Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Love Graffiti

Glad to see another day
not truly break but roll
onto me softly,
through an open window
everybody's shouting
at their anger and their love--
I'll take that as a pulse,
a quick jab,
just roll baby...

Slept through the morning star's
baleful pass,
so my paper-cut bombshell heart
is still soft and my own to give
to one who knows magic
and speaks the language well

I met her scratching a story on bathroom walls;
a number, a good time, her hate and fear
and her truth and lies all the same,
but she could just tell me
how her voice became divine from
breathing the smoke all around her
Tell me about one more morning that
won't break, just rolling together--

the window is wide open
for everyone above to see this

...so roll with it
everyone's heart is breaking--
but at least they're still alive,
or at least they still have all
the broken pieces of their heart,
matching broken ends together
for one more day, one more love



Princess Pointful said...

You truly have a knack for expressing concepts we all know in a new way that just seems to fit beautifully... such as a day rolling, rather than breaking, and the notion of piecing together those shattered bits of heart into something at least remotely whole.

eric313 said...

Thank you, Princess
I try; sometimes I can't tell if I'm trying too hard.
The things like that are important. It's tough to be different. The broken heart becomes the kind of break-away heart. Do we ever get it back whole from a good love after everything is over? Or are there pieces to help you grow another? It somehow works again--that's the hope, anyway
I'll see you around, I'm sure!

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

I never like the idea that morning had broken. Clearly, it's very easy to fix if it can always be there to break again the following day.

'Don't read the papers, read the walls' - Pete Doherty

singleton said...

Ah, you pull me in every time...
line by line....

Rolling into today...morning is waiting, moments away....


Crashdummie said...

wow... this poem just left me totally breathless.

Somehow I keep on hearing Sarah McLachlans "Building a Mystery" as the background music... weird actually.

captain corky said...

"everyone's heart is breaking--
but at least they're still alive"

Great line man. I've had many days where it hurt just to breathe.

just me said...

You are a powerful poet and perhaps a wizard, as well. I know you cast spells with your words. Wonderful.

Behind Blue Eyes said...

It reminds me of when I wake up in the morning, when I am not all the way awake yet, and my thoughts are moving differently and I have all sorts of insights and I want to keep it in my mind and I get up and look in the mirror and that wakes me up. Just kidding! No, I want to keep it all in my mind, I don't even want to wake up all the way. I wish I could somehow stay in this frame of mind all day. I know I'll forget everything when I wake up but finally I have to wake up and I do forget just like I thought I would. Anyway, it sounds like you remembered.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Forgive my typo on my blog. I corrected it.

I relate to this--I feel a bit like shattered stain class that had the holy image of the Savior. This poem is me right now. The love I lost is not only from a person, but it feels like it is from both God and the community that emulates him. This hit me, but that's good, Eric. That is what poems need to do.

Karmalennon said...

I like it. Especially the line about scratching a story on bathroom walls. That's me. Well, it reminds me of something I do anyway. Not making sense am I? ;) Oh and thanks for the advice! It was good.

eric313 said...

Thanks to everyone

Ultra Toast
Your summation on good reading is correct. Great quote. I pray we don't run out of mornings and days to break. It's a bummer not knowing when the clock will stop for anything.

I'm so glad anyone gets pulled in and makes thier own butterfly wakes echoing off the walls of this place.

Write on thee walls what you will, my friend.

Anonymous said...

"I met her scratching a story on bathroom walls;
a number, a good time, her hate and fear
and her truth and lies all the same"

Heh, good one.

eric313 said...

Glad you like it and I love when people hear music in my words. That is always one fine compliment. Thanks. And breathe, please! ;)

Captain Corky
It ain't called heartache for nothing, you got that right. It's when love is on the line, it just crushes you. The foul return of the word crush to do it's buisness to a body.

Just me
Glad you dropped in and I read your blog, as well. Glad you enjoy my work. This will all pay off one day soon. Thanks for coming by, and say anything.

And of course, welcome.

eric313 said...

Behind Blue Eyes
Exactly! I have forgotten more good ideas than the ones that have made it through. But you have to have faith that if you thought of one good idea, then another, then another, as you should already have at least a modest history of as a writer, then you will not ever have a problem thinking of another idea again, and it is only you who will work against your self by trying too hard to pull the idea back from the brink of the forgetful black ink or whatever symbolic thing that good ideas get lost in. Write it down! I need to remember to do that more often. Glad to see you as always.

Enemy of our Enemy
I'm so glad you can identify. It's nice to try and be universal, but not loose the drift of the theme. We are all scratching messages on the walls. Glad to be a reader and a bathroom poet. Thanks for the shout.

And I knew what you meant. I always hate the inopportune typo. I never thought twice.

We are one and all vandals in the walls of another's heart. And I too have penned a few lines at eye level in foul music club bathrooms. And in concrete. And on desks. The list goes on.

Trevor Record
There is truth in the eye of that line. Lies and anger and love both hopefull and dashed on the rocks. The whole sequence of that is the most important part. It is still communication.

Hell, we could just call it Love Graffiti and be done with it. Thanks, everbody.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July.
And hello everyone from around the world. Stop around to all these folks here for some good reading.

singleton said...

"Hell, we could just call it Love Graffiti and be done with it"
peace, friend, so glad to hear the day went good....gotta find the fix...keep me posted....

Camplin said...

I read this poem once, then I had to read it out loud once, I tell you a phrase like 'so my paper-cut bombshell heart' just rolled off my tongue like honey on a spoon.

Crashdummie said...

Oh yeah, thanx for the reminder *inhales*

Wohow, feel kinda light-headed ;)

Music makes the world go around...

MyUtopia said...

Wow, you are certainly on a sad streak! You do a wonderful job at creating imagery for the reader.

Don't be sad, the Tigers won yesterday!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Beautiful as usual & something I've never thought of but witnessed a thousand times...days don't break, they roll & nighttime never really falls, does it? It kinda just unfolds.
Inside or out...Hearts breaking are like breaking bones...they are stronger after they've healed.

melanie said...

Nice. good flow, and great metaphors.

rock on detroit!

Behind Blue Eyes said...

It's hard to keep yourself just between left and right brain. You need the right brain to come up with the ideas and free-associate. You need the left brain to write it down. If you go too far one way or another, you've lost it. It's hard to keep that balance. When someones got it you can tell. You've got it.

eric313 said...

You know it. It's great when inspiration just takes off like that. Just call it Love Graffiti

the thread
the tapestry
the hand held steady
breath suspended
by her smile

was heard for miles around.

eric313 said...

thanks for dropping back by. I checked out your web site. I always dig pictures and other graphic art. Welcome back.

You know it. You don't have to play any act. I'm glad you're here. Say anything, period.

Yeah, you know... Glad to exercise the demons onto the page. Thank you for reading here. It is an honor, to be sure.

Oh, don't worry about a thing, friend! Our hearts do grow strong from every hurt that doesn't quite kill it. Only sometimes is this not the case. Peace&Love

eric313 said...

Welcome to my site! Thanks for reading. Say anything you like, anytime.

Thank you. I will take great pains not to lose it, now that I know I have it. Seriously, it is hard for me to judge. Sometimes I fry myself out so much trying to come up with ideas and make them work. It can be difficult to judge anything after a while.
God knows I goof up when I'm tired.

Gods and Goddesses of your own respective realms: thank you for dropping by this humble little peice of Erebus.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Venturing back here to let you know i left a secret message for you on my latest blog.

eric313 said...

And I caught that. You are a clever lady, don't let anyone tell you different. You have the creative mindset and daring and all of you three have the most open, amazing minds. Use these gifts and write. Make art and be free with each creation.

eric313 said...

Peace, Skinny