Tuesday, July 24, 2007

...As Likely As Publication

This has been one heck of a week! I just got an email asking me "what is your secret?" I didn't realize I was carrying a secret, but perhaps it is so. Anyway, I told them my muse has returned to me, full-on raining fire, peeling off layers of poetry like like clothes, like hundred dollar bills from heaven's pearly wallet, shedding skin to make room for future growth. I was more than happy with inspired writing, and could not ask for anything more.

Then out of the wild blue yonder (or Toronto, to be exact), Benjibopper bopped on by here to give me this award:

Understandably, I was flattered and taken by surprise. I'm kind of the random act of kindness poster boy--not to mention, I'd never even seen the particular award before! But the clincher was being mentioned on the same page as so many damn-good writers and bloggers. Benjibopper himself is quite a champion of marginalized and silenced voices--the underdogs, as he said of me and my writing. But he was the originator of this strain of award for a reason. The underdogs of the world are his friends, my friends, and I hope, your friends as well.

Thanks once again, Benjibopper.

A few days later, Myutopia, one of the premier book review potentates of the interblog, visited to award me both of the following graphics. Once again, I was flattered and couldn't think of anything good to say, other than a rambling thank you. And once again, a mighty host of long-time bloggers and excellent writers were present on her selection list, making her choice to give me these awards that much cooler, and, well--thoughtful. Or creative. Take your pick!

Myutopia, my Piston's cap is off to you. Hope you feel better soon.
Many hearty thank yous are in order for all parties. But the best way to appreciate these very kind gestures of recognition is to carry on the same as always, by writing too much poetry and chatting up everything that moves.
So as I said to my secret-wishing emailer, "not much of a secret, ehh?" And there I thought I would never live to tell the secrets I know now...

BTW-Be specific when asking about secrets! In this way have many ships been sunk through the ages.

Thank you Singleton for the beautiful photograph that goes so well with the following poem. Paper or not, this baby flies.
You rock, Blue Lady. Clink!

...As Likely As Publication

take this poetry--
print it to life
and make
little airplanes out of it
that's what you should do,
said the prophet.

Land in Orlando
for Spanish coffee
served by a princess
in glass boots
who poses with an alligator
at midnight;
devour and smile.
She'll be watching you
in the mirror
as you walk away

Sleep on Daytona's beach
covered by wreckage and empty bottles,
the broken spring winds turned
to hot summer pain and evening storms,
fluting a pure lullaby
across the empty glass bottle mouths
that kissed you like only they
know how star light is born,
once upon the night before.

And when the sand crabs come,
or the jackboot beach bum patrol
prods you awake
before the best part of the dream
whose name you won't remember,
but still taste like the brine--
unfold this airplane
and now it's a postcard,
stamp it,
scribble your name
in dirt, big red crayon,
lead, charcoal, India ink
or blood on the back,
and maybe the prophet
will send return fare

hold on--
I'll go ask him for you right now



Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

I want to wake up on the beach

eric313 said...

It's actually nice. The hardest part is falling asleep!

Thanks, UTMG
peace out.

singleton said...

"before the best part
of the dream whose name you won't remember, but still taste--
unfold this airplane
and now it's a postcard..."

in the wind!
and on the wall.....


cathy said...

v. nice, awards well deserved.
glad I dropped by.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Sleep on Daytona's beach
covered by wreckage and empty bottles,
the broken spring winds turned
to hot summer pain and evening storms,
fluting a pure lullaby
across the empty glass bottle mouths
that kissed you like only they
know how star light is born,
once upon the night before.

Wow! The afternoon storms are just as you describe... this entire poem is beautiful but I really like this verse.

skinnylittleblonde said...

BTW~ You well deserve all of those awards! They gave them to you for a reason!
Clink! to you beautiful writer!

Karmalennon said...

Congrats to you for your awards! You totally deserve them! :) And the poem is absolutely inspiring.

maleah said...

'fluting a pure lullaby
across the empty glass bottle mouths"

...my favorite line. I see it and hear it.

and you deserve the schmooze award. In the best way. You're great.

Crashdummie said...

Congrats for the awards! Its always nice to be appreciated innit? You totally deserve them, cuz you truly are an inspiration for all of us. Your muse has returned? Yey!

Lovely poem, as always.


neko said...

congrats on the multitude of awards, sir!

that's amazing..

and very well deserved.

captain corky said...

Congrats on the awards dude. You really are a gifted poet.

MyUtopia said...

great post!!! :)

Lynn@ZelleBlog said...

Congrats! Always nice to have the support and love.

Marissa said...

wonderful! congratulations on these awards and recognitions. you definitely deserve it - as i always say, you touch, inspire and unite others through your words. you are a true artist.

realbigwings said...

Congratulations to you.

And your poem was delightful! I just returned from traveling, so I particularly liked the way it bopped from place to place.
And the ending is sly.

thewailer said...

marvelous free verses!
blog hopped here from crashy's :)

Enemy of the Republic said...

You deserve it and more. You are a wonderful person.

benjibopper said...

I woke up on Venice beach once surrounded by 300 aerobics students doing jumping jacks - scared the shit out of me and made me thank the sun I wasn't one of 'em. Anyway, the recognition is deserved my friend, as this latest offering proves.

eric313 said...

What a sentiment in those stanza. Screw the bad that happens--fly on!

Best of luck to you on the computer situation. Thanks for sending the sweet photo.

Talk to you soon.

Thanks for the great words and welcome. Drop by anytime and read the walls!

Thank you for the words of total coolness!

I wrote this one like so may others--in a response box! They're just the perfect size to format poems with, for me, anyway.

And thank you too. Everyone helped me get them, really.

eric313 said...

Right, the wind flutes a tune from the bottles. The wind always blows, but the music never does.

Haha. Thanks for the compliment. You put it in the best way!

Yeah it's back and good, too. I mean, it wasn't really gone, but I wasn't writing as much as I feel I should have been. I need to have my writing back in shape, to get as many of these poems as possible and fill out a big collection.

It really is nice to be appreciated. Thanks for being a part of that, mate.

Cheers and Peace out, homegirl

You know it's amazing! It feels like a year ago, but it's only been how long?

The time dialation is a good thing. It really is.

Thanks and talk to you soon.

Captian Corky
I've been at this for a long time, but I still barely ever know for sure if a poem is any good or not. Catch you later.

eric313 said...

You know its a great post!

You engineered it to be that way. So cool of you. And I have to recommend "Disgrace" by JM Coetzee for your reading list. Excellent book. I'd love to read a review from you on that one. Thank you once again.

Thank you and welcome to the spray painted brick wall.

It truly is so! No arguments at all. Drop by any time and say anything.

You know that. This is like my little column--especially in the responses!. I wouldn't trade this for anything in the world. I'll go out and try to go get anything, and succeed or fail, but this is my lifeline and I'll always post here. Glad to see you and talk to you later. Peace out

Thank you

And I've nearly exhausted my flight travel destinations in this! Plenty of other times to draw from, though. And occasions.

The ending really was an inspired way out. Like the airplane/poem idea in the first place.

eric313 said...

Thank you for the compliment, and welcome. I'll have to visit all you knew faces and anmes very soon.

Drop by any time, write on the walls, it's all good.

Enemy of the Republic
I try--and sometimes fail at what you say. But I'm working at it everyday, and I've had great teachers and continue to meet more great teachers. Everyone I read teaches me something.

Thanks for the words here and elsewhere. You are very kind to offer them.

And thanks for getting this started in the first place.

Sure, it's just an icon up in the corner. But it really is the recognition and support that weigh the most and make me want to post them, a reminder that I can right a bad poem everynow and then-and not a cool bad poem, either. I won't lose peeps that easy!

Thanks and see you around soon.

eric313 said...

Many clinks to all, and to all a good night--and a reasonably hangoverless morning after, too.

Crashdummie said...

Dont let the nightbugs getcha! :p

Cazzie!!! said...

To wake up on the beach is bliss!!

singleton said...

"covered by wreckage and empty bottles,
the broken spring winds turned"

This is gonna be the day....

eric313 said...

Good morning, way to soon. I almostt shouldn't have even tried to sleep. Thanks for the greet.
Cheers with orange juice!

I wish I woke on the beach this morning--after about an hour's more sleep! Talk to you soon.

the spring wind did turn--
she's alive and you are, too.
Be well, blue lady. You're back in the game that you didn't ever leave.

eric313 said...

Sprink break in past tense, formal.

broken spring

Rayne said...

hi - wow, i saw your book list on mist's blog and found you..loved your list, (and you're right, a night with david sedaris cures just about anything)and your poem moved me. i look forward to reading more.

Crashdummie said...

dude, dont say your suffering from insomnia too? feel sorry for my coworkers since I bet I look like a zoombie, cuz I sure feel like one... sigh

singleton said...

Clinking! In real time!

eric313 said...

Thanks for the visit! And your kind words all over. See you around.

You know what it's like. At least you like to write. That keeps me company in the night. I'm dead tired, but saying cheers with a killian's iv. Wired, mate, that's how I feel. G'night friend.

Real time--peace time

Crashdummie said...

funny how we manage to be online at the same time... when ur suffering from insomnia, I'm at work.

and when I'm having probs sleeping ur... err... doing whatever it is you are doing, and good at - writing poems ! :)


Behind Blue Eyes said...

You deserve your awards.

Danny Tagalog said...

Hey Erik, I want that princess in glass slippers to watch me as I walk away....

Cheers for the award, but becaise of the Luddite in me, I don't know how to grab it...

tine b said...

congrats on all the prizes

about coetzee, have you read Foe? otherwise big recommendation, it's awesome.

are you a fire dragon? you're 31 and saw you wrote dragon, so it might be. i am too, there's 60 years in between they make us. i met another fire dragon, we got married after four days. they say it's heaven or hell with two fire dragons. it was fine for seven months..anyway, just a thought because you wrote the zodiac in your profile

eric313 said...

Insomnia strikes a lot. I do have writing to save me, though. Glad to talk to you onece more, mate.

Thanks and see you soon!

eric313 said...

I sent you the document as requested. I hope it works--if not I'll try it again. Later on and see you in Babylon. Thanks for dropping by.

Tine b

No, I've never read Foe, but I'll add it to my to read next list! Disgrace is excellent, though. His style is incredible.

I'm not sure if I am a fire dragon--certainly sounds interesting! I've heard that dragons can often harm each other and love each other in ways other's would not even know how to. I'll have to check that out about the fire dragon part, to see what the criteria is.

Thank you for dropping by! Come back anytime you want to.

Thanks to everyone! You rock.

Princess Pointful said...

Glad to hear that your muse has returned (perhaps on the back of one of these floating paper airplanes) while I've been gone.
You have such a talent for images I've never even dreamt of, yet fit so well.

eric313 said...

Princess Pointful
Thank you so much for your words.

My muse comes and goes--when all is well, i write between one and three or sometimes more a day. Then sometimes the muse is gone, but I still hold myslef to trying to write at least one poem a day. That's the only way that works for me, and it really does work.

Thank you for your compliments. Singleton read it and made the photograph for me, which works so well. Talk to you soon, friend.