Wednesday, August 15, 2007

So Too Would Our First Loves Be

Rocking back in the day...

Eighties night with a
right-now urgency,
dancing as close as
tight denim, black satin
and the local public decency
lover-hater jive allows us to be.

Different beats of thunder crackle
from the dark night in a constant
rumbling collage of hip controlling
noise and other sweet madness.

Whirlwinds and imperial ballerinas
stole their game from us, you know.

Pulling as close as
one is to two,
a samba of bongos
drive a guitar
to cry Mary
over the howlin' wind's
mournful lament for the past
that its blown by.

Later we'll fall on the floor
out of the shear convenience,
tripping and ecstatic
and still finding ways
to stay even with the tempo
and the beat.

Baryshnikov would've been proud.

So too would our first loves be,
if be here they could right now.

Fate smiles, saying nothing more.

It wasn't planned like this,
just the way it worked out,
the day wrapped up, rocked,
and rolled round in the warm
indigo ink of tonight's
tender mercies.

Just worked out
that love can fill an ocean
and that ocean fits
into your deep blue
heart of the sea eyes
dancing for my eyes alone,
long after the music is over.



karma lennon said...

Favorite line-"that love can fill an ocean". :)

And for some reason I just keep picturing that scene from "Dirty Dancing".....

SpongyBones said...

I was just a twinkle in my daddys eye then ... old man!

Blancodeviosa said...

It wasn't planned like that.
Just the way it worked out,
that love can fill an ocean
and that ocean
can fit into deep blue
heart of the sea eyes
that keep dancing
long after the music is over.

finding this would be absolute bliss..

captain corky said...

I love the way this one ends.

Princess Pointful said...

Agreed with Corky... the last verse is utterly delicious.

Beth said...

thanks for stopping by...I really like your blog and Hendrix is the bomb!!!

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Lovin the warm ink of night...and fate does indeed smile.

You were indeed not sleeping when you wrote this one. Beautiful!


eric313 said...


It was kind of like Dirty Dancing... only a little more Poison and Bon Jovi, and a little less she's like the wind.

Really, she was more like a drink!

I could be your old man! Except I've never been to KC. Maybe my old man's your old man, too. One never knows.

eric313 said...


Thanks. Knew I could count on you to understand that this one is like a dream and a memeory.

The poem was way better than the actual night I remember...

Captian Corky
Thanks. I've been editing it all morning to get it right.

That is the best line to end it with.

Peace out

Exactly. I changed a few things around, but it is a lot better now--not that it wasn't before.

Glad you all made it by. Talk to you soon.

eric313 said...


Welcome and thanks for the word of encouragement.

Viva Hendrix!


She smiles or not. We try to pull on the chain, but sometimes certain things are just not meant to be. Other times, it's what is meant to be that we can't seem to find. We need fate to smile; it lets us know if we're getting warmer or colder.

Thanks everyone! Peace out

Blancodeviosa said...

my only hope is
out there somewhere
beyond where the earth
meets the sky,
there is a magical place
where dreams
become realities
and storybook romances
come true...

we drink of the wine
bask in the sunset
caress the dawn
and laugh
at shadow puppets
dancing at our feet.


Blancodeviosa said...


where the hell did that come from? ahahaha..

singleton said...

"Whirlwinds and imperial ballerinas
stole their game from us, you know"

Oh how I know.....

your words rock, my friend,
and you know
i know
you know....

how much....

eric313 said...


Now you have the spirit! Use these walls to scribble first drafts on. The comment box is the perfect formating device.

Keep drinking the wine and basking in the sun's rays, sunset to sunrise.

Keep the shadow puppets at bay and keep your eyes trained on the horizon, and never lose sight of that spot, beyond where the earth and sky touch finger tip to finger tip.

eric313 said...


You know the steps of this dance; the dirty little footprints are fresh and alive with warmth.

And I do--
that you know
I know...

Where were we again? LOL. The beach... probably. A warm one that I can sleep on at night.

Talk to you soon. Peace out.

Trevor Record said...

Hey Eric,

Heh, dancing, is there anything more fun? (Other than the things it hopefully leads to, I mean.)

benjibopper said...

and we ain't even done with the night ;-)

singleton said...

because "Fate smiles, saying nothing more"

maleah said...

That is one sweet smile of a thought.

The last two pieces are delicious. Indigo reflecting denim rocked and rolled for music and love and it's just too good. Yes.


david mcmahon said...

G'day Eric,

``Warm indigo night'' - beautiful. Goes so well with the graphic as well.



skinnylittleblonde said...

The poem was way better than the actual night I remember...
When fantasy & reality meet in some peoples world it equals insanity. In yours, this world of words that you share with us, it becomes poetry... balm for the mind.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

She's like the wind; Ugh.

This was lush, though. I especially liked the sheer convenience line. said...

Nice to be young and alive.


Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...


Come tell me secrets and the waters will recede dreaming of what words are left unsaid.


ann said...

most times the best things in life are the ones that are never planned, the spontaneity of love... cool

eric313 said...

You answered your question most appropriately. Two to tango, better than a solo mission.

It's was just getting started when the sun fell and shattered.

Fate didn't need to talk. The circle was complete even back then, whether I knew it or not.

Which I didn't... but I know now.
and knowing is half the battle
peace out

eric313 said...

Sweet thoughts make for tasty treats. This one was very good. Thanks and see you later.

Thanks. That line really struck chords with a lot of people. I love it, too.

It keeps me sane. It's so much better to dawn the rose colored glasses and let the memories fly with the imagination, than dwell in 'why' and 'what' made things fall apart. Although, that can be good poetry too, as long as you don't stay bitter.

Peace and love, y'all...

eric313 said...

Ultra Toast
It's all about convinience! The floor is a giant hand that cradles us when we need it.

She's like the wind... I'm not going to go where this lone leads. It smells funky...

Welcome, and thanks for the visit. Tried to comment at your blog but it ate my comment! The Bukowski story was pretty damn good.

That is beautiful.

Words and dreams... nightmares tamed by a snap of the finger. Unsaid... but not unrealized.
The beat goes on, one pulse at a time.

The spontenaity of life is what makes love possible...
Conversely, the spontenaity of love perpetuates life...

Thank you all for your visit.

My car's motor blew up in a cloud of oily smoke, so everything has died, at least for the now. I need to get something done fast, since I can't walk to WSU.

Pray for "Big Fat Floyd" with me.

yep, what else is one going to name their Oldsmobile Delta Eighty Eight accept Big Fat Floyd?

Polite names, of course...

realbigwings said...

I love the part about how their 1st loves would be proud -- do you mean the ways things have improved past fumbling and off-balances? That's what i imagined you meant, and I agreed whole-heartedly.

eric313 said...

Exactly. I almost deleted it. but I kept it to try to sound a little sonnetish. But not a sonnet. A free verse sonnet of images. I guess... I need to par them down a bit more than I have, I think.

Exactly about the first time versus knowing what it is that you want. That line is the way a dreamer is before experiencing what they dream about. I guess it's kinda of like madonna's "Like a Virgin", but from a sloppy poet's sort of view.

Thanks, Dawn
I'll edit it one more time before I post the next one. Not over do it so much.


singleton said...

eric...par down? are you kidding? They might teach you that at school, baby, but those of us that soak it up, like it just the way it is....
your way....

eric313 said...

You know, Singleton? I like the way you think.

I've edited the bejeezuz out of it. But sometimes I worry about being in love with my own voice on the page. I can't tell if it's too much or not. Thanks for the vote of confidence, however.

Glad you dropped back by, friend. Your voice is a welcome one.

peace out

Raghu Ram Prasad said...

Fate smiles, saying nothing more.....what a charm in this poem . Nicely written

singleton said...

Because when you talk, I can hear your voice.....

eric313 said...

you know my voice on these walls,

my voice isn't very different than you would imagine.

if you imaginrd a deep resonant voice that will shake walls, you are right on. If you imagined a whisper in the small hours, that too is me.

thank you

Wizened Wizard said...

Mmmmm... beautiful words, delicious images.

eric1313 said...

Thank you, wizened wizard

drop by anytime.