Friday, June 8, 2007


she screams at her nosferatu
on the threshold of her house
every night at this time
the ritual gets bloody
it's 3:00 am
She throws a liquor bottle
it shatters to diamonds and mash
in front of his car door
screeching to departure on cue
I’ve seen her throw herself
on the rusting hood of his car
or smack his side window
with her open hand
She has broken glass before
as easily as she's broken herself
and for the ground that she gained
she just as easily gave in
to the monster near dawn
together they rise each morning on que
organs regenerated—limbs mended
faces vaguely human and bloodshot
axes grinding edge to edge
all day until the next dusk
when the beast roams again
past the threshold of their coffin


the walking man said...

You have truly captured the essence of dual alcoholic dysfunction. I like that you relate it to Dracula.

But the line I love:faces vaguely human and bloodshot
axes grinding edge to edge
all day until the next dusk

Only God can count up the number of day i myself have woken to that.



by the way you are now officially "bookmarked" Eric.

eric313 said...

thank you walking man. The poem definitely came together an hour after the said posted time. Isn't that funny? I can't read almost any of them straight until the stone etching faze, weather that's here or I print it--at the college where it's free, except that it's tax money funded so I did pay for it for, for quite a while now. Then it's like everything I wanted it to be finally jumps out and I have to edit everything before someone reads it and finds it lacking what I know it to trully be! It just isn't finished, really.

And they never will be, either.

Susan Miller said...

yea, I definitely got the dual personalities from this and likened it more to someone fighting the multiplicity of themselves. we all strive for self actualization, I think, but in the meantime must deal with those parts of us that war each other.

you must agree with me here...I cannot comment on poetry if I'm supposed to get exactly what you are saying. the freedom and beauty of art in my opinion is that we do not see it as it is but as we are. thus, I will come here and be inspired by what you do.


Lovely work, Eric.

eric313 said...

Yes, that is trully all I could ask for, Susan. Just a few comments and nudges. And I listen to all of you who would comment.

singleton said...

"She has broken glass before
as easily as she's broken herself"...
because once shattered, it's easy, to do it over and over again....

Tragically, this is beautiful, Eric

eric1313 said...


It is true, so true we wish it wasn't.

My friend, you are the best.