Wednesday, July 4, 2007


"Nobody wants to hear a kid talk;
now shut up, listen and just be seen"

"You won't go anywhere in life,
not until you learn to apply yourself like I say"

"Stop looking outside--
there's nothing beyond the window for you"

"Write on your paper for once,
or you'll be wiping desks forever"

"Kids like you are the number one reason
to stay off drugs"

(having not yet taken a drug beyond cough syrup
at that point in life, I wanted to put my number two
pencil straight into the eye of this living ignorance
trying to pass itself to me as an Authority
--instead I told him
he was the number one reason abortion is legal.
The class laughed, though it wasn't funny to me)

I will not write on the walls...
I will not write on the walls...
Eye vill naught right ohn ze valls...

"You are wasting your time; why don't you go
find a career, instead of doing nothing with your time"

This is nothing; a career is nothing.
I am. Nothing exists.

"How long are you going to waste your time;
until you find out writing isn't for you,
there's too many talented people out there"

Until the sun melts your eyes,
or this monitor melts mine to blind
jelly, these walls are for me

"Roses are red, violets are blue..."

Even the drunks I know need culture

"Bla lalah blahbla bla bla bla b- thump"

That's all I hear through the vines,
through walls pounding with life
or something more sinister,
teaming in the darkness on the other side

all they hear:
my door slams and shakes the walls
the wee hours are our own to die for

I will not write on the walls
I will not write on the walls
I will not write on the walls

But that never stopped a vandal,
or a dreamer, or a poet or a teacher--

This forced repetition of a mantra
only speaks to me of true love and life

My heart weighs more than a feather;
I fear what this meant to Egyptians
but not to Homer or Van Gough

so write,
on the walls
never shut up
apply yourself as needed
a clean desk is a fresh canvas or page
drugs only make some people say stupid things
the window always has something for you beyond the pane



Blancodeviosa said...

Hmmm... The same kind of non sensical stuff I have going thru my head all day long.
Actually it makes sense..

I like to make up my own definitions to the
word verifications-

yanhkag= a withered yiddish crone

eric313 said...

Yes! That kind of creative game may seem foolish, but to an artist, any silly little thing can be the gateway to a great idea.

I hope it makes sense. Just exercising more demons from the past. I try to temper the negative a bit. Make it something to be learned from.


MyUtopia said...

LOL, okay the picture totally cracked me up...wherever did you find that?

skinnylittleblonde said...

I will not write on the walls
I will not write on the walls
I will not write on the walls

But that never stopped a vandal
or a dreamer, a poet or a teacher--

Nope...never has. Just desensitizes them on things that don't really matter anyway.

A clean desk is the sign of vacancy!

peace to you dear eric!

Karmalennon said...

Love it. My mum wanted me to be a teacher. It was downright scandalous to my parents when I moved states to do acting and writing. My dad even stopped talking to me for a few months.

singleton said...

"I will not write on the walls
I will not write on the walls
I will not write on the walls

But that never stopped a vandal
or a dreamer, a poet or a teacher"

How lucky Skinny and I were to be allowed to write on the walls, to scribble, to paint, to grafitti ourselves into a corner.....

everything is a blank canvas to those brave enough, free enough, to see it that way.....

Little did all those in authority know that every chant, every "stop it, do it this way, that way, my way" they ever uttered was nothing but, A golden butterfly thread....leading you to another world....

peace~love the lines

eric313 said...

I found it by scouring the earth near and far--but mostly very near. I just was on a crazy stained glass bent. Somebody sells these somewhere. To people--for money, no less! Maybe barter. I could track it back down for you. Thanks.

The road is a long one indeed, and I still need a few more years until the masters and probably by that point the PhD. You've traveled a long one in spite of the parental units and you never looked back. As we all should. I mostly want to teach college and I'm certain that will happen one day. Let someone else teach the young ones. I respect those who take up the challenge more than anyone--except for those particularly bastardly ones that said awful things to students and expected them to somehow benefit from being humiliated. And I was lucky! I could fight back, while some could do nothing but hang their head. To me, all of it encouraged rebellion. Now I like teaching rebellion.

eric313 said...

Singleton and Skinny

You two inspire a lot. Thank you for sharing that idea.

I had forgotten what it really was to make my world my own whenever possible, even in this cozy little hideout off in the Michigan Woods of downtown Detroit--this is where the trees and poison ivy have moved back in place of bulldozed homes nobody wanted.
Not even the homeless.

It's funny that places like that are real. It shows how fast the planet would heal without us being here.

But peace will always win. No matter how much war we make abroad or in or homes. It all ends somehow, then peace takes over. That's what you two, or three, have taught me.
clink! clink!

Trevor Record said...

Some times when people talk about going places in life, I wonder where they mean. The deck of a private yacht? Or perhaps they mean that you'll never get to the rotary club charity dinner party? Tell such people that you are going exactly the same place in life as everyone else; death (they won't want to talk to you any more after that).

Ah yeah, the "waste of time" gem. I am majoring in Philosophy, I know it all too well. (Haven't heard it with regards to writing, but simply because I don't tell people that is what I want to do.)

PS: Mr. T stained glass?

neko said...

you have a story to tell.

tell it.

never let the ignorant ruin your dreams. they are broken shells without the will and talent that you possess.

[insert appropriate cliche here]

Crashdummie said...

It’s a hardknock life isn’t it? I just loved that last phrase:

beyond that is anyone's guess...
take a look for your self”

Encouraging not to take your word for it, but to see it for themselves.

benjibopper said...

"a clean desk is a fresh canvas or page" - i love that. i wish it was easier to empower kids to protect themselves against the ignorance of state-appointed morons.

eric313 said...

Glad you dropped by, and the stained glass deffintely was a mix of ludicrous authority and a "holy" kind of way to frame it--literally on all levels. Love that google search.

And the writer's one is the same,"what are you going to do with a degree in English?"

I have plenty of answers but only a few listeners among the speakers. So screw them, it'll make me better for the experience. I'm sure you understand that. It's probably very similar, most of the time it's only a vague layer or skepticism. So I tune them out and don't let it derail me, even if it is familly who I hear the line from, and nobody else.
Thanks for the comment

Right on. I am rich with the stories I know. They can't be kept in forever by me, and not by another. I'm glad you and everyone understands that. You know exactly about this, I'd bet.
Thank you for cdropping by.

You see it and I see it and a lot of people see it. Thank you all. I listen to you, and don't have time to hear it anymore from the bad. I listen to myself and write the words as they come to me.
Read you soon, crashie. :)

And I have to say I'd rather have hard knocks than little taps. I'm ready for the worst.

eric313 said...

Yes, the world needs more artists, instead of moreline workers for less jobs... that is only the tip of the nasty iceburg of public education in the States. Our government proves through it's miss-handling of education that it trully favors a population that knows little art and actual music and hasn't read the ideas of most of the greatest authors.
But we do for ourselves as best we can. I am glad for every opportunity I've had and will have. Many souls do not, as you know so well in your writing.
Thanks for the comment

Enemy of the Republic said...

Wow! Do you know how many dreams were killed because of this kind of rhetoric? You capture the mood perfectly. It is almost frightening.

eric313 said...

The mood captured me, really.
You got it exactly.
I'm glad to get it onto the page,
get the trash out of the garage
as frightnening as a gulag
as cold as that

thanks for the shout, Enemy.

singleton said...

Eric! Clink!
Meet me back at the painted porch in five!

JR's Thumbprints said...

I pity the bloggin' fool (including myself). Here's the one I like:

How long are you going to waste your time; until you find out writing isn't for you, there's too many talented people out there.

Don't I know it. Rejection after rejection after rejection.

eric313 said...

The porch is where the best stories are told.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Party on the patio...your invited!
It's now!

eric313 said...


Thank you for understanding that end of the business.

I have seen some powerful malodorous rejection letters on rare occasions. Just took everything out.

Or sometimes from those around us we don't want to hear it from, who don't know what love is; at laest not love that comes from writing. You know how much it means to a lot of people and youare one of them, too.

Thanks for dropping by. See you around, JR. write well

Danny Tagalog said...

Yeah, I like this imagery - taking steps away from the present pains and towards soemething preferable

singleton said...

hey, come down from that tree stand, sent you an email for 365

Behind Blue Eyes said...

I put a really long comment on this poems yesterday but it didn't cross for some reason. Grrr! Well, I like it and I don't have time to rewrite the comment. gotta work today. Yuck!

Crashdummie said...

i almost interpreted that as if you were signing up for palm reading eric - although, that could be fun.

Btw, loved the Mr T pic - nostalgia!

"I pity those fools"

Susan Miller said...

Lovely inspiration to go beyond the perceived rules.

And I, too, love the Mr. T glass. My orange t-shirt with a picture of him and the words "I pity a fool" underneath is my gaming T-shirt. Total intimidation from the get go!

Princess Pointful said...

What a great way to criticize the criticizers...

singleton said...

Okay! Open the window, I'm passing it through!

Mob said...

Nice exorcism sir, and you didn't even need an old priest and a young priest to help.

The cobwebs of the naysayers are always nice to sweep out, and the imagery is great, loved the desk/canvas comparison.

eric313 said...

Singleton and Skinny:

There'a ain't no party
Like a Georgia porch party
Detroit's got nothing
like we've come to know,

climbing up the walls
jumping into the arms of the the wind
floating like cottonwood fuzz
on the warm drifts,
waiting to be caught by deft hands
that make wishes come true
and words come to life,
from the stillness of a heart's quiet beating

eric313 said...

You know this to be true. What a better world we create as writers of anything we love.

Behind Blue Eyes
That is the craptacular way of things, friend. I hope your work went well. And don't worry about the comment lost. You can always come back and say more anytime.

Thanks for hanging in there, girl. I loved your last post, I'll have to write you into a story link soon, too. Glad you dropped by.

Susan Miller
Thanks for the support, friend. You are so valueable to everyone you know, so priceless. And I hope the muse shakes the dust off her wings for you. Write well!

eric313 said...

Thank you so kindly, and the best wishes to you and your situation. A lot of people are worried for you! And thanks for understanding me; it's so hard to watch a friend suffer. You're not alone in your burden. Of course, that isn't much comfort for you.

And thanks for understanding my own situation with that little putrid bastard at my friend's blog, and the responses and the emails he sends to people. I'm sure a few people in here have seen the nasty anons that follow me to other boards. He would love it if I were as hated as he, but that's not possible.

Yeah, shit was buggin me. Glad to get that out there and maybe find a more articulate and clever way to say it in the future. I love blogging for the intant feedback portion. Glad this one worked, too.

And Exorcism and Fright Night references are welcome and applauded. I need to get my mind onto lighter issues like that. Movies like that always remind me of traveling when I was a kid. We didn't have cable a lot, so many of the movies we saw were on the TV at hotel rooms while on the road.

Thank you to everyone who dropped by. I'll see you at your own blogs, count on it.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

A clean desk is indeed a blank canvas.

But a dirty desk can be piled high with ideas.


When to tidy?

eric313 said...

Dirty desk... yeah, that's my desk. Tidying can be hard, but highly rewarding. Thanks for the word, Toast. I got your back.
Talk to you later.