Friday, July 13, 2007

"Magenta Lips With 2 Golden Eyes"

Magenta me to burn--
flipping cartwheels
under your rainbow,
your wild lips
running only
because they live

freeing me from
waiting for words
of death or life,
word of blood
about blood
because of blood
I wait infinity times
a few of God's days

Magenta lips with
two golden eyes
in my hands

no blossoms

Fall like sunset a haiku

on paper by man's hand

today I am as alive

as I will ever be

despite this thought

your language of no words written
with your every soothing color
implicit and explicit


this most obvious one


singleton said...

"flipping cartwheeled
over your rainbow,
your wild lips
Because they live"

wild, Eric...totally wild,
so of course,
she would have golden eyes!


eric313 said...

You picked a great bunch of lines. I love that free and live feel of horses running. What purer than being that close to someone?

What did you think of the back to back haikus in the middle?

And by all means, Give her golden eyes! Glowing like the flame of faith. Your art is so wonderful to see. It's so very imaginative.

Marissa said...

"today I am as alive

as I will ever be

despite this thought"

Wow. Those lines speak volumes to me. You are an incredible poet! You truly inspire me with your words.

Thank you for your feedback. I love poetry and sometimes attempt to write it, although I don't have a clue as to what I'm doing. Any words of wisdom from you are much appreciated!

Manic Street Preacher said...

fuck, am linkin you, lovahboy.


skinnylittleblonde said...

Ummmm...Eric....I confess, I came, i read, I printed and then I read again & again.
This poem is stupifysmashingly beautiful.
(no, i cannot spell that word)

your wild lips
running only
because they live

I love it the free mind, heart and spirit that can spit out words so freely!

freeing me from
waiting for words

adds validation to those mustang lips and the power that they hold. Simply gorgeous & oh so liberating!

My mother used to say 'I have a mouth & intend to use it' ... I think she had those mustang lips. ;)

eric313 said...

Right about that line. It's despite the fall and the sunset. Things aren't all that bad with love, someone to relax around and let go of everything with, every once in a while. That's what this poem's all about.

And of course about the poetry. I' don't always have feedback like that, but I'll always do so if I think of something. It's flattering to always here that from people, but especially established writers and artists like so many of you are. Thanks

Manic Street Preacher
No prob at all! I'll throw you on the links as well. Give me a bit to update them. Thanks for the gusto of the response. So many different four letter words rule the greater kingdoms of our hearts.

Thanks for the visit! Talk to you later.

eric313 said...

Thanks. It was an inspired piece, for sure. I tried to write a friday the thirteenth piece and nothing worked at all for like two hours, so I visted sister and talked and sat with the neice, then a phonecall from memory and I was soon logging on to her computer while asking her if I could use it and openning it all back up. I had the beginning and the end with "today I am as alive...", it just hit me. You have to love when you can get an idea out like that without fogetting it by the time you open the Word programn!

Then I had to edit it. The "waiting for answers about blood" part just represents all the life drama and whatnot. The feeling of waitng for bloodwork! It's nice to get distracted from the distractions and run free for a while.

captain corky said...

"Today I am alive
as I will ever be"

Amazing! Great line.

karma lennon said...

Very cool. I love how your poems are always so colorful, so visual, so beautiful.

Crashdummie said...

you know I just saw "The bachlor" on tellie the other day and they were using the metaphire of men being like mustangs... free & wild.

Not quite what you were aiming for I hope..;)

"freeing me from
waiting for words"

How come we are always waiting.. waiting for the rain to stop, for vacation, for the kettle to boil ; waiting for your turn to speak, to catch the train, for mr/ms right ; waiting for another chance, waiting for tomorrow.

sadly, life and opportunity pass you by while you are still... waiting.

Hope that doesn't happen to you mate - carpe diem my friend :)

eric313 said...

Captain Corky
Thanks, I need to write more like them. Good luck with the son, everyone out here's pull for you all. How about this summer? It's already memorable for a lot of people.

Thanks again. Its not bad, I needed to just let personal things go with this one. Or try to, to at least get some worrying out of the way.

Yeah, it's a common metaphor, that's for sure. Now I've even made it my own. I love it.

But I was just using it's symbolism to parallel why we love: We love because we exist and that is what we are meant to do. Everything else we do for our own glory or for survival. True love for people, or even for things that we do like write, or other personal goals, is a shared glory amidst the chaos of unpredictable human natures interacting. That's what I love about love. You have or you don't and your all good with it either way. It's not love if your worried about it leaving.

Listen to me. I sound like my friends! All of them!

Thank you everyone for being patient while I'm behind on catching up with everyone. It's nice outside and I've been busy like everyone else, so I'm sure you all understand.

Thanks for reading, everyone.

singleton said...

clinkety tink!

skinnylittleblonde said...


eric313 said...

heard round the world, peace loving my friends.

Writing on the walls, seven thousand layers deep and still speaking volumes to maker and reader alike.

To your love-painted walls and the stories they tell everyone who knows you both.
Clink! Clink!

Peace, always

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

your wild lips
running only
because they live

Yeah, I liked this too.

neko said...

are you in love, sir?

or hoping to be..?

Crashdummie said...

I bet sometimes you just get tangled up in... life.

But dont worry, we are still here, and will be waiting for your return.

Wow, now neko got me curious as well.. sooo...? ;)


eric313 said...

Ultra Toast
That is probably one of my best opening lines in a long time. Thanks for dropping by and I'll see you around.

I'm in love with writing really good poetry. Does that count?

I've been in love, recieved love from another, and have had to let it go free. That's true love, when you let it go, and you don't even worry about whether it comes back to you or not. Either way, you are happy, because who your love can choose for themself what they want to do and what will make them happy, and that is what matters most, is that the person you love is happy--whether that is with you or in the arms od another, otherwise, it isn't really love unless you can let it go without reservation. I hated learning that lesson, but it gave me great peace when I finally recognized the wisdom behind it.

Thanks for asking such a simple and complicated question. Hope the answer is a good one.

Hope that answer satisfies your curiosity as well.

And I'm so glad you understand me. It's summer, and the familly is doing all kinds of stuff, and still I have to write and read a lot (I can't write good material unless I read better material!)and then life still goes on. I'm glad you're here waiting for me. It's nice. You'll be happy with my post!

Thank you everyone who comments here. You are all excellent people whom I would vouch for at any time, and for any reason. See you soon.

Blancodeviosa said...

wow, yet again i am in awe of your abilities to put what's in your head on paper...

eric313 said...

I'm in awe too! If you see how I'm doing it, tell me! LOL

Thanks for the support and I hope everything is well with you and your crew. See you around, Blancodeviosa.

MyUtopia said...

Great new addition! I hope you had a good weekend. How cool that you got all of those books free!

neko said...

great answer --

and now a question:

what if, as in my situation, love was set free, returned, set free again, returned, ad infinitum?

and now there is no more setting free, for the pain of that is unbearable?

what of that?

[ed's note - the relationship i speak of is a very long distance one]

Crashdummie said...

I'm a natural born "empath", so doncha worry :)

Yes, it did. I think it takes a lot of strength and dedication to be able to understand true love and to be able to let go. As the saying goes: “ If you love someone, set them free. If they come back, they're yours, If they don't, they never were."

Yes, summertime and all the things that should be done – you should enjoy, relax, get a tan, do some gardening, meet family, travel, renovate/clean… all the expectations are sometimes to overwhelming. My advise to you is just to indulge and take on day at a time – ppl actually force themselves to enjoy summer, vacation & life, and that’s not exactly what we are aiming for now are we? Even sadness has a sweetness in it….

eric313 said...

Glad to see you here, and I hope you feel better soon. Pneumonia is a tough one, but you're strong. You'll be fine.
Take care, and read you soon.

Neko. I'm glad to always try and tlak, but I may not always have a good answer. Buy I will try.

I posted a response on your blog. And wrote a poem. You know how that goes! All my friends on blogger inspire poetry. Or at least inspire run-on sentences on my part! And typos...


"ppl actually force themselves to enjoy summer, vacation & life, and that’s not exactly what we are aiming for now are we? Even sadness has a sweetness in it…"

Saddness does have it's own sweetness to it. You said it perfectly.

You can't force love
you can't force a poem
you can't force yourself
to have fun
you can't force people to do things they don't want to do.

you can force these things, but none of them are real if you do. Or at least, they won't be good.

I'm glad you're here to have these little conversations in the back of my archives. You rule, girl!
peace~love~cheers, mate!