Thursday, June 21, 2007

These Hands

with nothing left
with only these hands
and useless keys
I am touchless, alone
no words to tell you
all the things
that meant nothing
before I lost everything
alone except for these
drunken, angry, broken
crying words without shape
without feeling
without touch
but they taste so familiar
words I'd wish to forget
but were so often said
after we took our love
straight on the rocks
and after that
with nothing left to say
and nothing needed said
together and still alone
with these hands
with a touch
just barely


Crashdummie said...

yey I'm first.. wow!

Crashdummie said...

Eric, I’m speechless… I’m having trouble too expressing my feelings, since I cannot look beyond the mists of tears clouded up in my mind. Such a bittersweet poem. Everyone needs closure, yet it is so hard to find.

Heart Of Darkness said...

If I say I'm looking at the post between my fingers, is that a pun intended, or not? :)

ryc: you do realize I don't write fiction on my blog, but real-life experiences? No characters, just real people, saying real (sometimes really stupid) things...?

karma lennon said...

So very sad. I hate when things are over.

Bardouble29 said...

There is never an easy way to swallow and ending...

MyUtopia said...

Cool, great imagery.

eric313 said...

Thankyou for your generous words. I understand your feelings about that. Even when we do find it, closure has to be lived with, and that can be trying to anyone.

Everything has to do with intent. Puns, posts and fingers, too.
--I was just saying that many of the people could be a great asset to you if you ever started to write fiction. Fiction is made from the truth, and of and everything in your life that you have ever experienced.
Thanks for your comment.

Karmalennon and Barb
But we have poetry. Experience can be harnessed and learned from. I'm glad for all of my memories, even if they hurt.
Thank you for dropping by and talk to you soon!

And thanks for the shout from down there in Texas! I didn't write the poem to the Escher, but it fit perfectly after the fact so it was a go! Thanks!

I wonder what I'm missing from this? I'll be back. I have buisness, then it's time to write.

the walking man said...

You do know Eric that Escher print is copyrighted and your use of it without permission of the copyright owner is illegal and even worse you didn't give proper attribution.

The piece is a sad commentary on human relations these days, a far cry from the Leave it to Beaver times when the worst struggle was getting the beaver to bed on time.

Very morose if that's what you were trying to hit you got the ten ring friend.

singleton said...

well I think it's incredible that love, even when gone wrong, can harvest such soulful reflections,
you know ....
sometimes even heartache is worth the ride...
peace, friend

eric313 said...

Thanks Mark.
I'll find a something to replace it with. Damn the rules...

Zee Escher. It vas almost mine!

The poem is kind of morose, but also uplifting, in that empty hands are ready to accept a new touch. But it is about loss and longing and coming to terms with closure, so all of it can be overwhelming. Just like a broken heart.


Thanks Singleton.
You're right. It's not at all bad to look back at the road behind. The emotions stay fresh, but the difference is one's acceptance of the way things change, of accepting closure as a needed part of life.

Soulful--if I cold be any one way, that's the way I would pick.

Trevor Record said...

Ah, the the sharp pain of feelings removed and dimly fading away.

singleton said...

I once had a friend who insisted there was no closure...
and i argued with him...
until I understood...
there is just acceptance,
and that, in itself, is closure....

eric313 said...

thanks for stopping by. It's definitely easiest when time tempers the bad part of the feelings. Otherwise, men can sound whinny really easy when on subjects like this one. Heck, all writers have to be careful there!


Thank you to everyone who stops by
You are awesome--fix yourselves up many drinks of your choice.

Susan Miller said...

You have definitely captured the emptiness felt.

Sad and lonely.

Your work has great impact, Eric.

eric313 said...

Thank you Susan.
Your words in turn have a huge impact. I'm glad to be writing and I'm glad to have met you.

Behind Blue Eyes said...

Oh, don't worry. Your poems didn't make me feel depressed. They only made me feel like I never want to fall in love again. (just kidding) Emotions are powerful. They can take over. That's the pain and the beauty of being human

eric313 said...

Hey, its cool. I worry about all my readers. It matters little who they are, I think about all of them as much as they do me--I hope so, anyway.

Princess Pointful said...

What a nice way to tie it all together... nothing left but your hands and rapidly fading memories.

eric313 said...

Thank you, Princess
Glad you see the the thread go in the top, through the fabric and out through the other side.

Yep, a dude who can talk sewing.