Monday, June 11, 2007


If misery were to die
what would replace it?
If misery had reached its end
what would we write about
when we write about love?
If misery were gone tomorrow
we would all drown in
unconsumed alcohol
a week from next doomsday
Misery would be a god.

--and what would you be?
when your crown of thorns
burst into purple flames
and misery you are no more



neko said...

if misery were to end,

this would be utopia.

and we would all be to high and happy to care.

JR's Thumbprints said...

Misery is a good catfish tournament with plenty of alcohol and the winning catch. Misery is also the flare lighting up the sky, waiting to be rescued from somewhere out on Lake Huron.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Miserable, probably.


eric313 said...

Thank you Neko. I'm usually too high and sometimes happy--I care sporadically. Misery will never end, it just gets postponed, I guess. Then I forget about it briefly.

JR--I haven't been lucky enough to have my free Michigan endoresed helicopter ride of of an ice flow yet, but damnit, I'll have to one day! Thanks for coming by!

Ultra Toast Mosha God--It would be horrible if everyone was happy all the time; I'd always be waiting for the punchline or the hidden camera. Life is suppossed to be miserable in Detroit! That's the way it is. I wouldn't be able to write any other way.

Thank you all. I'll see you after I get done with making wreckage of WSU's physics lab.

MyUtopia said...

Cool post!

eric313 said...

Thank you everybody.
No matter what you said, somehow, I only knew how to end this one right when I read your comments.
I hate doing that, I would love to find perfect drugs and take them all day long, but I don't know who has those. You are all hella badass in your own write. Your friends should count themselves as lucky bastards and ladies.

And thanks for checking in myutopia. How's the weather down there in the sunbelt?

Behind Blue Eyes said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm going to come back and look at yours later. But I don't have time right now. Such is life.

Cheri said...

This poem nails it "on the head" so to speak.

eric313 said...

Good deal, Cheri. I just edited it, too. It was a lame little half-formed idea that I shouldn't have neglected.

Hope you hit refresh and see the fresh edit of my story. It should not suck anymore, not that it did suck, but it was disjonted and I did have a big gap of falling out of second person that demanded I do something.
That is, as always, the way of things, Behindblueeyes. Thanks for the shout, though!

benjibopper said...

misery's best when balanced by bliss
i got too many friends at one far end
or the other far end peeking over the precipice
whacked out on phony blue skies
or under the empty sign begging for truth
me in the middle calling them off the ledge

ChickyBabe said...

Happiness? Would we know what to do with it all the time? I doubt it.

eric313 said...

Nice lines. Truth and friends on the edge. It's all poetry. Especially if we can save one or two the trouble of looking over the edge by our words. Thanks for ther comment.

Happiness all the time is a strange concept, for certain. It's strange even in some doses, come to think of it. Welcome to my blog, and say anything you like.

Thank you all for making my first week of blogging so unbelievably cool that I'm out of words for a sec.

Stewart Sternberg said...

Eric, people have wanted to shoot me before for my opinions on poetry, but reading this, I connected. But I did something as I read it that will probably piss you off. Apologies. I edited it in my is my edited version:

If misery were to die,
If misery had reached its end,
If misery were gone tomorrow---
what would you be?
when your crown of thorns
burst into purple flames
and misery you are no more.

I don't know why I did this, but again I connected and so maybe its a good thing.

eric313 said...

no matter what, I have to thank you for your attention to this poem, Stewart. The middle is a bit of a gobbledy goop, but ther in lies my style, I think. It could be unified a bit more, maybe. But thank you for the observation--who knows what the hard copy of this will be like.