I'm dissing you. Far from it.

None of you has ever seen the reams of bad poems that have fell from my printer's maw into the garbage, only the one's that make it here!

Mob said...

Beautiful work.

eric313 said...

Thanks, Mob. It beats the heck out of a lot of stuff.
See you around the bend.

Crashdummie said...

You know what, you are one who succeeds me to break out in this silly grin and sigh. This is helping people to hold on to their fairytale.

But whether it’s a good thing or not, I’m afraid I dunno…

Enemy of the Republic said...

I like this--it goes well with the city and star image--the power of lust and the city commodification, alientation and trying to make a human connection as natural as the stars. So lovely.

the walking man said...

God and the entire known world know I have low regard for love poetry Eric, people used to force me to listen to it at the Sunday night open mic I hosted for so long, just to torture my ears.

At the risk of incurring the wrath of your other readers, sappy is the first word that came to my mind as I finished it. Didn't particularly care for the pacing or the point.

Love/lust is a worn out rag in this world environment. Both in words and in reality.

Just my opinion on this one.

eric313 said...

We have theses memories, we can't get rid of them, and it would be sad to get rid of them if we could so. So I write. Thanks for reading.

Enemy of the Republic
Welcome and thank you. The city is always there, but it works well within the context of this poem, at least as a counterpoint to the intimacy involved in the writing. Thanks for dropping by and feel free to say anything.

It's all been done--so I am free to explore my feelings and express my memories exactly how I want to. It may not happen now, but one day I'll break the rest of my boundaries down. In the mean time, I am inspiring people and inspired myself to write. I see my inspiration spreading to the most unlikely quarters. It is a pleasant way to be.

Your open mic night sounds like it was nicer than you remember it to be, especially for those writers who have love on the docket forever and the rest of their days. Love and Lust is an old rag. It's Shakespeare old. It's as old as eyeballs and hearts on the people who feel it. It's the fat old sun rising.

Thanks for the comment, though. Hope you write well and have something fresh and new to muse over.

singleton said...

"drinking that same blue wine"

eric313 said...

blue wine for a blue lady

phaseoutgirl said...


Found you from Singleton's site.. Wow man, you have some powerful and beautiful stuff here! Love it!


eric313 said...

Welcome and thank you for your compliment.

Singleton's group of friends and readers are really cool and I'm glad to meet all of them whenever I can. Glad you came by, and please feel free to peruse the archives and comment on anything that touches your heart--if you want to. I am all over the map, though. I'm kind of a comment whore, so I look for changes all the time.

Thanks and drop in anytime, cecillia. It always fine to have guests write on the walls here.

skinnylittleblonde said...

love for that one flavor
and shade of indigo soul to
kiss everything in creation

oooohhh..... Indigo in the soul... I can feel the sense of sweet soothing peace and love.

eric313 said...

Indigo and azure and all those colors are peaceful and very feminine as well.

But it was also personal, though. I thought about the few times I've found peace and of course I can't think of anything else but good times. It all worked metaphorically and symbolically. Wrap layers up in a tribute to inspired peace.

And a nice picture to go with it. I was glad to write it.
thanks, Skinny
clink clink!

skinnylittleblonde said...

LOL Eric somewhere in my past I wrote about my theory on spinning color wheels & people. We all are spinning color wheels, we have every color within us & yet sometimes we only reveal certain colors & somehow sometimes there are folks who can see right through to some deeply buried colors & yadda, yadda, yadda. I love indigo & really just about all shades of blue...

eric313 said...

no yadda yadda at all. What you say makes perfect sense, skinny. I like to think there are simple ways to look at everyone as well. At least in my writing, I do. I know that doesn't always apply, but it is a nice way to look at things when everything else seems to want to bring you down.

I'm glad to talk to you any time! I don't always notice the changes right away, but I do like to continue the conversation when I find it. Thanks for the words and see you around.
Peace and Love