Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Paris of the Midwest

This is not the city of puppy love and candy hearts
--though passion is all that seems to be left
This is not the Big Apple, Big Easy or Dirty South
not LALA land, Bean Town, Chi Town or Vice City
This is Motown; the engine up in the beast
a perennial music and murder capital of the world
This is a city of laws without laws;
be kind, be alert, be ready to run
but still walk like an angel through the kiln
of Nebuchadnezzar showing no fear of pain
knowing that your soul is protected
by only your love or that of another
Because that's all you have here--
only what you brought with you
Nothing is given freely that you would want
Not love, not even a chalky token heart
You have to earn it all by walking the miles
through the inferno that burned all the rest of us
up in the engine of this beast that we love regardless
For if not a city of love, Detroit is a city of passion
provoking the hearts of everyone she meets
Detroit is a bus that sometimes swerves at pedestrians
but will always stop, if not on time
Detroit is one who will always listen but never speak
Until she's ready to let that layer go
Detroit is a miracle lying next to you in the morning
Can you say that about Cleveland or Philly?


Susan Miller said...

It almost sounds as if its a planet called Earth.

I'm so glad you're here.

eric313 said...

Thank you, Susan. I'm glad to be gladded over.

Does that work?

eric313 said...

by the way Susan, I revised this one a bit more to reflect your comment, which I took as a suggestion, actually.

Of course this city is not wholly unique in its citizen's passion for it. So I changed the statement at the end to a question, among other little cuts and additions. Hope you read this and tell me if the message you might have gotten is more uniform in nature than before.

Yep, I changed the writing on the wall. Might as well put this blog to real use and hone my work to the keenest edge I can get. You can tell me that my writing sucks at anytime and the sun will still rise and I will post again, regardless. Same deal that you told me.

And you too are a boon to have around. Thanks.