Friday, June 22, 2007

Riding the Tracks

Do we move?
does the wind make us fly
as the coaster rolls thunder sky wide,
making long hair a span of tresses,
any color you like, linking time
and place just behind our fall,
where the sun so often wakes up
to hang low over the day in slow,
grand fashion of cosmic ceremony
So why not fall, so easy--why not,
when the ride comes to an end,
back where we started each time?
Why not? The wind is a pillow
for fluttering wings and tired heart,
the wind howls, says we are bridges;
listen to it's reason and let's take
each others' face in our hands
as we kiss each new mark of time
each mark of love religiously
The wind says a night in the fire's gleam
is worth ten thousand nights locked outside,
in the cold gloom looking in
at shadows cast by playing things
The wind says what comes up
must go down and be met half way;
Now the wheels turn,
facing the wind, eyes sealed
hands clinging to each others' life
for the thunder and roll--
proving this to be little more
than prophetic speculation


eric313 said...

Thank you to all my readers. You are all very inspiring both here, and at your own blogs.

Now, I have a couple new poems over at A Poet's Corner, which is published by bardouble (hi Barb), a very good poet and patron of the arts who has set it all up. Several of the interblog's finest are contributing to it and I'm glad to just be writing.
Thanks for the interest,

and here's the URL. It's also at the top of my links.

singleton said...

"The wind says a night in the fire's gleam
is worth ten thousand nights locked outside,
in the cold gloom looking in
at shadows cast by playing things"

Absolutely prophetic!

Blancodeviosa said...

Absolutely amazing... I am speechless

eric313 said...

you know it, Singleton. How wonderful the breeze carries my voice when I laugh and let go.
Thank you

eric313 said...

Thank you for your kind words. You usually show up on my crazy kilter days. This was nice to write, certainly. I need to write more like it!

Crashdummie said...

you know what, every time I read your poems I wish that I was a deeper person who could actually apprecaite & understand the deepth of your poem, and admire them like they deserve to be...

... but then again, they do help me connect. Words have never been my strength, lets just say I "Feel your poems".

Well done...

eric313 said...


That's all I would ever ask of you, is to read my work. If you like reading it, then you do get it. Don't worry. They all mean so many things that anything can be right, you see? And it will make you understand the depth. Just keep reading and don't sell yourself short. You read my work. That makes you a strong breed. Thank you for your sweet comment.

benjibopper said...

"the wind the wind is blowing
through the trees the wind is blowing
freedom soon will come"


this one of your's seems like it would work well with an accoustic guitar.

eric313 said...

I do have a guitar, but it's electric. Maybe I could write something. A nice clean sound, with reverb. Ha. Mr. Cohen's voice would do it justice. Thanks.

Crashdummie said...

almost everythimg soumds better with an accoustic guitar... ;)

eric313 said...

You know it, crashie. Well start a folk singer festival were everyone writes their own songs. Where's my trail mix?

Susan Miller said...

This is wonderful, Eric. There are so many great lines, it's hard to just pick one.

captain corky said...

Great poem Eric. I look forward to reading more of your stuff.

eric313 said...

Susan Miller
and how are you my friend? As you see, I'm actually doing better than I think I am. Now I am, anyways. Thanks for everything.

Captain Corky
Thanks for dropping by. This one was a success. Inspiration worked out nice.

Thanks, all y'all!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Ha! Funny ... my sister picked out the same line that caught me!

I believe in this breath, the wind holds wisdom that can sweep us off our feet.

eric313 said...

Thanks, skinny.
I'm glad you and your sisters and friends have found my blog to be a cool place to chill out and read for a bit. Your encouragements are so, so noted.
peace, prose and poetry

skinnylittleblonde said...

continued... hidden words can be seen if you

eric313 said...

the thread

i have found it

what could it be...

and why did i not look?