Friday, August 3, 2007

Last Cherry Blossoms Fall with the Wind

Even the word


has taken

a graceful turn and bow

Before the true flourish;

the night turning today




Special thanks go out to my friend Crashy (aka, the lovely and talented Dr. Ruby) at the Crashed Site, a blog I love to read because of the heart and effort put into it's every single post by the lady running the show at the scene.

The blue "Awesome Guy Blogger" (righteous blogger dude!) with that sweet little blue stratocaster decorating it on the left of my screen is her gift to me--an award, to be exact--a very thoughtful one, indeed. Crashy, thanks again for making a friend feel welcome, even from all the way over on the far side.

Glad I don't have to tag anyone for this! Awkward!

Also, I have another poem at A Poet's Corner, which I would love to share with those who also like to share in such things. Thanks for reading, no matter what.


eric313 said...

Back to back haikus
non traditional forms
the sun will still rise

I hope!

Cazzie!!! said...

Wonderful words, I love it already!

captain corky said...

Congrats on the award man. You deserve it!

Will you be my friend?

Crashdummie said...

You are most welcome Eric, you are an amazing poet,and if its even possible, even a more amazing friend and person, if that's possible.

You may keep the tradition and pass it on to 5 other awesome dudes, but I leave that decision to you.

Eh, corky is just after your award, be careful. I Schmoozed him but that was apparently not enough for that greedy captain. ;)

Rock on!;)

Rayne said...

eric, thanks for the heads up on mist's blog...(very thoughtful)...i've been working alot this week, and it's been so hectic that i've been working on a post for a coupla days but due to outside circumstances i'm having trouble stringing my sentences together...can't wait for the weekend..but..reading your blog today, inspires me again!
take care..

benjibopper said...

congrats on your latest award! i like this piece. it's fun to contemplate on specific words. my great aunt wrote a great poem about salubrious and lugubrious.

MyUtopia said...

Sorry I have been away. Diggin the poem today.

singleton said...

We're gonna have to get you a trophy cabinet pretty soon! You deserve all of your awards and more.....

Blue said...

I agree with Singleton Eric. Thanks for visiting my blog. I agree with you about the quality bloggers, who put thought into their posts. It is nice to read truth instead of drivel.

Lynn@ZelleBlog said...

Well drivel is hard to gage, some of what I like to read might be considered drivel but I enjoy it, likewise for my blog. I'm fairly certain it is drivel to some, especially those unaware of my impeccable pundit pedigree and my credibility and my relentless pursuit of perfection. Wait thats a car commercial.

Point is I dont judge I just hit that little x in the corner if its not my thing.

Just saying.

And why are you up at two? Could it be I have a potential scrabble partner? Insomniacs unite!:)

Liked your post, and hope you have a great weekend!

singleton said...

I had to sit on the porch steps and read the words again....
before and after the lines
that told me way ahead of
"the blazes of a million infernos
suddenly flare back into life--"
what would happen......

Prophetic, my friend,
and I knew all along
you said so.....

Thank you

eric313 said...

Thanks for the shout!

Captain Corky
Thank you, too. I'm everyone's friend--until they prove their's a reason I shouldn't be!

Thank you, friend. Your words are convincing. Maybe I will pass it on, we'll see what's up.

Thank you all for being so cool!

eric313 said...

No problem at all, Ygraine. Mist1 is so hilarious and you were really trying hard to talk her through her personal crisis. I was glad to see her posting again, too.

Feel free to start every day here! I do! Well, most of the time I do, anyway. ;)

The sparse structure really highlights each word. I was inspired by a new friend who is really good with compression like this. Thanks for the visit.

Glad to see you here, no matter what. Take your time and see you soon.

eric313 said...

The trophy page is good enough for now, but I'd love a room with psychedelic patterns and colors to be my music/reading/writing room.

I need freedom and I want it now!
peace out, friend.

Thank you for your compliments, as well. Some people are really good bloggers, while others are just damn good writers. You know some of the one's I'm talking about!

Yeah, I can often be found awake at the oddest smallest hours. Scrabble on literati? Maybe we'll have to get a game going. I have a hoard of two letter words that make me invincible on the computer version!

There is os much to read on the interblog, it's crazy. But, one never knows when a great idea is surfacing. Drivel can turn to something a bit more interesting fast. Thakns for the visit, and see you soon.

eric313 said...

Like poems writen on every step of the temple of the Sun in Teotihuacan, your archives are loaded with the words of many past rituals and parties on the back porch. Like the temple of the Moon, every night the steps are walked, each remembered and loved by bare feet. At least we we aren't there to sacrifice! We walk the steps jst to climb to the top and be a little closer to these objects once identified with god's face to his mortal children.

Porch Parties

Pythia3 said...

Hi Erik,
Thanks for visiting and reading and commenting on my blog - THANKS :)
It means so much to me.
I was out of town all weekend so this is my first day back to catch up.
I love your blog! I love the "8 Mile Love Graffiti" title . . . I live in Detroit - just moved here from Royal Oak a couple of months ago . . . just bringing a little positive energy (and a few more butterflies) to a small (but not insignificant) corner of this city. Your blog of LOVE is doing the same - shining light and love on us all.
I love your poetry and I you have inspired me to post more of mine.
Have a lovely day and keep the embers burning.

eric313 said...

The embers are ablaze
the darkness is left
to skulk on the farside
of the globe
once more

Glad you love my blog. It is a labor of love that gives me back the energy to keep moving forward.

I actually live in St Clair Shores, but I go to school at WSU downtown, and I might be moving across the street from it soon. I've always loved the city that people try to forget and I dentify myself with it gladly--both in it's role as the declining underdog city that is made the butt of jokes around the nation, as well as for its fierce determination to keep existing inspite of its abandonment. I identify with and feel angry for the folly that befalls it at the hands of the city's leadership in general. This city is looted daily by so many of its officials that it rips at the heart of everyone else who would like to call it home, or do good, hard work for its future.

I've been busy and not always around to get back right away, but I try. Thanks for being here, too!

I'll see you soon.