Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What a Man Knows

Does a man
learn new tricks?

Do new tricks
learn men?

One should probably
ask a few tricks

what they know of men,
if one must know folly.

One must open their eyes
inside the concrete neon maze

to the bodies left under foot -
the neglected wreckage

of what a man knows
and of what men do.



Heart Of Darkness said...

Good one! You're snapping out of the blockage, see...

Write one on what men say and what men think now! ;)

Princess Pointful said...

Especially with the photo tacked on (neglected wreckage indeed)... this poem leaves me with a weird chill.
I'd be intrigued as to what inspired you.

JR's Thumbprints said...

Some tricks aren't worth the trouble, or should I say, "Tricks are for kids." No need to cerealize it.

eric313 said...

Thanks, hart.

You know that what men say and what men do are two different things, I've read your work You knew and that made it fun to put me up to it.

And I think you won't be disappointed by what I would write.

eric313 said...

Anyway, it's about silent voices of the homeless, drug addicted and young women who disapear all the time. Its just an observation of a loop that has no end.

Thanks, Princess

And yes, Jim, you are also on a correct track. Damn that red box and that goofy rabbit that can't follow the rules!

eric313 said...

I just happen to have an affinity for those that the man has trampled under foot.

neko said...

new trix are for old dawgs..


Susan Miller said...

Concise and full of impact. And yes, a dramatic photo.

Still reading, my friend.

Heart Of Darkness said...

Write it and let's see! ;)

Yep, it's an ancient knowledge men don't always say what they think - and should, instead of blaming women of doing that, owe it! LOL

Crashdummie said...

I’m more interested in knowing how men think and what they mean with what they say. Actually, I think I’m more interested in knowing what they say when they say nothing at all – silent communication nah?

the walking man said...

Most men, a higher percentage will then will not will say or think of whatever gets them to the next moment closer to whatever goal they have.

Be it for bounty or booty. Most men never learn that truth is faster and easier and believe that women are playing a game of life as well spinning the wheel to see how many moves they get. when in fact neither are playing at anything. except foolishly trying to look like they are not playing a game.

Mob said...

Interesting work sir. I like the images conjured by this one, as well as all the different interpretations you've received here in your comments section.

Oh, and PS: thanks for the link, it's been reciprocated!

karma lennon said...

Interesting...I like...I'm more interested in why men say the things they do when they're obviously lying to you....

benjibopper said...

love that photo - did you take it? a friend of mine did a great photo series of barbies with condoms one time. did you know that the original barbie was a german whore? tis true.

MyUtopia said...

Cool! I am noticing an underlying theme in the last couple of poems. On a side note it reminded me of taking the bus to school and going passed the prostitutes on Cass Ave.

Bardouble29 said...

hummm, just a few lines, with so much meaning...

Empty words...empty lies...empty tricks...Difference between what men think and what they say...

eric313 said...

I'm having work posted at A Poets Corner and I invite everybody to go there to read more. It is on top of my link section. Here is the URL:

Thank you everyone who read this. You got it. It kind of a numb stare at hell on earth created for people by people. Every day malice that is shown in glimpses to us, but the words of the talk box are fleeting because it happens constantly--that is why so many people hate watching news broadcasts since it's just enough to depress you, and no longer informs in the full capacity that it should.

The poem and image go together. Simple lines and a view that I thank you all for taking with the right gravity. It is more, as weel, I just don't know it yet.

Old dawgs indeed. Orwellian dawgs.

Susan Miller
Thank you for your encouragement, and your writing is sweet right now too. Thanks for calling me a friend.

Hart and Crashie:
Thank you both for the encouragement from beyond the sea and I will write more and you will read it--I hope you will! Thank you both for being so many places at once.

Thanks for keeping the discusion on the burner!

Thanks for dropping by. What is there to say about a blog called Dear Bastards that isn't contained within its domain, let alone title?

That is something I try to dig toward in stories and poems, too, because the truth makes the best story, whether it's fiction or not. Lies are waiting to become someone's truth. I think a lot of people delude themselves as much as they try to delude another person.

No, I didn't take that shot, my friend Jessica did. But it spoke far better than I knew.

You are a Detroiter through and through. You know my beloved campus and the beautiful and tragic scenery that lies not far from it. Thanks for coming by.

Thanks. Yoiu know how it goes, the poem spills out easily, but editing it to be just right is the anxious and tedious aspect.
Glad everyone liked that

singleton said...

"of what a man knows
and of what men do"

neglected wreckage
underfoot everywhere.....

what a spooky little world we live in...

eric313 said...

It is so. Connection on levels beyond the physical are often blocked by both sides of the counterpart lane. We all have our problems, and different ways and times of putting our own garbage away long enough to meet with a person in a level and friendly way. It's all great poetry.

Thank you so much, Singleton.

eric313 said...

and the distinction between man and men in the two lines is very important, as well.

Crashdummie said...

no prob eric - just remember me when you write the dedication ;)

eric313 said...

You know I will, Crashie. Thanks for reading.