Saturday, July 21, 2007

Mirror to Mirror

Art is life
life is art

screw the chicken
fuck the egg

Summer rye plaything
lawn mower rumble dance,
it hums so loud
they lose their minds
looking for gossamer
threads in the crop circles...

Watch him in his white mustang
ripping through each gear,
finding the sweet spots
waiting for love or art to cross the road
and for life to find the other side

Watch the paint pulse in her veins
the colors are all in her eyes,
they find the dare in his like a mirror,
a distant flag, alone and flying high
as free as anything that touches the earth

He's watching her for a green light
a signal from wild eyes,
She's waits for the sound of the engine


Nobody remembers chickens,
art, eggs, roads or the uncut grass
but they know life
and truly
that is fine as it gets



singleton said...

"Nobody remembers chickens,
art, eggs, roads or the uncut grass
but they know life
and trully
that is fine as it gets"

It truly is! Clink! To life, may it be a good one!

the walking man said...

Now this one i like tremendously

screw the chicken
screw the egg

Right on target, lose the shit you have no control over and live life today.

"Nobody remembers chickens,
art, eggs, roads or the uncut grass
but they know life
and truly
that is fine as it gets"

yeah man I am behind you on this one.

Danny Tagalog said...

They know what life is, but also Dog Is Life isn't it?

skinnylittleblonde said...

"Nobody remembers chickens,
art, eggs, roads or the uncut grass
but they know life
and truly
that is fine as it gets"

As fine as it gets indeed!
Beautiful & profound!
TY (thank you;)P&L

ps-my word verification is GIGGI... lol, eric doesn't that sound fun? giggi...

Cazzie!!! said...

I love this, the images it all makes us contemplate life.

Karmalennon said...

"gossamer threads"-always been a fave phrase of mine, no idea why but it's nice to see it used here. I like the fragility and the getting rid of the things you don't need to worry about because you can't do anything about them.

singleton said...

tink! Saving clinks for bigger screens and keyboards that feel like home!

benjibopper said...

good stuff. my favourite lines are actually:


yeah, builds the suspense so simply.

is that you in the pic?

eric313 said...

Crazy eight at 9:30

One for the night.
The rest are all for luck
the blonde flight captain says
as I turn off the TV
"You're life needs accelerating"
She looks like an actress
but wants us me to think
I'll meet her in the Navy

Her smile says 9:39
And it's to early to be
all I can be
or one of the few who think like many
not at this time

not with a war with no goal
as a checkered board pawns and princes
Not even if Godsmack writes the soundtrack
Not if I am an army of one
in my own mind heart and mind
or everyone else's.

Lucky seven returning home
as one
in a box--
or in nine pieces
or a lucky one whole;

intangibles lost on the otherside of the planet

It's 9:53
and I've lived through
the last twenty minutes
in as much pain as most who
have learned to ignore it

but I am Alive

even if the world really is Orwell
I'm Alive,
still still kicking my boots
on the concrete of home
I'm Alive

And so are many

but the few
the proud

those whose lives
are being given right now
at 9:59 and all before now

I can talk all night
but do we have the time
I can talk all night
but I think I'll just have
one for the road

Ooppps. No response for you!
except peace wins!
I hope


eric313 said...


Thanks. Every day can be different. Who knows how I'll be writing next month.

At least I can be universal, and I want that to happen, of course. Maybe sell more than a few hundred copies of a book of poems. I can dream! I'll need to have two ditinctly different flavors of volumes, really. But that all good, I think. I can see it happening.

eric313 said...

Thanks for dropping by.

Life is the dog--I think that works on a lot of levels. Glad you suggested the idea. Talk to you soon.

eric313 said...

skinny little blonde
Check me, I'm totally milking the comments tonight! Why not?

Giggi--like the name? It sounds like more fun that Gidget, that's for sure.

You and a lot of people liked this ending. I was worried! It was a lot longer ending, originally, and I trimmed of six lines to end it there instead. They were just extra fluff that kind of got in the way. Ideas to get used later.
Thanks for asking the question again. I needed time to think about it!

eric313 said...

Thank you for reading my pages like you do, Cazzie!!!

I feel like I'm keep in touch with the whole world, sometimes. Rock on downunder there in the land of Oz!!!
take care and see you soon.

Thanks for the compliment. Gossamer is such a golden beautiful word, even if the idea is not new by any stretch of one's imagination, I like it enough to use it in a poem once or twice. Why not? A poet can write hundreds of the little things. Might as well makesure and use everything you can as long as it fits right.
Take care!

at least I'll talk to you again down here! Glad I've been writing so much lately. Now I need to arrange the stuff we've all writen into something nice. I need to make some money as a writer very soon. At least ry for some of the obscure poetry grants that do exist. I need to find them! I'm primed right now.

My life is a good one, thank God
Hope you get that new monitor soon! Take care

maleah said...

Holy crap! I love this one! Nobody has written this one except you. This is so VIVID. You don't say yellow, but I see the yolk, the green light, and the grass must be green, but there is that white mustang, and all that noise, and maybe a blacktop street he's on... and all that paint, and the flag, it must be checkered. Fine, indeed! Wow! Thanks for the mindful.

eric313 said...


Yes, building up suspense can be hard to do, but that was it--and it accentuated all the meanings and implications of both words--at least what both could mean in this poem.

And thank you again for the schmoozer award. It's totally cool of you to pick me along with everyone else on that list. It's like reading my sidebar! Talk to you later


*****And no offense to our fighting men and women out there in lands they probably don't want to be in, either.

That poem was much more about the motives of people who promote the war and the military, and try to pass it off as glamorous.

Military service is a tough duty, and many in my familly have done so. Thanks belong to them for their sacrifices, and everyone else of their generations, as well as our own.*****

eric313 said...


Thank you for the affirmation and wonderfull stream of compliments. I really never know myself when something works good. I guess this one did, to. That's starting to be a lot of good poems--plus the "rest".

I did write this one by myself--with some great inpiration, of course. You know me well, already! Thanks for the words and see you soon.

Orhan Kahn said...

Screw thew chicken, screw the egg? Surely not.

eric313 said...

A bit impossible

farmers would hate me!

thanks for dropping by. We all miss the hippie already.

Crashdummie said...

"screw the chicken
screw the egg"

and we all become vegans? Well works for me. :)


captain corky said...

"Watch the paint pulse in her veins
the colors are all in her eyes"

This is my favorite line. I like it when you can see everything in someone's eyes.

eric313 said...

How are you? Probably late over in the land of the midnight sun.

You are so funny, but true also. Yes, we could all use at least some temperance in regards to meat. Chickens are raised in an especially cruel and confined ways for mass consumption. Good angle on the poem, Mate.
cheers and see you soon!

Captain Corky
It's awesome when you know someone's eye so well that you can see the most minute color change, and know what their mood might be with accuracy. I had an ex who pointed it out to my dumb ass long, long ago. She was right and I could have listened to her then! Too late. At least I know what you're saying, though.

Thanks for dropping by, everyone. See you all very soon, I'm sure.

Crashdummie said...

Actually, everyone was getting all serious and deep so I gave up that attempt. Instead I went back to familiar, obvious ground, humour. Then again, sometimes you cant see the forest because of all the trees… or in this case see the eggs because of all the… chickens?

Hmm doesn’t sound right now does it?
Oh well, cheers ;)

Blancodeviosa said...

i don't really like screwing chickens...

..or eggs for that matter >:(

eric313 said...

It would work that way, too. I was deffinitely making little bad jokes with the imagery.

It really is about a missed perception, and losing touch with life when taking thigs too seriously. It's a reminder that we are alive, first and foremost, then whatever else. I like that idea. Thanks for the shout, Crashy
Take care

Yeah, that image gets stick in a few people's heads. I'll have to do something with it, one day.

And thank you, too, for the shout and dedicated reading. It's like rolling two dozen deep through the hood, yo!