Friday, July 27, 2007

Smoke Signal Philosophy

You take all the cold ones and
I'll take peace and the wind;
on the curb or in the trees
we'll both be highest,
reading every detail
between the lines
as the needle
as the thread
shafts of sunlight
piercing the leaves
beating down on the road
maybe i'll have a cold one
and you can take the winds
but peace will cover us both,
reading quietly between
each line
highest of all



skinnylittleblonde said...


eric313 said...

Skinny little Blond
3:44 Clinkalinktink

You are Hyper fast, My friend.
What did ya think?

skinnylittleblonde said...

Oh yeah! Let the wind wrap around all of us, let the peace sink right in & we'll share a cold beer. The smoke signals will be made of steam...the hot & the cold coming together, taking on a whole new form but never dissipating, just like peace. are an exceptional poet.


skinnylittleblonde said...

LoL...hyperfast & to think the Good Doc always wants to give me pills!

eric313 said...

OMG Me too, on the pills! It's like the want to reign us in!

singleton said...

clinkity tink tink tink! You got it goin' on, Man! Rockin' this time!

eric313 said...

And you totally got it with this one, no need to line hash with you about this.

Hey, is this a college library/porch party?

it is now!
I didn't even realize that I got it done at 3:33. Sweet serendipity. Numeralogical bliss will caress these tiny lines with it's blessing. In the end, ti will win.

Bule Lady promises!

eric313 said...

Thanks, Singleton
recognize it?

singleton said...


highest of all"


eric313 said...

Thanks for your comments, you two. I'd love to have a porch/patio/treehouse party, but the Library is about to close.

Maybe I'll find a couple sevens to mix up for later...

Clinkx10 to the ninth power, baby!

realbigwings said...

I'll toast my cold one for peace. Though actually I'm planning on red wine, and it's room temperature.
But the sentiment's the same.
--To peace,
and poetry
and end of these stupid freakin wars.

singleton said...

Yes, I do. From the porch steps. And the wind, my friend....

eric313 said...

I meet your toast
with magic carpet ride

meet the hippies
they're cool!

*woa, just wrote a poem*
I'm trippin balls and wrote a poem!
you arent't the you of the poem!
but you helped

Can't Write

Can't talk right now
can't write a poem
to much
Good fun by all
to get had
and to all
of love
and some


...some soul, too
just for the trails
that they make
walking through the door
your spirit and all of others
these wirlwind footprints

I read them
and do not weep
they are souls unto themselves

and I tell
their stories
sitting in the shade
of enduring burnscars
from fires I
learned to forget the name of

even if I never forget the face

even if I can't write a poem-

or another word
ever again

I have right now
and I'm doin with it

What's up?
Gotta say high!;)

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Nice Eric, one day we will all see the light and maybe it will be love.

eric313 said...

Inside our hands, Outside our hearts


I hope the same thing--and I know my friends here do! They live that idea as well.

Thanks for the visit; your blogs are some very good reading.

My friends are the same way. You know some of them, so that's not really news. They all write differently, but variety keeps things nice.

See you around, IOHOOH.
Great name!

kj said...

You take all the cold ones and
I'll take peace and the wind;
on the curb or in the trees
we'll both be highest,
reading every detail
between the lines

excellent post, eric. this poem flows so nicely. it trusts the reader to read between the lines even as its message is so powerfully clear. nice piece of writing.


Annie Wicking and Loman Austen said...

How very interesting.. What wonderful pictures

Peace to you, my friend.


eric313 said...

I do trust the reader! That was very important to understand about writing, not to do all the work for the reader! Ambiguity is our friend; that's where we start to flesh out the double meanings and metaphors. Thanks and see you soon!

Welcome and thank you for the visit!

Good luck with everything you have going on. OMG, you have so many blogs! You are truly a writer, no matter what anyone says. Thanks for the visit, and I'll see you around.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...


I don't understand the clinking. Am I missing a toast to something.

Shouldn't have emptied the bottle.


eric313 said...

Sometimes I have a drink, sometimes its air, but someone always has something. Even if it's the morning, we clink with OJ and coffee!

Sometimes it's a bottle, too...

Thanks and see you later.