Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Best of Times (goodbyeblackandbluejeans)

This post sees a mighty effort of team blogging.

My friend Singleton of The Hippie Parade has lent me one of the beautiful ladies that she creates every day. I had no problem getting a poem together (as in already had one mostly done!). Sing provided invaluable words and advice and she's here now--the lady in the picture, chillin' out after a long day, a cold Michelob in hand, rumors buzzing behind her head like angry bees in red letter rage.

She might be anywhere in the world, definitely near a beach. She's drank her share of poisons.
She plays guitar and cries. She loves the sun. Do you need to know more?

Singleton's art and words can be found showcased at: http://justgivemepeace.blogspot.com/

Thank you all for sharing with my friend who professionally creates beauty like this.

Zoom in on the lady's eyes and see exactly what I mean by beauty and detail.

or what She means...

Black and
bluejean goodbye;
golden she
on the rocks
technicolor glory
saving all the best
for first,
for last..

and between.

Are you out there,
yes, you
butterfly amplifier?

are you on the eleven?

say what?

say what again...

You know only one voice
and it's feeding you
every sweet rumor--
unique names for any
technicolor nightmare
that falls from heaven

It's just drama, raining
You know her far too well
to let that story toll true

Because it's all poetry,
technicolor dreams
with your own subtitles

Black and blue clouds,
butterflies at eleven--
exactly what you said
I remember:
she went to the beach
telling stories today
in shadows and light
and her own language
that I only know
a small part of...

she's at eleven,
twelve and one......
the last,
the first,
the moment time
slips up,
straight up,
on the rocks,

call her name--listen

a wave crashing the sands
to a million finer dreams;

are called these things
as well

By Eric313
and Singleton


skinnylittleblonde said...

How awesome eric! did you write this poem? It is beautiful & reminds me much of Singletons own words. Both of you make one hell of a clink-tink pair! All of her ladies are like sisters to me...and yes, their eyes are all reflections of the sisterhood ... very intense.

eric313 said...

Yes I wrote it, she contributed a big part though, one that hinted at what the drawing would be about, after it was about half written.

"she's at eleven,
twelve and one......
the last,
the first,
the moment time
slips up,
straight up,
on the rocks,

call her name--"

That was what Sing wrote in a response and I tacked it on. Just one more poem, and a good one. Maybe I am writing too much like her. But I went over it enough times. Then it changed more when I saw the finished product.

Sing's a great writer of poems and it was nice to write for one of her paintingst for a change. Any picture can really have all the wors you need in it.

Thanks for the compliment. The last poem was good too. And unorthodox in how it was created.

kj said...

eric, i am visiting from you can guess who...

i view this poem as co-written. just my two cents.

best to you.


Crashdummie said...

"You know only one voice
and it's feeding you
every sweet rumor--
unique names for any
technicolor nightmare
that falls from heaven"

That was a beautiful verse. Sometimes you are so desperate not to see reality, that you let yourself being comforted in the sweet roses of lies, well aware, that the thorns will be felt and probably scar you for life…

Singelton is definitely a very talented lady, and I’ll definitely will be visiting her blog frequently. So thanx for sharing and promoting your amazing friends.


JR's Thumbprints said...

"are you the on eleven"

Being who I am, if I could just rearrange "the" and "on," then I'm thinking about the 11 O'Clock News and all their cheery reports. Nice poem.

singleton said...

Ahhh, there it is, written in the best of times! Perfect! Every single line....

"Are you out there,
yes, you
butterfly amplifier?"

Clink! To hippies on the porch, on the eleven, and the golden threads we weave over 7s and Michelob lights....

I love it!

karma lennon said...

I love the spirit and I love singleton's art work. Both are lovely.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Say what again!

I dare you. I double dare you, mother..


Blancodeviosa said...

I remember:
she went to the beach
telling stories today
in shadows and light
and her own language
that I only know
a small part of..

this is exactly how i would love to be remembered. in shadows and light, vivedly painted with a smile and mysterious ways..

unfortunatly, i am a clutzy goon with self esteem issues. i am cultivating my booger farm nicely though.

Behind Blue Eyes said...

You two make a cute couple

Danny Tagalog said...

Love the mermaids at its conclusion. A fine complement...

SpongyBones said...

Damn look at what the two of you can do ... poem does the artwork justice!

eric313 said...

We flipped it back and fourth so much, she is a cowritter on this one. The lines guided it. It's priceless. Thanks for the visit, KJ. And thanks for the distiction. It is important to give credit where credit is due and I'll fix that right up, to be proper.

Cheers back at you!
No problem. I'm following your example, Crashie. Thank you for the link and the shout last month, like I said.

Smelling the rose, plucking it, and care not to lacerate yourself on the thorns. Life's risks. We love and hope it stays that way, even if we know it's really not that way at all.
A lot to think about.
Thanks, Crashie.

It was a typo! LOL.
This was a good night on the news; mermaids sited at the beach
poetry at 11:11.

A lot better than standard fare, I'd say. Thanks for dropping by.

eric313 said...

Hah! It was a success!

Thank you Singleton for the borrowed art. And the lent lines! It's your poem too.

I'm just happy as life, sitting at the college, typing responses and drinking ice tea. All i need is an ashtray over here and I'm set!

Hope the black turns to blue
to the back porch
paint crew..

It was easy, too. Like documenting art that was already in existence.

I know I see you at the Hippie Parade, too. Her writing and drawings are sometimes unbelievable.

Ultra Toast
Yeah, the tension breaker line. I had to leave that in!

The narrator is daring her say it all again--everything she says. He can't live without that voice, even if it's just gone to the beach. He can't believe she's real when she's not there.

Thanks for the comments, everybody.

eric313 said...

you do have black and white film and lighting sources to play with. That can achieve the same thing in the hands of an artist.

Then vividly paint the smile on with photoshop, with a saved original to start over with as many times as it takes to get it exactly right. Technology will cancel out clutziness.

You can do it!

Don't start rumors like that! We have too many miles between us to justify having to worry about what people say. I write, she writes. I drink(only a little), she drinks(not a little).

It's awesome when a poem bounces between us, from florida to detroit, and sometmes stops in georgia a well. You should drop by a back porch or patio party at either Sing's or Skinny's, someties Orhan's there, too. It's gets hilarious and profound quickly.

Yeah, that image sticks very good. It went with the art.

I need to branch out, and Sing's art helped me do that a little. Thanks for coming by. See you around, friend.

She's a barely well kept secret. The mystic Hippie poet/painter, who knows that she alone owns every grain of sand on the planet.

Marissa said...

this is beautiful. a brilliant joint effort. the art is phenomenal! and there's something magical about the fact you posted this at 11:11...

Anonymous said...

Hey-This is BBE. I'm at work so I'm not logged in. I'll check it out sometime. And sometimes it's fun to be the butt of a rumor, if it's a good one. But I don't drink too much anymore. The last really big spree I had I ended up throwing up for 12 hours. It gave me quite an aversion. Finally drank a screwdriver about a month ago. But if I drink non-alcohol beer or something you won't poke fun at me will you?

singleton said...

eric....silly poet on the porch, what the hell are you doing adding my name to that poem? Those are your words, dear friend, strung like christmas lights in conversation..... It's your creation.....I just colored between the lines. When the whole hoo-hah gets posted on Peace, it'll read words by Eric Bachman.... it doesn't matter who said what, you caught the fireflies and taught them to dance!

Rock on!

maleah said...

the collaboration is just dreamy. I love the image and the words. thanks for a trip to another place, both in my head and with my eyes. It is so fabulous that art is just at my fingertips and nobody gets to filter it... bravo.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Eric, I'm just now coming back to read replies...lol, thats great! Your words, her words... they dance together, not missing a beat. Always beautiful.
So, as a creative writing assignment, would you have your students take a picture and write about it?

Bardouble29 said...

Please send some more of your beautiful words to Poets Corner!!

Crashdummie said...

you are most welcome eric.
The image it self was so inspiring...

Enemy of the Republic said...

Both the painting and poem are beautiful and very complimentary. I wonder two things or better yet, suggest: 1. See this movie called Around the Bend--when you get to the ending, you will hear your poem.

2. I need to send you a poem written by an ex-boyfriend of mine called The Painting and the Vision. He was one of the most gifted poets I've ever known. Your poem echoes his work, except that like me, he is fond of Catholic imagery.

Singleton is amazing too.

eric313 said...

Thanks for dropping by and seeing the spectacle!

Great poem, great drawing. Great post.

I love when it adds up the way it's supposed to. And Sigleton's websites are filled with amazing work. You'd dig her style, in words and everything else.
Talk to you soon.

You're right. This image invovlves rumors (in the top right corner above her head in red). I'm glad to see art and life being so closely linked yet again. There could be far worse rumors about me--like living in a van by the river or something!

Thanks for your return visit, BBE. Post soon! I'll see you later.

yes, I am silly. And yes, I think I might be a poet. The back porch is a good place to let the stories go free and wild. It's a fine establishment that you've made for yourself.

It's better than my favorite head shop! I can't write on the walls there! They'ed freak.

The Hippie Parade rocks

eric313 said...

Thanks for the compliment, and yes, there is some wonderful art just lying around on this internet thing. I can't believe I didn't know about all of this only two months ago! Glad you made it by, and glad you liked the poem. Thanks and see you around, Maleah.
take care

I would do that. At least one assignment. One picture of their choice and describe what they see or how it makes them think... The picture could suggest an attitude, mood or metaphor, or it could be used as a symbol.

The writing could be a short essay (1-2pages or smaller), or a poem, no limit on it's size. A good exercise, I think.

Yeah, this was fun to write about. You and Singleton and Peace are good people that I'm glad to know.

All of my friends are!

I have one cookin right now. You'll like it a lot, I think. Gad to see you hanging in there, the poems will flow. I was having trouble for a bit, but now things are going better. Hope you too are doing well. I'll talk to you more later, Barb. Take care

eric313 said...

Saw your new post and commented. The poem was a hit for you, and I'm glad. It worked well here, too.
Cheers, mate!

Enemy of my Enemy
Around the Bend. I'll keep that in mind going into the weekend. It sounds like it will be good!

Send a poem anytime. My email's on my profile. I always love biblical imagery and try to use it when a poem suggests it.

You'd like my friend Michelle's Spell. She writes with a lot of catholic imagery into her work. Check her some time, she writes every day.

Thanks for dropping by, everyone. See you all around very soon.

Anonymous said...

Ah, it fits the painting well Eric. You know, I have heard about a game some play where people start off with a picture, or play, or poem, or piece of music and have some one else to try to put in into another format. Then some one else receives that, and has to change its formats again. It goes through a number of people, then some one puts it back into its original format. Sort of like a game of telephone only with art.

eric313 said...

As far as games sound, I don't think I've heard of a better one to challenge one's self with--at least for artists.

When the painting becomes a poem, then a song, then a sculpture and given back to a painter and so on... everyone involved could profit from of that exchange.

Wow. If you had the right people, that could be a great exhibition.

Thanks for the comment. This could lead to a deadly new strain of memes if we're not careful.

Mob said...

Because it's all poetry,
technicolor dreams
with your own subtitles


I knew I was seeing your stuff cinematically for a reason!

Singleton's art reminds me a bit of Mary Fleener, she's an underground cartoonist with a really quirky style.

Great stuff.

Crashdummie said...

Lets face it, anything you write is a hit Eric, nio matter where it publishes

Cheers! :)

benjibopper said...

nice collaboration - i love it when visual art and words come together [saw a great little book once that had the words of leonard cohen's 'dance me to the end of love' coupled with some of matisse's nudes].

btw, i have given you a schmoozer award for your fine writing about the underdog. hope that's ok.

eric313 said...

Thanks for the link. She does indeed have an interesting vision. And she's wild like Sing. Comic book artists really are a devoted lot, and it inspires their fans to be the same way.

Yeah, I see it like a movie too. I couldn't wite it like that i f I couldn't visualize it. But conversely, the more I write it out, the clearer the picture. That's why editing is a giant drawn out proccess of stages for me. I hate it, but that's how I am. One day, the perfect first drafts will be mine.

Until then, Singleton has that honor! And a few others who know who they are without me saying a single name.

Don't pump my ego up that much. It's bad for me!
Kaaaaa booooom!
But then a gain, who am I to tell you what to say. thanks for the words, my friend.
Cheers, mate!

Thanks! I really don't know what to say. That's scary.

I had no idea that such an award existed, but I will gladdly accept it from you who truly writes for the underdog in grand fashion.

Colaboration is really kind of easy for me. I credit playing in my old bands, just picking up a guitar while the drummer already is tapping out a new beat and then just letting some random chords go until a melody of theme is suggested by the mix. I miss that kind of communication so much, no talking, just playing. So I write in ways that make up for it.

Thank you again, friend. Talk to you soon. I have no idea how to post it, but I will try. I am terrible trying to figure out html. I can't even make a last ten posts list!

eric313 said...

Skinny, Singleton, and Gimmiepeace

The eyes hold the family secret
that they do, I'm sure! Thanks for your presence, period.
clink, clink, clink!

singleton said...

Whooo! Hoooooo! I'm outa work already! Turn the radio up and make-up Words to dance by!
Clinkity Tink!

captain corky said...

"Because it's all poetry,
technicolor dreams
with your own subtitles"

This pretty much describes how I see the world. I love the art and the poem that goes with it.

Orhan Kahn said...

I certainly endorse Singy's superior artwork. As she would quote me say, simply beautiful.

eric313 said...

Sorry I misssed the hullaballoo
I'll catch you soon, though

Captain Corky
The lines are awesome but not quite as beautiful as the lady inthe drawing. Her eyes are amazing. Thanks for the word, though.

She's so cool to let me borrow the peice for tis purpose. I thought it lent my page some style. I'm sure you agree. Thanks for the word and dropp by anytime, say anything.

And we'll party on the porch/patio
peace out