Friday, September 7, 2007

Another Dance, Darkside Princess?

Eyes shielded from the
lucid fire shrapnel
of solitaires waltzing--
flesh and blood and the
demands they make on
bare foot children
come home to lie down
on a killing floor of lights.

Together on this endless
ocean of escape
of primal music
rhythms and drums beating
that drive body and soul
over the edge
of the known world
between the presses.

music that screams ecstasy,
that sometimes moans
in haunting despair
music to slide across
the blacklight lit
silhouette we've called love
for lack of a better word.

Music that hangs in the air
her perfume
or his confidence
like rumors
wrapped together
around soft silver tongues
and the frantically sought
warm places between them.

Music we can all dance to,
even separated by oceans--

Love's own
theory of everything--

our love will be famous
as the mashed tator
as the twist...

The dreaded boogaloo

The Bee Gee's Lament
or other such discotheque
killing floor mating ritual--
something to remind us
we aren't solitaires


Princess Pointful said...

#1?? Wowza! And I thought there were gremlins living in your site who ensured immediate and ridiculously well-said comments.

The word that comes to mind reading this poem is visceral. Very intense on the imagery and just grabs you by the throat in the first verse. A great testament to the power of music...

ann said...

love it love it love it

nothing compares to the throbbing
sounds vibrating through your body,
the adrenalin pumping, when you can't help yourself from moving with the music, frenzied or slow... magic

ann said...

p.s. oh and that last pic
naughty naughty... LOL

captain corky said...

Love's own
theory of everything--

Love pretty much controls everything doesn't it?

Love sent me a dream that made me wake up feeling bad this morning. Luckily, it was just love fucking with me again.

Another great one.

eric1313 said...

Princess Pointful

Gremlins with love, not mayhem, on their minds? I must have shaken them by not being around so much, if that's the case.

Sounds and smells are two of the best things you can write into your work, poetry, story or essay. They grab that viseceral part of the memory that you spoke of. Thanks for the shout!

eric1313 said...


I guess its safe to say this on is pretty good, considering how your enthused your comment is.

Music and dancing were humankind's first, primordial magic. Dancing all night around a fire, nothing to eat and onl;y water to drink, and before dawn, the entoptic visions come, the spirits dancing in ether around out ancient relatives, no woder they thought that dancing was the link between all who live and all who had ever been.

Glad to hear from you. I'll see you soon.

And the last pic? I found that some time ago; I love art, and mean no disrespect, but it was hilarious... as well as "naughty naughty!"

Thanks for the words

eric1313 said...

Captian Corky

You know? Love sent me an all night dream too--as opossed to the usual two or three different dreams that warp in and out of each other. This time it was the same dream all night the same face of somebody I've never met before being my constan companion.

Usually dreams like that morph into somebody I know, but this one was wild and new, filled with all kinds of people I didn't know, but in the dream, I'd known them for a long 'while' and was running with them from 'something', moving house to house and place to place and living out strange, dream fantasies with these people of my subconscious.

I woke up exhausted and a little let down that life hadn't transformed into my dreamscape.

Oh well. Glad I can have dreams that I sometimes remember; not all are that lucky.

singleton said...

OMG! The dancefloor.....

"Music that hangs in the air
her perfume
or his confidence
like rumors
wrapped together
around soft silver tongues
and the frantically sought
warm places between them"....

yeah, that did me.....
I am so glad you had an endless dream and woke up exhausted....
and still remembered
and now we

eric1313 said...

The dream was wilder than this
by a long shot.

one day, maybe it will make
the light of these pages;
it was capativating and convincing
I couldn't ask for a better dream
to keep me company
through the morning glow rising

eric1313 said...

Besides, I wrote this at a friend we all know well's blog last month. Miss Crashy was a big inspiration for this one.

Maithri said...

How did I miss this one!

I love it! All of it,

Peace, M.

Maithri said...

Its just so good! ;)



eric1313 said...

Thank you! Just noticed you comment, but it is never too late to acknowledge a friend.

Peace and love, Maithri.