Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Love and War; Aeons in the AM Hours

Bleeding slash wounds, two hearts in night attack regalia, a war of desperation raged below the predawn azure, under full moon grinning down like a death's head--love's blackest banner, love that takes no prisoners, love that was more blood and bone than heart.

Time will heal all wounds, they say,
every bloody rip and tear that
scars the flesh can be traced by feeling.
Every scar becomes a memory.
Every memory a ghost that you know by name
and face…

You see their eyes every night.

Some scars fade with time, while other marks will settle deeper than this--becoming an underlying web, a chain for your soul, or a tattoo spreading over the heart's matrix of fractured lines.

Time will see this mark burst, the death of a spirit in slow motion, or a shifting mosaic of colors reborn to take back the wind like it's yours.
(because it is)

Time will see you fly, soaring and diving like the world has always been your private ocean.
(because it has)

Time will heal all wounds--
and time laughs at all who
try to control its course.

So stop trying--

take time
and watch...

The air cracks with electric fire,
new wings unfurl in a mosaic,
eyes like god's eyes
are two suns setting
blaze to life in all drama,
hottest blood of all in color
and the glory

In their depths
I see all the time in the world
to heal the old wounds
of love and war



karma lennon said...

Wow. That's almost all I can say. Just wow. And I also am totally digging the picture you put up along with it.

captain corky said...

"and time laughs at all who
try to control its course."

It really eats me up how many people take time for granted, including myself. It's so precious. Every second, and all we do is foolishly try to control it, beat it and avoid it.

You never disappoint Eric.

neko said...

you had me with the first paragraph..

lyrical words, sir.

love the imagery.

Crashdummie said...

Strong poem eric, pierced right ro the heart...

.. kinda made me think of Dixie Pixs "Not Ready to make right" and my favorite part:

"The say, time heals everything, but I'm still waiting..."

Danny Tagalog said...

Gods eyes have always been found within versions of his son, haven't they?

eric313 said...

Thank you all for dropping by!

Thanks, it was deffinitely inspired--by what, I don't know! One should always be careful when handling cliches. The pics are always a fun part, finding what matches up. And what should be saved for later.

Captian Corky
It took me this long to get sreious about writing, too. Everything but spend it wisely.

Thank you for the compliments, Neko. Music needs to be in the words. Glad you see it there.

eric313 said...

We hope it works that way. Time can make wounds worse for some people, too. Most take it easy and and try to learn from their mistakes of the heart--eventually learning to remember the old heartbreaks of youth as what got you to where you are.
Cheers, mate!

They deffinitely say that about the son, how he has that aspect of the Father. And even a she can probably carry that forward.
Thanks and see you around.

the walking man said...

It is definitely the events that happen in our time that shape how we use it or see it. I could only hope;

"In their depths
I see all the time in the world
to heal the old wounds
of love and war"

This would be so.

But I also know that scarred skin is the strongest skin on the body and like wise a scarred heart is a strong heart.

Your touch is becoing more deft every time I drop by Eric.



Cazzie!!! said...

This poem is so apt for my life's journey right now...and it is very "in my face" and awakened my mind to the Now..thankyou.

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Lovely Eric, talking to someone you know?

Love is tricky it falls inside us, finds a comfortable place, and begs for rest. How can we deny such a beautiful thing?

I truly enoyed this... smiles

Blancodeviosa said...

Time will heal all wounds--
and time laughs at all who
try to control its course.

how true this is. i realized some time ago, we never truly control anything. it is simply out of our hands

MyUtopia said...

Sorry I have been away, RL, tends to pull me away sometimes.

I love the line: "Every memory a ghost that you know by name
and face…"

Lynn@ZelleBlog said...

Thank you, I think I am becoming a fan...you can use the word azure like nobody's business.

singleton said...

Ahhh, Eric.....I love it, all together beautiful....Wow! Another debut of the thread I missed, words, magical, neon electrical cords chaining it all together! Missed you while struck for lightening X Two!

JR's Thumbprints said...

and some will wear that scar like a badge of honor, terrifying the masses with their bravery.

eric313 said...

Walking Man
Thanks. All I try to do is make every poem as good as it can possibly be, all the time. That of course is subjective, too. I try to keep it that way and stay on an upward climb. I don't always have it right but i try to salvage it, make it work anyway.
Peace out

I write this stuff for you and everyone else who reads it, or their girlfriends, maybe. I might save someone's relationship one day, if they print it up and give it to someone else who would care for the thought. I really want to get all of it published one day. Tough sell in te US, but maybe I can find a creative way to go about it. Like an over seas publisher, perhaps.

Yes, love that is no more just can't be up and forgotten about, saddly enough. Every love hangs with you for a while. YOu let it go, but i6t's still a source of pleasurable well being. It's still an ember in the dark.

Your words give me encouragement whenever I see them. Can't even tell you awesome it is whenever someone tells me that something I wrote reflects a moment of being in their life. I run out of words to describe feeling like that.
Really! Peace out

eric313 said...

We'll drive ourselves crazy trying to control everything. Clonopin bottle-sniffing, barking mad.

Thanks for the shout. Hope the vaca brings some interesting photos. Sure it will, actually.

Don't worry about a thing, I so understand. Take care of yourself and come here whenever. You're very busy right now with a lot. I'll have plenty of backlog if you feel like reading!

And that line is totally inspired by a good friend with a flair for working themes out well. Writers should always try to have that little group of themes that they woork well within, then draw in other themes, and try to do as well. My themes are pretty obvious, as are most everyone who writes and reads here. Some people have a lot of them, and some just ride their main horses and stick with that.

Thanks for the word, as always.

Thanks for the link and I've linked you too.

Azure is a color and a theme. I like the blues of every shade and tone, on every level. Robert Johnson to SRV to every kind of musi that owes part of it's existance to it.

Hope you feel better and the insomnia brings good reading. Peace!

eric313 said...

Glad to have a wall were I'm welcome to scribble ideas out anytime. Blogger is maddening to compose on, and Word sucks for poetry, it capitalizes the first word of every line, and I reserve caps or lack of caps for emphasis and shade.

Hope the storm didn't end as bad as last time. The girl just got back from the doctor and you just got back to the world. That ain't right! Lightining sure as heck does strike twice! You have some kind of power--and it's more than just with words and color, blue lady. You draw the attention of gods. Not to many people manifest that!

Some People do let the poison get to their heart, the scars become sheilds, then become rocks that they hurt peoople with. They become lead. They shrivel and are all scar tissue, like a growth that cannot be called human. You know that heart well at your job. You see it bristling and posturing under the scars. Someimes it hopes nobody sees it tremble in unfearsome ways. The human and the heart.

Thanks for dropping by!

Crashdummie said...

you live and you learn eric. But then again, some mistakes are worth making...

Btw, theres an award waiting for you at Crashed Site :)


skinnylittleblonde said...

Time will see this mark burst, the death of a spirit in slow motion, or a shifting mosaic of colors reborn to take back the wind like it's yours.
(because it is)

Time will see you fly, soaring and diving like the world has always been your private ocean.
(because it has)

I particularly love these two verses...time does bring change Eric.peace.love.

eric313 said...

You are the bomb! You explode and its a storm and a clear blue sky sun at midnight. Thanks. I don't even know what it is yet.

OK, I just went and saw it! I do rock, and it has a guitar on it.

You rock the farside, Crashy. The midnight sun is there because of you. People should award you for that, at the very least.

an understanding that friends
are waiting to be found by their counterparts, where ever in the world they are, you know when you've found them. I think a lot of people feel that way, and obviously, you know a lot of great bloggers who also deserved to get a nod of respect. Peace out

eric313 said...

It's so true... Time. I've had a lot, but lately not enough. You know exactly what I mean about that.

It's another old theme, but I love it. It became a poem like this!

You've created your own good luck, friend.
"Ramble on...
I know the time
the time is now..."

Peace~Love~and remberance of porch/patio parties past present and phewture.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Maybe it's me, but do I sense irony...your poetry is getting so good; I especially like how you organized the structure on this one--it makes the verses flow.

I'm still stuck on that one I've been working on. And you are producing like Emily Dickinson!

Beerspitnight said...

I've seen your comments on SLB's and Singleton's pages, but for some reason I never wandered over to your site.
I'm glad that I did- you have some great content here that easily entertains me.

Rayne said...

eric, eric, eric...omg, your words electrify...and reopen the old wounds afresh...but experiencing them through your poetry makes them a bit more bearable...god, thanks for this one...

eric313 said...

I'm tryin! I miss my friends who aren't around me anymore, so it's easy to channel the feelings. It's ironic that we can choose how e cope with loss: We can grow scales and become rocks, or we can learn something more form it. And we can let it go. We ca fly away.

Thanks for reading my stuff.

Thanks! I've linked you up, but I've neen reading your stories for a while now.

Great name, bro! See you soon.

This is a wonderful poem to share, with you and anyone. It's good to know I can reach people.