Monday, July 16, 2007

Crash and Burn

See her? She's the fire starter,
burning across the strobelights
on the floor, she's her own smoke;
fog for the mystery effect.
Blazing with life and cool as
the north wind; a contradiction
to be sure

She's the roar
of a Porsche on the autobahn,
over bridges to old-new lands,
signs of life found dancing in the night,
screaming like banshees
in laugh rioting
3:00AM form;
she'll crash and dance sparks
on and off the road
but don't fear foo this soul;
She's back on her feet every
morning for the big report

So watch yourself...

don't doubt that she's tha bomb:

she might
a poet

in secret
or just in her soul

but both of them count for more
than just the words--more
than all the delicate silkspun dreams
of love's touch,words that she knows
by heart--
the enigma is lost to all except her

She says these words with everything
that she is;
watch her set the world ablaze
using only her greatest gift

Now hurry to the Crashed Site!
Crashdummie and her enthusiastic
words about love and living await you.
Don't be taken in by the name; she
may crash from time to time,
but she's no dummie, by any stretch
of the imagination.
This post links well with Crashdummie's post last week,
thanks for checking it out. It was evocative in content, so I wrote this poem as a response. I thought it was highly appropriate to give her the poem she waited a month for this way because of her topic of what people sometimes make of close friendships between opposite sexes. And I had no idea while writing it that this poem would be a metaphor for that particular post.
Thanks for reading, everyone.


eric313 said...

You've been here every day, good poem or bad, and I thank you for that faith and dedication. I hope I haven't let you down with this one. Thanks for the wait.
I have met some great people lately, and they all deserve poems too, and may very well get them in time if they haven't. Crashie was bold enough to hint that she'd like a poem dedicated to her. If anyone else would like one, let me know and I'll see what I can do, but give me time. Thanks for reading!

Crashdummie said...

eric, i dunno what to say... beside you totally rock! Cheers mate.

And yeah, regarding me being bold and hinting - well, nothing ventured, nothing gained nah?

You are a very talented poet and I really feel honoured that you let mere common ppl like me read it, yet alone dedicate one to me.

doesnt happen often, but boy, you've managed to make me speechless. :)

singleton said...

"She's the roar
of a Porsche on the autobahn,
over bridges to lands new and old,
to new life found dancing in the night,
screaming like banshees
in laugh rioting
3:00AM form;
she'll crash and dance sparks
on and off the road"

Wow! That's a phenomenal tribute! Crashie, you really got him going!


eric313 said...

Thank you both!!!

I was just writing a response to your post and in the first couple words it turned into a poem and I sent it through. I do that a lot, but only sometimes is it this good and the person so happy to read it.

Thanks for being here every time, good poem or bad poem with your interpretations and ideas.

And of course you threw me a link that time in your post, welcoming me to blogging in general. I was a blogger for two weeks and you did that. It made me feel completely at ease with the idea of blogging poems, while still being myself (Along with a lot of other people who may or may not want poems about them!;)

Everyone who comes here is awesome, really.

There are awesome non-fiction blogs and equally good fiction blogs that would be impossible to compare to--at least for me. This is my niche, like many others have their own niche doing their own thing, just as you do. It grew from something I dove into when I was ill and now it's so much more.

I'm glad it's filled with good people like you who made it enjoyable. That's all I can say. I write poems for really cool people, and you fit that perfectly. Thank you for reading my poems.

eric313 said...

Thank you for loving it as well! It was easy to write, like all good ones are.

Hope you are feeling the poetic life blood flowing, too, my friend.


skinnylittleblonde said...

Eric...You are amazing! I really have no idea how you do it! You words dance, dip & dive...all the while painting a picture of living, learning & loving! I went to Crashie's wonderful site (TY for the link)and didn't someone somewhere once say you were intuitive? Seems to me you just may be an intuitive poet!

singleton said...

that's prophetic...

Mob said...

I have to admit to not reading/seeking out a lot of poetry because it's something that generally doesn't grab me as an art form per se, but I really enjoy your style because it conjures an interesting montage of images that I tend to see in my little mind's eye like a film trailer for a movie that doesn't exist.

Good stuff.

Crashdummie said...

Oh it‘s a pleasure to be able to come and read your excellent work Eric. I feel honored that you think I’m worthy commenting them, cuz as I told you, I’ve never considered myself being very artistic. I’m happy if I might inspire you, and of course, I’ll always be there to support you. Just warning, I tend to play the role as devils advocate and tell you the truth even if that is not what you wanna hear. Tough love mate ;)

You know what, many of my mates are wondering regarding your intentions with dedicating that poem to me. Congrats, whether you like it or not, you’ve been added to “Ruby’s suspicious malefriends” whom my friends gossip and plot against. ;)

But seriously, that poem meant a lot. Next stop is to find the musical guzy whoƤll write me a song and perform it acoustically – just his voice and a guitar… (a girl can dream can’t she).


Heart Of Darkness said...

Great poem - I know Crashy's flattered as hell! LOL

Good job, E!

Blancodeviosa said...

that is great man... you have the gift.
it shall serve you well young man..

there's your pep talk. now get to writing!

neko said...

ode to a fast car?



Crashdummie said...

or just an insane driver.. *vroom*vroom* ;)

eric313 said...

This was a poem to a friend who linked me to a story a week or two into my blog's existence. She asked and she recieved, because she's a really nice person who reads my blog. No other reason at all.

I could write a poem about anyone I read, I think. I like writing about authors that I like, as I have on this blog before, and musicians like Hendrix and Jim Morrison. Or actors and actresses. They lived high profile lives, but what happens in the personal part that they try to make exist?

It's kind of weird, but I can picture a person's life and can write accordingly, but I don't do that very good unless read their words. Thank you everyone who reads this so much for understanding!

I'll post soon and this poem is crashie's, a gift, more than a dedication. It's good to give ideas away. Then I'm free to write more.

Thanks for the support everyone.

captain corky said...

she might
a poet
in secret
or just in her soul

That is my favorite part. Your poems are really profound. I enjoy them very much.

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric,

Good poem. You know I have seen crashdummie posting here all the time, I will check out her blog.

Crashdummie said...

heheh i know eric, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for it. You are definitly one of my wickedest blogging buddies and I'm glad that the feelings are mutual. Cheers mate!

trevor - yupp, I've been wait, that didnt sound good now did it. D'oh *slaps her forehead* But thanx for dropping by ;)

eric313 said...

Sing and Skinny
As always I'm glad you two show up for me all the time like this. Ya'll are welcome any time.

Free, prophetic and intuitive. Are these labels? They are awfuly heavy. They are someting to try to be. I have to keep learning and write more soon. Move on down the road a bit more. After the next one.
Peace you two.

eric313 said...

I try to describe it and get a scene just to hopefully be memorable. I need to do as much as I can, I feel. This had lots of scenes, lots of crashes. Lots of speed and lots of wordy wreckage. Thanks for the word, too. I need more guy readers to show! Not that I'm complaining at all about anything.

Glad to see you reading my poetry! It won't disappoint you too much, I think.

Crashie's got a lot of great friends. Hope you enjoyed this one. Thanks for dropping by again, HOD. Peace

I did write and I did that well. Thanks for the pep talk. It was exactly what I needed--reinforcement of what I knew I should be doing. I went and wrote. Booya. Thanks.

eric313 said...


Ha! You got it. She's the car and dricer in this poem.

Nice to stretch out, be different, that's what she does, to.

Captain Corky
Sounds like you guys are so bust at your end. Thanks for coming by.

That is the best part. She's just writng what happens, like everyone else does--more or less. She's true, I borrow from life and other people a lot. I guess we al do.

she's a fan of the the language, I'm I fan of people like that. This is passion--poetry or everyday life, allegory or a simple plot. We write to live, somehow. You know how it is.

Talk to everyone soon. Hope you like the posts!

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...


I liked this.

eric313 said...

Thanks, Toast

she's cool.

You all knew that before I did!

Danny Tagalog said...

3:00 form: sets off a lot of imagery. I used to wake up at that time without fail as a kid for a while.

eric313 said...

It does. It's the we hours, how they get spent. In Crashie's case, I bet she races through the night, and she can't wait to skid to a stop inches from hitting the wall.

Thanks, Danny.