Saturday, August 4, 2007

The One Touch

Before you turn out
the burning amber light,
let me have it one more time;

I'm broken with ache
and longing...
The One Touch

The last caress
of beautiful skin,
so many kinds
so many ways.

Supreme erogenous zone
born into the world with it
we are not just

but pure.

Born of primal flesh
and sins
a million generations old
and counting.

Naked and
and sinful

and born to expect

born to receive

to beg
for that
final caress
before the light goes out

burns out

snuffs out--


two hearts
longing to split
the skin lying
between them



karma lennon said...

Oh my god, I love this! It reminds me of a line from one of my poems-"a kiss before dying". You are phenomenal. And this makes me long too.

Thanks so much for your comments over at my place and especially for your story. It helps knowing other`s stories sometimes, doesn`t it?

Anonymous said...

I'm at work. This one made me want to go home and see my husband. Do you think anyone would notice if I just left? I do not feel like being here tonight. I'm sure that my husband would thank you too. This is Behind Blue Eyes.

JR's Thumbprints said...

We are born into this world with an errogenous zone; So why is it so damned uncomfortable to visit a nudist colony?

You had me thinking on this one, Eric.

singleton said...

"born to recieve--
to beg
for that
final caress
before the light goes out"

And we dream for the last memory to be the best memory,
to always have the chance
to make it perfect before the darkness comes, to have that to hold onto.....

into the twilight...

Just beautiful, my friend

Susan Miller said...

You are always such a pleasure to read and have a beautiful intensity in your writing.

"Naked and
pure, and sinful--
sandwhiched between us,
Born to expect"

This stood out to me 'cause I've been thinking about expectations a good deal over the past few months, and it is interesting to ponder over the things we were born to expect. Hmmmmm...

You make the mind wonder, Eric. Thank you for that.

Oceanshaman said...

"Supreme erogenous zone" . . .

"Born to receive" . . .

This poem is so cool in so many ways . . .

Gracias . . .

Danny Tagalog said...

Yeah, this is cool alright. Interesting ending about the lovers longing to transcend the flesh...

Keep tapping into your creative well Eric!

Crashdummie said...

wow... this poem is so primal, so raw, so real...

Cazzie!!! said...

I felt every single word of passionate Eric

skinnylittleblonde said...

To be broken and longing...wanting just one more time... is such a bittersweet thing, it means you can still sense the last touch.

SpongyBones said...

Dude this is friggen great!

Rayne said...

primal..crashdummie described it perfectly..eric, i'm running out of superlatives to describe your writing, and the effect it has on my heart..every single time...

eric313 said...

Karma lennon
Thanks for the emphatic compliment, and glad to know I'm on the right track.

And no problem, none at all. The story was there to be told. It's funny, but we wouldn't be the same at all if not for these things that shaped our being. Be well, and see you soon.

Don't get in trouble because of me!
At least not at work. Wait til you get home and cause some trouble--err, you probably already did that. Thanks for the visit, and glad I helped you through your day.

I used to know a guy who drove truck for Pepsi Cola, and he had to serve a bunch of nudist colonies, telling me pretty much the same thing you are about the places.

Maybe it's the naked old pervert factor, I'd guess. Thanks for dropping by.

eric313 said...

Yeah, hanging on too long, you know, that thing we shouldn't do because it only deepens the longterm hurt, even while it makes one feel good in the shortrun.

but it is fun while it lasts, and of course, fun to write about.

(some little voice in the back of my head is singing "that ain't no way to have fun" over and over)

Peace~Love~and did ya read the news today?

Susan Miller
Glad to see you back, friend. I missed you in your abscence.

I'm funny on the expectations, sometimes I have none at all, even when I should. Other times I have tremendous expectations, unrealistic expectations that I can't be convinced are unrealistic. I'll never understand, I don't think.

Peace out, my fiend and see you soon.

eric313 said...

Welcome and thanks. I love to count all the ways that it's cool. See you soon and thanks for the link, you too are linked to the chain.

Danny Tagalong
The endng is my favorite part too. But it's about more than transcending, it's about a barrier between the hearts that is more than skin. Thanks for the visit.

It is very primal, very real. Raw, even. Thank you for your words, friend. Be well and talk to you soon.

Thanks again for the award. That was so sweet of you. Take care.
cheers, mate!

eric313 said...

Thanks for reading, Caz. Glad you liked it and I'll have more, soon. Hope they're all good.

Like it just happened--sometimes. You can't always remember it, but when you do, it is powerful and unlike any other touch, even one that you also love. So simple and complicated. Love it!

Glad to see you and glad to kow you are headed in the right direction--your direction.

Free and peaceful--Clink!

eric313 said...

Thank you very much for the exuberant approval. I'll have to keep on this track.
Thanks once again and see you later.

Thanks; I'm always glad to know that people are touched by my writing. Thank you for dropping by and see you soon.

captain corky said...

"Before you turn out
the burning amber light,
let me have it one more time;"

I like the way this one grabs my attention and sucks me in immediately.

Great work Eric.

Crashdummie said...

You are most welcome eric. And thank you, for simply being you! :)


skinnylittleblonde said...

Eric~ this is so screwed up. i left comment here Saturday night, but didn't see it so I left another one last night & still I do not see it. Where do my words go? Nobody really knows...except sometimes you ;)

Basically, the brief gist of what I said was how wonderful it is to long for that last touch, because it means that we have felt & appreciated the magic of the touch before. peace &love.

skinnylittleblonde said...

I see it! It really made it! Yay! Now, don't go deleting while I am at work ... to make me think I am crazy ;)

Pythia3 said...

Expectations are the sum of all mortal sins combined - I have been discovering, learning, letting them go, and then returning to the apple tree to learn, yet again!

The circle of my sins!

But, really, by far, expectations ruin life, even though they disguise themselves as "hopes" . . . they are the evil counterpart, as fear is to love.
Thanks for getting me thinking and feeling as I begin my day. :)
BEAUTIFUL! Thanks Erik

Blancodeviosa said...

this completely embodies how love and lust feel. probably the most powerful of all emotions

Princess Pointful said...

Haha-- love the last disclaimer!

Tres steamy, Monsieur. Eric!

I love the "pure... and sinful".

Sorry I haven't been around much lately- I'm still playing catch-up on life, unfortunately.

miller580 said...

"I'm broken with ache
and longing...
The One Touch

The last caress
of beautiful skin,
so many kinds
so many ways."

Nice! I am not really sure if the word is right...but to me it is provoking...does that make sense?

Crashdummie said...

btw, there's yet another award waiting for you at Crashed Site...

suprised? you shouldnt be!


eric313 said...

Captian Corky
Thank you. The first line in particular is always important for that reason.

This one was deffinitely inspired by Statesboro Blues, by the Allman Brother's Band.

"Wake up mama. Turn your lamp down low."

Only everything was already awake for this one!

That's the nicest thing a person can say to another.

Thanks back at you, friend. The world is ours!

Always wanted to say that. Cheers, mate, and talk to you again in a few minutes.

Blogger friggin' eats coments, I swear it too! I've had it happen to me, so don't worry. The absence makes a person appreciate the words that are normally there.

It's all good, you're not crazy at all.

Thanks for the extra words, friend and see you sooner or later.
Peace&love&I-problems solved

eric313 said...

Welcome and thanks for reading!

Glad to have went to your blog, you have a lot to offer and are energetic in offering it. Your imagery is powerful and makes strong statements.

Expectations are always the precursor of being let down. And who sets it up? The self.

Thanks for coming by. Always feel free to talk about anything, and check out the links. I have lots of excellent writers gathered there. Peace out.

Thanks for the excellent praise.

The words are all about longing to be one with another soul for just a little longer, one last time. But the twist is, no matter how close you get, the hearts are still seperated and can't achieve what once was--at least in this poem they are incapable of it.

But you still try, right?

Don't worry at all about not being around as much. It's all good, friend.

Thanks for the word. I'll have to start seriously looking at publication one day soon. Glad you liked it.

And the "not sleeping" disclaimer? I laughed too.

Or the disclaimer about hearts still being seperated by skin dirty with the grime of "dirt" done to one another to fall out of love, while trying to reclaim it.

Interesting to think of.

Thank you both for your comments.

Thank you everyone, really!

eric313 said...

Miller 580

Thanks for the shout. Provoking works. I hoped it would be a little provoking to senses--but not too provoking, right?


Another award! You are the bomb!

I'm blushing, now. Thank you so much, friend. It actually means a lot to see the words and the awards, the gifts, as small as they are, these little icons and html's make me realize I need to keep offering what I have to the world.

Bless you. You are so cool.
Cheers, mate.
Peace&Love&I really do need a trophy case!

* * * * *
Everyone, you are awesome. Can't think of any better way of putting it right now.

I hope all of your writing is going just as well for you. It can be tough--I've had to dodge a lot of bullshit lately while meeting other bullshit head on every day outside of this realm. Just like the rest of you do. But I'm glad to be hanging in there, and if I haven't made it to your blogs lately, I will soon.

Thanks for your encouragement and your attention and your feedback.
Priceless is what you all are, weather I see your face or name here or not.

Crashdummie said...

you are most welcome eric, cuz you really do deserve all of them.

Sorry, I'm just handing over the awards, but if you get a IKEA trophycase i can help you build it - abt 60% of my furniture are from IKEA and i just loooove building then.. kinda like adult puzzle :)


eric313 said...

Love the South Park you! That's so awesome.

Thank you so much. IKEA? Sounds Finnish. But probably isnt. Glad to have you always showing up with tons of support and encouragement and generally just being there with the comments.
You're a great friend to have, Crashy.

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Eric, you play with me ... we write of the same passion... sure we are not split at the skin laying between?..beautiful... tres bein!

realbigwings said...

Mmm! This was yummy!
One to be read aloud for sure.

Take care,

Lynn@zelleblog said...

IKEA is a Swedish furniture company, whose business model involves basic showrooms and "build it yourself" products you pick up and throw into the trunk.

Think dorm rooms and sparse light woods.

Anyway, I am seeing another side of my new friend Eric here!

Robin said...

I like this part most

"and born to expect
born to recieve


burns out
snuffs out--"

In life, we expect too much and give too little.

Thanks for sharing.

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Wonderful words, you creative soul you. The last lines remind me that we are prisoners of our own flesh. Keep writing Eric!

eric313 said...

I'm hust being me. Maybe there is a zipper above or below the heart area, but only certain people can open it. It's just this particular story in the poem that the plateau can no longer be reached.

Thanks for the Visit and see you soon, IOHOOH.

Read away, friend. I'll have to remember that if I get a chance to read out some time soon.

Thanks for the info, I wasn't sure what Scandinavian nation it was from.

And this side of me gets seen too much lately! But that's not bad. Thanks.

eric313 said...

Thanks and welcome. We deffinitelt seem to feel entitled all too often. I'm guilty of it, too. But that doesn't mean that ways cannot be changed when recognized. Thanks

We are prisoners that sometimes can be set free by the right other person. Thanks for your kindness. See you soon, Blue!