Saturday, July 28, 2007

My Addiction to the Living Dead

My addiction...
there are no words for it
She took them with her
on her way out the door.

I search and the words hide
but they were here before,
all the right words,
traipsing around in their
skimpy white cotton underwear
listening to the sound
of their names, feeling
underdefined by our mouths
pacing circles in our cagey minds.

I can't start my day without them
winding their way past my lips
finding their place on my page
now they tell me they are a poem

Can poems be sold by the eighth
or quarter ounce bag?
Poetry by the kilo--
Traded for a .45 and a pair of Nikes,
people kill each other for less

And in death, these souls
find their way to the pages
of loved ones in words,
in the obituaries
and eulogies
all part of their addiction,
the living and the dead;
yin and yang circle dance

her tombstone reads
"My Addiction..."

that's all it will ever say

Thanks for reading, everyone. I have another poem over at A Poet's Corner that might be of interest to read. And if that one isn't any good, there are plenty of poems there that are worth your time.
I thank all of you for your interest, your excellent comments, and your own writings.


Em said...

Thanks for dropping by my led me to your blog. Your poetry is awesome. I really enjoyed reading a lot of your older posts.

Blancodeviosa said...

Can poems be sold by the eighth
or quarter ounce bag?
Poetry by the kilo--
Traded for a .45 and some Nike's,
people kill each other for less..

it's too true. very nice poem indeed

singleton said...

"I search and the words hide
But they were here before,
all the right words,
traipsing around in their
skimpy white cotton underwear
listening to the sound
of their names, feeling
underdefined by our mouths
in our cagey minds"

That my wild friend, is phenomenal!

Crashdummie said...

” her tombstone reads
"My Addiction..."
that's all it will ever say

That was simply beautiful…

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...


You are a good writer as well. I hope that you realize this. There is a lingering about this poetry, words play with each other and then dance knowing the end is just that ... the end.

These lines are poetic alone.... I think you should try writing a haiku...."Can poems be sold by the eighth
or quarter ounce bag?
Poetry by the kilo--
Traded for a .45 and some Nike's,
people kill each other for less"

By the way ... We both live in michigan I see ....

Lynn@ZelleBlog said...

Well its easier to grow poems in the suburbs, no need for those electricity zapping lights...having to fool the utility... watering the damn things.

Seriously though I did like this. What is this other place you post at? I'll check it out.

JR's Thumbprints said...

I suppose that if a female makes her own poetry, it would have to be a male ... that is, unless ...

captain corky said...

"Can poems be sold by the eighth
or quarter ounce bag?
Poetry by the kilo--
Traded for a .45 and some Nike's,
people kill each other for less"

Some people kill because it makes them feel good. Just like gambling, eating, drugs, drinking, sex etc. Amazing poem my friend.

maleah said...

It's difficult to choose a fav line...

but it must be "traipsing around in their skimpy white cotton underwear" because it personifies things all the more and somehow makes it more beautiful in my head. I adore white cotton. Skimpy underwear. Traipsing.

I, myself, would die somedays to just hear a good word in my head. Never mind a poem. Nice work, Eric.

singleton said...

"like snake handlers
impervious to fate
until the last bite"

Still reading
tell-tell little lines from the note on the kitchen door...

You're amazing my friend

karma lennon said...

Words can indeed be addicting. I`ve had a love affair going on with words and languages since I was a kid, I just can`t give them up.

Thanks for your comment on my last post.

Enemy of the Republic said...

I share a similar addiction.

Cheri said...

I have to say, I really really liked this one. I was reading it thinking... ooo chills wow!

the walking man said...

Crashdummie said it before I could.

nicely worded Eric

Danny Tagalog said...

Adding to the chorus of applause - 'skimy white underwear' is always a winner, eh!

Good addictions you got..

Mob said...

I like the idea of the power of the words...

Have you read Palahniuk's Lullaby? Interesting take on the idea of words that kill...

Hey, I dunno if you're game for the whole tagging thing, but I posed a series of questions for you over at the blog if you wanna play.

If not, no harm, no foul.

benjibopper said...

it's a sweet addiction
the price is high
you can't get the time back
it's worth it

Lynn@ZelleBlog said...

Interesting comments here, too.

Princess Pointful said...

Ah, how I missed your words, and am glad that either they were never stolen in the first place, or that you managed to buy them back ;)

eric313 said...

Thanks for the visit, and welcome.
Read anything and say anything. It all works here.

Yes they can. Thanks for noticing! And I try.

Be cool!

What else can I say? Phenomenal wraps it all up so nicely. You too are phenomenal, so save some of the praise for yourself.
peace out

That line wraps it all up so nicely. You understand me in this poem, that's for sure. It's a lot like you and everyone else here, addicted to writing and art.
Cheers, mate!

eric313 said...

Inside Our Hands Outside Our Hearts:
Thanks so much for the close reading. I try to find a way to get as many different meanings and nuances as I can to match up. I just love the form.

I love haiku. Their construction is an art like no other!

What luck; we both live in the state where thew sun just keeps setting lower and lower. I sound so cheery, don't I?

How are you? Yes, it is easier, but at the same time, the experience is not quite as rich in human drama out in the burbs. The city sees so much more happen.

And the other place is A Poet's Corner. Thanks for checking it out.

I guess that is a bit sexist of me, to call poems she. But really, it's just the love poems that are she. That just happens to be my biggest stock in trade at the moment!

eric313 said...

Captain Corky
Exactly; poetry makes me feel good. I had a rough few days last week and this weekend, but writing helps to take everything negative away. Thanks for the shout.

You have the spirit. This poem just kind of spilled right out, very familiar and very right. Kind of traipsed, kind of sauntered and laid down all stretched out to the horizon.
Thanks for the words, friend.
You have nice words, as well.

You are the coolest, Blue Lady. Glad to create anytime, but I'm even more glad to be able to drop by and create at literaly any time!
Peace and love
and hitch hiking muses
coming home to me
the page is her home

I'm glad to be in good company. Words and their many varied and shaded meanings are like...
well, everything we say the are!
Thanks for the shout, friend.

Enemy of the Republic
And glad I was to see your essay on the subject, this poem pales by comparison, friend. Thanks and see you soon.

eric313 said...

Glad to be able to give anyone chills with my words. I don't set out with that purpose! Well, maybe, sometimes. Thank you so much.

Thanks--I had more after that, but I deleted it. That line is the perfect ending. Thanks and talk to you later.

Again, I'm glad you dropped by. I'm going to need to get the whole media experience going on soon, like you have. Thanks and talk to you soon.

eric313 said...

The questions aren't that bad. I'll do them soon.

Lullaby sound interesting. God knows I loved Fight Club, so I wouldn't mind checking in to that title. Talk to you soon.

It's the best addiction one could have, aside from the love addiction most of us are born with. Now I have to make this one pay the bills.

Thanks for the visit.

I do get some very interesting comments. I'm glad to be able to make people think. You too, have this talent.

Princess Pointful
And I missed you too, oddly enough, considering you really weren't gone, as one of your readers said. Sometimes, I'm the one who feels like I steal words--but that's just a trick of the language. It's all been done, so I'll just keep writing, anyway.

Thank you all for your awesome comments. You all rock so hard, I couldn't explain it without going NC 17~ peace out, my friends, new and not quite so new!

skinnylittleblonde said...

I'm back, as promised ;)
I simply love the last line...very profound & a very nice zip at the end.
But, really, some addictions never die...they live on after we are long gone.

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...


Cheer up... the sun was beautiful today and I was glad to see it. I am not from Michigan but have lived here a while... Perhaps a trip to the east coast is lomg over due. It has been a while since I have seen the ocean.

eric313 said...

So right you are. Addictions that never die are rather like love.

Of course, that was probably what you meant!

The last line...
it says it all!
(and that's all it will ever say!)

P~L and we need more of all of it!

Thanks for the well-wish.

I wasn't too bad, tonight. I started writing after most of my commenting and reading, so really, it wasn't bad at all.

And the ocean...
ten years in October since it healed me last. And the sun is beautiful right now. Thanks for the visit

realbigwings said...

That's very potent, Eric.

And being one completed floored, covered in adoration, need and satisfaction for words myself, I relate to your poem. Yup.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Oh yeah, and if addictions to words were the worst things we were addicted to ... life would be ... foreign ;)

Rayne said...

eric, i was slogging about this morning, bleary eyed, waiting for my morning coffee to perk..straining to wake up...and decided to read you before i dash out the door. the one right decision i made this morning. talk about addictions..ya got me. if you ever stop this blogging thing...i'll need a 12 step program to get over it...

eric313 said...

Glad to see your comments anytime.

I'm trying. This one shows that I will stop at nothing to write a poem. Thanks for the shout and the compliment.

Skinny Little Blonde
Life would be strange if everyone was like us! Could you imagine?

I can! Get a few million Singletons and peace might win!

Spoken like a true addict. Glad to kow that I am a drug.

Thanks for the boost of confidence!

peace out,

psycho-therapist said...

your words are incredibly powerful- so glad you found my blog which in turn, allowed me to find you.

eric1313 said...

Psycho Therapist

No problem.

I found you on the hippie parade, so you kinda allowed your self to be found.

Glad I caught this one!