Tuesday, July 3, 2007

More Notes on Drinking and Writing

pick a night
they're all the same
you go out, get drunk
have your fun and come
home you sit down
in front of your computer
and think about the night
you just made, smoked,
or rolled into backseat
ethers with
and if that doesn't work
you think about a night
that does work for you
and soon it won't matter
what fucking night
it actually is
because the only night
that matters like saving
your soul from some kind
of hell where everything
to torment and no paper
to write out a confession
it all burns in the blazes
is that night
so drink and try to
hook up that midnight fling
or catch a cab home or fly
because that night
you created wings while
typing uncoerced confessions
until the mornigstar arrived--
a basket to carry your heart in
just pick a night
isn't that the way it should be?
just one night of the many
will carry you to tomorrow



Karmalennon said...

They're all the same, huh? Drinking and writing and drinking some more. I write more when I'm drunk than anything else. But is what I write then truer than what I write while sober?

eric313 said...

Thanks Karma, you're the fast one tonight! It is debatable. Glad you came by.

Anyone else have a drunk story to relate in a sentance or three? And, thanks for the patience, everyone.

Princess Pointful said...

I love the line "because that night you created wings".
It makes that one night stand out a little, doesn't it?

Crashdummie said...

Can you have a drunken story to tell even though you're sober? Does being high on life count? Or being down with it as well - sometimes you can find clarity in the haze...

captain corky said...

I spent 4 years drinking one night in DC.

singleton said...

"until the morningstar arrived
a basket to carry your heart in"...

the early hauntings of a new day...

peace, my friend,
skinny and I clinked to you and your words in the wee hours!

she said...

...typing uncoerced confessions...

spots of a writer leopard.

wild and drunk and true


benjibopper said...

i love the rhythm of this - it could be sung into a bigbox microphone and carried on the smoke of a room full of drunks who would all stop to ponder before downing the last of their pints and raising a cheer for the truth.

eric313 said...

Thank you everyone who stopped by! You are my heroes. The beat goes on...

It does make that one igth stand out, since those wings are the memories that drove you to sit down is a lazy fog and write something. Good line choices--by everyone, if I do say so myself.

You are so right on! It's a mix; being drunk does not guarantee success in anything. Especially writing. But it can help you relax, and find clarity, when no other way is working at the moment.

Captain Corky
I once had mail delivered to a barstool! The cushion had my exact fit. They knew me so well, nobody would even steal my pager, or cellphone, as it is now. Always there in the morning like the hangover that packaged it all together into a well-rounded if head squishing recollection.

eric313 said...


I love the different ways that Venus shines in the evening and morning. No wonder there are so many myths about it in such variety; whether she's the goddes of love and desire, or she's seen as the devil in it's most seductive aspect. Everyone knows a story that is evoked by the pre dawn sky.

Welome! I do so easily show my spots. But the spots change quickly, depending on what the wind brings me in life. Gotta keep'em guessing! Drop by anytime and say anything.

Good rhthym starts with every line, but not at the expense of content. Thanks. It helps to keep people interested when it flows like a good song.

Thank you everyone who drops by to speak or just read. Glad I am to have a little niche and share it.

take care and I'll post soon.

Marissa said...

awesome. i feel this much of the time - all the same. drinking makes me so 'thinky' and that's when i get uber-emotional and probably do some of my best writing.

eric313 said...

I know what you mean. As long as I'm not too drunk, I can write things that bring me to tears. Then in the morning, I have to sort it out and proof it and give it a good edit. Thanks for dropping by.

Enemy of the Republic said...

This works well for me. It is both narrative and imagistic. I find I write like shit when I am drunk, but I am brilliant when I am high. Why is that?

eric313 said...

Enemy of the Republic
I also write good high--I think. Besides, if I have a drink, all I really want afterwards is some good smoke to mellow out with. Then the poems can really flow--unless that's what you want to happen. Then it doesn't work.

I love writing, despite the fact that it doesn't always love me.

MyUtopia said...

This was a sad one. A lot of helpless, bordness or lostness in this one.

MyUtopia said...

Happy Fourth my fellow D-towner.

eric313 said...

It is a sad one, sad and desperately grabbing at something through the lens of a bottle. It's superficial sometimes, and morose often, especially the imagery of the morning star coming for your heart, and hiding is the only reprieve. Or spilling out onto a page later when you are alone. That is the heart of it. Thank you for your comment.

eric313 said...

And a happy fourth to you, as well.
Stay gold!

Trevor Record said...

The nights of revelry that make life worth living, right? Be careful around such subjects my friend, some fear having these life rafts examined closely!


eric313 said...

**spits Margarita everywhere**
Yes, these places in cyberspace may lose me an employer, one day. Or I may end up in a tragic story.

I need that NC17 stamp.

And a Vonnegut-like disclaimer.

skinnylittleblonde said...

My comment from before must not have taken... chalk one up to 'not meant to be' ;)

you created wings while
typing uncoerced confessions

gawd, i love It!

eric313 said...

It was meant to be if you checked up on it, right?

Uncoerced confessions
writen hurriedly in small words
and sentences

filling all the void with their import and their majestic desperation--
only for the rarest eyes
to see

Ali said...

Bravo! Do you publish these in print?

eric313 said...

I'm looking into it right now, actually. I need to get my words out there! This is exilherating just writing like this, so.

Thanks for dropping by again. This wasn't the best of nights for me, but then again, not too many are!

Thanks, Ali, and I'll see you around.