Wednesday, August 8, 2007

As Original as Sin, Baby!

Hourglass of a Widow Scorned

The threads were dark and worn thin,
the black silky night vision underwear
for herdangling in front of my face
limp like a very small, very dead animal
and I know it even by smell
and somewhere the reaper smiles.
I am making his job easier.

Angry serpents and her sick smile
reflect in the dagger at my throat.
I'm sure it all looks divine,
with the light flaring in her eyes like
stardeath blossoming in the black.

Everything she is
or everything I thought she was
or will be
is telling me its just not my day.

She won't let me play god with her
she wants me to lay my cards down
and tally up the score.

The only way out
is straight up--

But the deus ex machina
is out of order
at the Win-Dixie market.

So I told her where
the little lacy black silk spun
spiderqueen sex-goddess corset
six sizes too small for her
came from.

I left out the Victoria Secret part
She didn't want to hear it,
not now or then or later...

Then i realized she wasn't smiling--
Her dagger smiled
Her jaw was set, a trap for the kill.

Fire from her eyes melted my face
and gallows of guilt were built in a day--

This night~right now as i write,
I'm dead and buried and forgotten.


Crashy, a thousand thank yous for your kind and generous ways, friend. You deserve all the love that you get from your fans at your blog and more

I will share the love, just as you have asked. Three will be named for this award, and I will pick three for the Rockin Guy Blogger, as well. Untill then, see you later!

Again, my thanks, Crashy.
Cheers, mate.

This is my South Park self. I created it at South Park Studios, with the help of an easy to use creation engine that allows you to mix and match any element from the cartoon series and even the movie. Now we can all be cool like Crashdummie, Princess Pointfull, and Miller580.
Don't forget to thank Crashy for the link.
Peace out, everybody.


Crashdummie said...

Your poem made me think of the black widow... You really have an eye to chose the right pic to set the mood for the poem, kudos!

uuuuh, your South park you is totally wicked too - and a guitar? Rock On dude ;)

(ps. The South Park me got an tan... better! hehehe)

Crashdummie said...

wow, i was the first one to comment?

awesome! usually all your dedicated readers beat me to it - no wonder you're getting all the awards.


eric313 said...

She's as cute as ever, so keep that tan permanent, my friend!

I had to put a guitar on mine! I used to have a sixty seven reissued flying V, just like it. I loved that guitar, but eventually traded it up for a Les Paul--a lot like your south park guitar, actually.

Thanks for everything, Crashy.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...


This made me think of the confusing blitzkrieg of lovers parting under fire.

Who's shooting who?

eric313 said...

Exactly. There was bomb that went off, and the survivor--her--wanted some answers.

The knife is figurative.
I'm not the one in this one. My break-ups have been worse than that!

karma lennon said...

Wow....glad I haven't had to deal with this.

Cute South Park guy!

Blancodeviosa said...

again, i am blown away my friend.. i don't know where you come up with this stuff, but keep it up. i need the distraction from total oblivion that is my life being sucked into a vortex of suck

captain corky said...

"and somewhere the reaper smiles.
I am making his job easier.:

I love these lines. The reaper is always smiling.

neko said...

reading this makes me wonder what the turmoil underneath is about.

there is a deeper story.

i agree with crashy about the black widow. the imagery makes it evident.

im diggin' that crazy guitar.

post us some music!

Mob said...

Spooky stuff sir, glad to hear that the knife is figurative rather than a reason to sleep with one eye open from now on.

Heart Of Darkness said...

Haha, cool SP-dude!

Heart Of Darkness said...

Crashy, first one, second one... you never shut up, do you? LOL

Crashdummie said...

hey, maybe now you can enter the SP pagent as well (holding the beer innit)

heheh so typicall you hart to leave a comment to me on someone elses blog - Luv ya too babe :p


Trevor Record said...

Hey Eric!

Cool poem. Heh, maybe I even got a weird Morticia Adams vibe. At least, the idea of an alluring but deadly woman.

Man I am going to have to get a south park avatar to replace the bad dudes in a bit.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

This is a really lovely tribute to Crashy.

Is everyone a South Park character now.

singleton said...

Ahhh, a cryptic little love story, my friend.....
and how the hell you can make
the black widow
in the cracked window
beautiful, I'll never know, but you do!

South Park, I don't do, but then I don't have a TV, so I guess that's why.....
Kinda cute anyway!

singleton said...

my clocks keep resetting to midnight, ever since the beach, and now I know why.....undone....unfinished...
you rock, my friend, let her fly

miller580 said...

Thanks for the South Park link. I lost it and I was getting bored with my straight jacket.

Also, Your blog was acting really wierd this morning. But I am wondering if it is Firefox? I switched over to Safari and had no problems.

Any other Firefox users having strange things happen?

skinnylittleblonde said...

Mirror mirror on the wall...
figurative realities...
I look at you & what do I see?
Nothing but a reflection of me.

she won't let me play god with her
she wants me to lay my cards down
and tally up the score

the only way out
is straight up

Up & Out...Loud & clear...
What else do you do when you find someone elses underwear
hiding under your steering wheel?

Lol...I love this poem. I know it's not for me ... but it coulda been... figuratively.

hmmm.... word verification says 'voodogoo' & makes me think of voodoo & dogs. lol. p&l

Bardouble29 said...

Congrats on the award! and I am so glad to see the words are still flowing out of you.

Pythia3 said...

This will certainly scare the hell out of any would-be philanderer!
Ah, but she is also the Fate of love, the muse of heartbreak.
I loved it :)

skinnylittleblonde said...

VENT~ Blogger is being a bastard... won't let me into Crashie's site for the past hour & umpteen attempts via different avenues & all. So, for the moment eric, send her my applause!

Behind Blue Eyes said...

Thanx for your nice comment on my blog. This was one of my favorites so far (this poem, I mean). Very good. ( I read it last night at work.)

Princess Pointful said...

I could have told you to stay away from her by the end of the first verse.
Inspired by anyone??

SpongyBones said...

I love that the reaper smiles ... makes things make sense sometimes.

eric313 said...

Blogger is giving me problems, too. It takes forever for my own friggin page to load. And that 'Blog This' crap popping up by itself... anyway, peace wins... peace wins... peace... I'm OK, now.

Karma Lennon
Yeah, I'm glad it actually is just a paranoid little thought blurb that I made up while thinking about what would have happened if somebody found a peice of intimate apparel like that. A memeory of stumbling upon a black lace teddy that jogged a memory and an answer to it

And the SP guy is cool. He's me, or pretty close--sunset metaphor included. Thanks.
The vortex of suck is one of the stronger forces in the universe, so I totally identify with your words.

Thank you for your creative thought and comment.

I can see this oblivion of suck, like everything being pulled into a swirling, violent black hole--and then silence ever since...

Peace out
Captain Corky
You know? TJ Hooker was really a comedy, and nobody knew it. I laugh everytime I see the avatar pop up.

The reaper probably approves, too.

eric313 said...

Thank you so much for sayng that! I didn't want to reveal too much of the undercrust so as to make people wonder on purpose. Besides, it would have to become a long short story then...

The black widow is old but does the trick, every time...

Thanks, like I said, I used to have a Gibson Flying V cherry wine stain in color. I loved it, but traded it up for a Les Paul, which sounded better and was comfortable to sit down and play. The V shaped guitars slide down your leg, unless you hold it with the crux of the V shape against your thigh, and that is a wierd way to play. V's are for standing up and running around.

I've been trying to track down some You Tube of my old band. Thanks for the shout, friend.

Cool, I was hoping to strike a chord with a wide range of people, and yeah, I was spooked out writng it, so I knew it was good, visual, and different.

It all just spilled out in a quick half hour and then a bit of line editing. Very unnaturally easy to write. Weird

Thanks for the shout and I'll get back to you soon, sir. Blogger has me pulling my hair out.

eric313 said...

Thanks for the compliment. You were going to get one, too, weren't you? I migth still use it for my Avatar, soon.

But I like this statue self, the spirit of detroit it's called. Nobody knows why. But it makes a great sports-jersey mannequin
You tell her, Hart!
You tell her, Crashy!

I'll hold everyones bear while the sing karaoke in the talent competion via You Tube. Yep, it might be safe, since I like Capn's n coke and 7n7 and Long Islands.

What a show it will be!
Thanks for the shout, Crashy. Talk to you soon.

And by the way, aren't you a dedicated fan? I thought so!
Trevor Record
Morticia with glowing red eyes is what I was seeing, too. Actually, I know this one goth girl who I totally visualize as her, since I dated her for about three weeks and found out that she could possibly be deadly and turn that way at any momment--but indeed she does have the 'Tish' vibe in spades.

We're all going to South Park, and at least to see what can be made of ourselves there.

Crushed by Insoc
Thanks and welcome

Crashy's cool, she's an original, just like the award said.

Maybe. I like my Avatar, but some of the southpark one's are cool to see. Thanks for the visit.

eric313 said...

Thank you for seeing the magic in everything.

Just a little musing and some dark imagination. You know me.

Thanks, yeah, you are quite right in getting rid of the TV. But if yuo ever get a chance to see a half hour of South Park, it's worth it. Depending on which episode you see.
At midnight she flew and kept flying until everything was beneathe her, until it all fit into her back pocket, a worn penny to by everything back with...
a gift...
You know it. Soon she'll fly, like we all will.
Your welcome for the link. It;s cool to spread such little bits of knowledge around.

Yeah, issues all over the place. I can barely get ti to load up, too. Lots of people are having problems right now.

***I'm one of the few US bloggers using Internet Explorer, still. I thought that was the problem!***
Up and out, hoping for the Deus Ex Machina (God Machine to the Greeks) to save a soul and an ass from the fire. Thanks for the comment.
Yeah, the "yes, yes, and yes" answer you gave to somebody on your blog made me think about it. People react strongest when they love someone. They really do, especially young impetuous types. Or the young at heart.
Clink! Peace~Love
Thank you, Barb. Ueah, I'm still keeping it strong. Thanks for droppng by from time to time, leting me know you're still reading and enjoying.

Talk to you soon.
Thak you for that idea, the Fate of Love--how very right. You kow your mythological icons well, as your name implies! She's cutting the thread off, you're right on about that. Thanks. And it is a bit cary, isn't it? Talk to you later.
I told her, but it's night time over there in Sweden, so maybe we'll see her tomorrow, I'm sure of it.

Thanks for checking out the links, SLB. My peeps are all important!

eric313 said...

Behind blue eyes
Thank you! You too I'm glad to see. I know you're busy a lot, and you take a lot of things very seriously in your life so whenever you make it is cool. Glad to make your work a little easier.

Love the new Avatar. You look like a reader!
Princess Pointfull
To late!

Kidding! Glad to know I have you to rely on for counsel regarding these issues. Glad this isn't a true story, on a few levels it isn't true, anyway.

Yeah, I do know somebody like her--a lot of people, actually. But not this way. Inspired paranoid imagination captured on the page. And glad of that, too.

Thanks for the shout.
The mortician liked this one, yes?

I figured you'd see the reaper as a smiling figure, since his buisness becomes your business pretty quick.

Peace out

Thanks, everyone. I'm going to be busy writng soon, so see you fresh and new very soon.

Edyta said...

hey there!

omg! i loved ur poem. its frank & just makes ppl think of something. i thought about the depth of the sea. its soooo black. maybe that pic had something to do with that too. or maybe i am just a freak. LOL!

U know, its sooo strange, how fast the info goes around the net! but i am sooo happy ppl like u liked that barcode :)

u r an awesome writer. :) & u know what? i saw that we like similar movies :)
yes, i did stalk ur profile!

eric313 said...

Welcome! Friends of Crashy are always welcome here.

Thank you for your compliments, I smiled. You write some very cool and unique poems, yourself. The blackness went well. I matched up the pic after the poem was written, and it matched pefectly. Thanks for the visit, and see you soon!

david mcmahon said...

G'day Eric,

So you're ALSO an elephant cavalry NCO? Man, we musta trained together in the same regiment!

I'm visiting all the way from Oz. Saw your comment about slow-loading blogs on The Hippie Parade and left a reply there.

Yes, I've had the same problem as well .....

Have enjoyed your site, especially your layout.

Cheers mate


singleton said...

They're just trying to bust our porch party.....
making us walk and talk in trails....

eric313 said...

Oh, yes. Elephant calvalry was a unique experience... Served under a man who claimed to be Hannibal's great great grandson to the 6th power...

Now that guy had a way with pachyderms.

Thanks for the compliment, and come back by anytime. Oz is a wonderful place--I'd love to be there one day.

Glad to see the problem has been resolved. It was driving me crazy.
Peace out, and talk to you soon

And like that, it's gone. No trace of that which made me go slightly berserk earlier.

It's a tightrope walk, play phone with cans, smoke signals in the rain, invisible gray on gray

but the words are felt in the heart
even if we cannot hear them
the words will be written
on the walls
by dirty fingers
that seem to know a little too much


Crashdummie said...

still waiting for that youtube link mate ;)

Have a wicked weekend, and do everything I wouldn't!


JR's Thumbprints said...

She sounds coyote ugly to me. Time to chew the arm off.

Blancodeviosa said...

you would be proud. i actually wrote something

that's one in a row

Rayne said...

your prose drips with jagged the stringy pic you included with this, it complemented it perfectly...and anyone who can insert 'deus ex machina' is a poetry god.
it's official, eric. i'm addicted.

Rayne said...

p.s.. you wrote:

It's a tightrope walk, play phone with cans, smoke signals in the rain, invisible gray on gray

but the words are felt in the heart
even if we cannot hear them
the words will be written
on the walls
by dirty fingers
that seem to know a little too much

OMG,eric. anyone who can write a poem like that in a COMMENT...and used to be in a band (?!)...damn, you're just too hot, eric.

ivan said...

I once complimented my wife on her dress.
She said, "If you like it so much, you can wear it."

Gallows laughter. :)

eric1313 said...

Swinging from the gallows enough times will make you joke like that.

Double jeopardy? Triple, Quadruple?

it never seems to end, so might as well crack a joke at the reaper.