Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Why You Probably Don't Do Poetry (But Should)

You have to become a basket case
so think of your love
cut off at the stump
no tongue to speak the words
of horror you can’t understand

Just don't try too hard
and it’s easy to do

After mentally torturing yourself
you need to go and get wasted
Hopefully you've already had
a love affair, but no matter
you can find those simply by asking
the wrong people
at the right time
which is usually
when they’re drunk

of course
you need to fuck that up, too
I recommend finding their neighbor
or sister or brother
and a twelve pack
before noon on a Sunday
but don't try too hard
and it’s easy as blue bird pie

So become a blithering
hyperventilating wreck
go get bent at your local bar
Fuck until you're useless
to everyone around you
Then sit down and write
Don’t think about writing
Don’t try to become a poet
Its too late for that
Just type ideas:
Love cut off at the stump
or pieces of your psyche
in a duct-taped blood stained box
Just don't expect too much
if you try too hard

And whatever you do
don’t forget
to take down that love affair
that you fucked up so good
because you were so wasted
that you called her
by her friend’s name
or her brother's name
or his sister’s name
or his/hers/whatsits
whatever the fuck and how

You couldn’t have been trying too hard
or you'd still be there
fucking up and down in the mud
drinking the last drop from the empties
every morning you wake up
with no tongue
and no words--
only the horror
and the stump of your love
staring you in the face



realbigwings said...

Hey Eric!

I dig your site, you have so much activity on the page, your pictures are exciting and your words have free reign, going places. Very nice!
~I'm happy to say I've not embarrassed myself drunkenly lately, and let me tell you I had my chances.

Write on,

eric313 said...

Sweet! I'm glad you made it to the promised land! I still am trying to get to the particulars of what exactly this promise is, but when I do, I'm keepin it!

Glad you liked the poems and the pics. I need to find more and build my wall of lame jokes up to the top.

Cheri said...

this makes me think of beating the shit out of an ex boyfriend hahaha thanks!

eric313 said...

That's cool, Cheri. Luckily, this isn't my only plan for writing! It is way better to get old-fashioned inspired by words, or pictures or friends.

or get drunk, then inspired
but not too drunk
or too inspired
that can be embarrasing!

Hope you write well, Cheri.

Heart Of Darkness said...

Great poem/lyrics!

Love = mentalcasemaker? Yeah, sounds about right...

Great site!

neko said...

sounds like a life worth living;

nothing like drunken senseless copulation, gettin' down and dirrrty, so to speak, to get the juices flowing.

muddy love-making. restless wreck. eternal frustration.

what is this life?

eric313 said...

Heart of Darkness
Welcome and thank you very much!

I really wasn't describing a happy process at all, as you could tell. The truest part is the mental damage that I spoke of that kicks it off. Every poet I know has this scar tissue layer, and the only thing that can get one through this layer is to either be crazy at one's own perpetual detriment, or to write crazy and try to come to terms with their waking nightmare so they can sleep at night. And none of the poets that I know--drinkers or otherwise--would do so if not for the terrible parts of life that keep coming to the surface of conciousness. And it's better than being the happless wreck who acts like this every day and doesn't write. Thank you for your comment, it really made me think.

Thanks for coming by, everyone.

Heart Of Darkness said...

Thanks for the welcome - and de nada! :)

neko said...

**sarcasm is my friend**


Cazzie!!! said...

Unreal words, everyone can take from this what they will, relate to it , or not relate to it..it is who they are, or where they have been..and then nothing...life goes on..

Love the Joplin_Hendrix stars there to the side bar..I heart them both so!!

eric313 said...

It's cool, Neko. I think in type too much and thought a lot more about what I've written--its all good. You took Neitzche apart in four suscinct points while using it as a metaphor for the self. Few here can do halfof that.
Say what you will at any time.

Thanks, Cazzie! Janice and Jimi roll through the sky every night. And everyone gets to take whatever they want from my writing--but if they make any money from it, I'll be needing to talk to them! Thank you for the compliment.

Unreal is nice.

eric313 said...

Of course everyone here is awesome!

I have to crash, though.
Great night, all.

Susan Miller said...

It's nice to take time out from my own drunken whoreness every once in a while to come here and see that I'm on the right path. Cool.

I adore your sense of humor and your enthusiasm, my friend.

Crashdummie said...

Yet another reason why I shouldn’t even consider drinking.. or falling love.

Lovely poem though.

MyUtopia said...


Behind Blue Eyes said...

Still have no time, but I did manage to read this one. I liked it. I hate poetry that is so inacsessible (wow, I'm so groggy I can't even remember how to spell it...duh!) that you need to take a curse (hee! typos are so funny)...I mean a course..to understand it. And it brings me back to my damaged youth that I somehow managed to survive. Also, unless I am completely misunderstanding this, gives a woman insight into thoughts that may be going through a man's head when he might seem as though he's acting like a beast. Too bad women and men don't understand each other, huh!

eric313 said...

You too? Haha. Glad you read my stuff, period. You and the rest of the quiet side out there who I hope are proud of me because of the turn I've taken for the best.

Yeah, it is quiet an indictment of those who have little control of their feelings, or the chemicals that they drink or smoke, I should think. But it was fun to write! Welcome!

You're still stopping by? Most excellent, indeed! I must be at least OK, then. Thanks!

Behind Blue Eyes
You do have understanding of this poem and it's relationship to feeling's peculiar to an anxious male's psyche. Good eye, you! Desperation, love or loveless lust, mixed with the desire to create something of the words we learn together. Thank you for your comments and I'm glad to be a poet that you can deal with!

Thank you all, from Motor City's rumbling heart.