Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Flying by the Numbers

Tried to catch up with you--

bandit lady eight in flight,
feeling your curb appeal
bar hop spinning maneuver
above the peaks,
before last call

when you drifted off to mix up
the radiant charged atmosphere
that everyone knows
follows you like golden
barefoot-step prints,
all the way up, to cloud nine
you’re fine by 11:11 tonight

I'd float with you--
angeline bandit butterfly,
hanging from all the walls!
So you can see and know
and tell me about
every point of view,
and reason for the colors
and the longest shadows
in the fading, warm rosette
of another day down

We somehow add up to sevens
...a perfect pink Ten,
and a lazy, deep blue Six,
defying all logic except
our own

whenever I catch you falling
from a flight of worldly invention
I'm Twenty-One
all over
and again

so don't ask me why;
Just kiss me two times
keep the count alive
Let me know if my six
turns out to be a nine
from your smile speaking
twilight mysteries
of Butterflies, bandits
and secret lives we keep


Danny Tagalog said...

I love the description of fading warm rosettes. Rosettes is a fading term too,isn't it? Do the young wear rosettes any longer?


eric313 said...

I doubt it.

I stole it from the Rossette nebula. I didn't know a person could wear one. Are they like a coat?

Guess that answers your question!

Thanks for the stop

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

If six turned into nine
I don't mind...

This had a kind of yearning to hang onto a dear love of sorts - keeping the count alive.

Ah, numbers.

eric313 said...

My Jimi Hendrix tribute of sorts...

Counting each second left before having to part ways. And the numbers just kept adding up.

Thanks, Toast. I'll catch you on the flipside. I have class all to soon.

singleton said...

"tell me about
every point of view,
and reason for the colors
and the longest shadows
in the fading, warm rosette
of another day down"

keep talking, my friend.....

skinnylittleblonde said...

...of Butterflies, bandits
and secret lives we keep

The whole poem is exceptional & the last line brought it all home. Simply gorgeous...

karma lennon said...

Love it! It reminds me of a Doors song! :)

Bardouble29 said...

Hey my friend.....I need some more of your great writing over at Poets Corner

Blancodeviosa said...

That's alot of numbers to keep up with. Let me get my tin foil hat so I can't keep up :)

neko said...

a 6 and a 9, hmmm..


being in love beats tripping the light fantastic any day.

Behind Blue Eyes said...

I took the if the 6 turns to 9 as a sort of pun...was I wrong?

Behind Blue Eyes said...

I was reading on SLB's blog about how your family was JW. I'd be interested in hearing about that. How it influenced your beliefs. Did you like it or like so many did it cause you to turn away from the church. Just curious.

MyUtopia said...

This was one was pretty cool. I liked the usage of numbers to drive the poem.

Marissa said...

this one gave me chills. i love it. i find lines of your poems repeating themselves in my mind long after i read them....

eric313 said...

Singleton and Skinny

You know it, friends. You see these get created, then see the transformations little by little, the themes being deepened and stretched. But it doesn't happen without good inspiration. Music and friends and the art that they create. Thanks for the lift, friends.
Clink! Clink!

eric313 said...

That kiss me twice line is a little dangerous! I say it's coincidence, so nobody from the Morrison estate can sue me! Thanks, because I do try for that.

Good to see you here, friend. Things are going alright, and I bet I can find you another poem without very much trouble. I'll send something on down the pipes.
Glad to see you.

Tin foil hats are the bomb! Whenever the alliens won't shut up, I put mine right on, and they silence, just like that. lol

Thanks to everyone for dropping by today.

eric313 said...

Yes, the juxtaposition of counterpart numbers...

Very nice, indeed.

You aren't wrong at all. It's cool and subtle, and yet it's there and not very mistakable, either.

Blame it on the love, people! Love will take it all.

BBE, I'll talk about J-dubs sometime, but not here, not now.

Hope you are well, my very literary friend.

The numbers were a big driver in this crazy little vehicle. I thought it was cool. I'm glad I wasn't wrong! Go Tigers!

Keep those lines going, then. Be my guest and jet set with them. Many of my friends are inspiration to me with their often unbelievable talents. Hope your writing goes well too, Marrisa.

Thanks for flying into my spaceport, here on the lovely and scenic eight mile road landing strip. You are all cleared for take off. Be well.

Crashdummie said...

ok now I'm utterly confused. In some strange way you are making me think of Ikaros & the seven dwarfs at the same time...

"so don't ask me why;
Just kiss me two times
keep the count alive
Let me know if my six
turns out to be a nine
from your smile speaking
twilight mysteries
of Butterflies, bandits
and secret lives we keep"

this could be one of the most beautiful vers I've read in a looooong while...

Susan Miller said...

I echo Crashdummies' sentiments...a wonderful verse.

You always provide nice, tasty treats here, Eric. Such a good host.

Cheri said...

I actually like this poem a lot. 11:11 has been a mythical thing to me since early childhood... the four 1's standing out on the digital clock, even then my insomnia filled eyes watching the numbers stretch into gigantic fingers from ceiling to floor.

Lovely food poisoning has me up and reading.

benjibopper said...

i'm left wondering who inspires such heights.

maleah said...

I can only do this kind of math... art brain. For some strange reason I keep seeing a stone skip across the water until it sinks in... that is just the rhythm I get and the feeling... touching and skimming until a real joining. Maybe it is the kissing...

singleton said...

Porch party movin' to the patio! BYO7 and words! Get ready to Clink!

the walking man said...

Eric..tag, I am tagging you because there is more to you than poetry. I was tagged and did it now you have to go to my blog to get the rules and keep the chain going, actually it is an interesting exercise in self retrospection.

eric313 said...

be there soon, I'm a little busy

singleton said...

ooops! red wine!

skinnylittleblonde said...

G'Morning and thank you for the party on the patio. LoL, next time, let's not get so hammered!
P&L Eric!

realbigwings said...

A beautiful rush--

eric313 said...

Sorry to be so far behind! You guys are the best.

Yes, seven dwarves and Icaros. Both make sense. I was trying to go for just going crazy with the numbers. Seven drwarves is a Scandinavian myth, is it not? I mean, before Walt Disney got his money grubbing paws on it. And icaros flew high and crashed to the sea. Love could be like the sun, fly too close and...

Thanks for the comment and the compliment. I'll try to keep my verse written to such high standard. Cheers!

Susan Miller:
I have to be a good host! Gotta keep'em coming back, right? Thank you for your supportive comments. Hope your vacation is going well!

Glad you dropped by for a read. This was fun to write, only took a few minutes to unfold. Hope everything is OK with you.

And sorry to be slow in wishing you are speedy recovery! You're probaly over it and have forgotten by now. Thank you for your concerns and patience and understanding. Take care and write well.

eric313 said...

I am inspired by lots of gorgeous and captivating memories that I count myself lucky to posess. I am by no means a succinct Casanova. But I do remember well the times and the feelings stirred, then and now. Thanks for commenting.

And what a party it was! You and Orhan and SLB rock, you hear me? YOU ROCK!

eric313 said...

SLB and Sing:
Yep, we sure rocked out on the patio. Redwine river; she even knew our names and still she drowned us all one by one in her deluge. It was hammer time!
Thanks, you two. Peace

Me too! I'm no math major, but the heart and soul are something I can do calculus within the framework of--or at least, that is my hope! Thank you for dropping by. I'll be by to read you soon.

Glad you caught the rush! See you higher and higher, till dawn was a dot on the horizon.

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