Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Waiting By The River... A Gift I Never Knew

Gotta love beautiful art.

I just recently received this gorgeous lady, named Justgivemepiece, with her all-mysteries-and-maybes-laid-bare baby eyes in the mail from my friend, Singleton, in trade for some vintage Levis destined to become cut-offs, a Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble CD (In Step), a very used paperback copy of All My Friends Are Going To Be Strangers, by Larry McMurtry, and one poem, hand-written on the back of a photocopy of another poem "The Darkness On Your Lantern" by... um... well, I forget who wrote it, it didn't say on the page, but my old creative writing prof knows. I'll ask her one day.

Not bad, considering she gets very good sums of money for all of these unique, hand-drawn and painted art pieces. It's outsider art. You should see her non-outsider art pieces. Holy frijoles, are they ever life-like.

So, I present to you another collaboration, one written about a month and a half back. Hope you all enjoy it.

Peace out, y'all.

Waiting By The River... A Gift I Never Knew
Singleton, SLB, E1313

Winstons are dry--when you light one up you know that the desert must taste like this too, when it's burning in the summertime blaze. They taste like August heat, raspy like barroom smoke, and the smoke circles are blue like false lightning flaring under glass, which should scare me, but they dance like perfect ghost donuts, like pale blue dragonflies hovering over the river, and so they don't...

The smoke circles
rise with no wind,
their shape twisting
into figure eights
and wisp-thin ovals;
portholes and gates
that lead to another

Perfect bracelets
for the wind
to offer as a gift
to a lover dear enough
to be blessed by
their other worldly touch....

always doing figure eights,
even in my sleep, figure eights,
the perfect bracelet...a gift,
I never knew...

Only dreamt of...

The river rocks and dragonflies...
Everything around me
zinging with life's dance,
but we are not alive
or dead--
we are only here,
in a now world,
saying final hellos,
mouthing fledgling goodbyes...

There was no breeze at the river today.

None at all.

The dragonflies were above,
darting through the hazy hoops,
the lazy eights drifting on nothing
hanging in air, perfect blue bracelets,
gateways to another world
beyond golden sky.

I light up once more,
wading in waters,
tasting the desert
in full-bloom heat.

A smoke circle rose
in quiet still-life,
drifting perfection.

The entire world was hushed;
everything hung in the air;



JR's Thumbprints said...

Very much appropriate, Poem & Painting side by side. Oh, and picture too!

eric1313 said...

Thanks, JR. This was a fun post to put together.

Hope the best for the State work-stoppage. I can't believe these Lansing fat-cats can vote for their own raises and neglect everything else.

Normal folks at regular jobs would be fired, if this happened.

Anyway, peace out.

karma lennon said...

I love this collaboration! The art is gorgeous as always and the poem is so so peaceful. I want to be outside now, hanging by the lake and smoking and writing.

eric1313 said...


Thanks for the word.

This one was put together from lots of work from all three of us. But the parts I wrote were inspired by the parts that they wrote. Especially Skinny's account of being at the river, and noticing how calm everything was arouind her.

I found the lines so eerily evocative, that it was quite easy for me to write and bridge the gaps between Sing's and Skinny's words.

Blancodeviosa said...

In this lies the perfect universe. To awaken in sheer bliss everyday until time exists no more..

very fine work all of you. i am in awe of you

MyUtopia said...

Awesome! Hope your day is going well.

drips of paint said...

Just love the title, sned me into another world..... and just give me peace even looks better here which you posted in a bigger size...

so much more life & meaning with a collaboration piece ... I read and reread the poem believing I understood a little bit ....

Enemy of the Republic said...

I love both of you.

singleton said..., you amaze me....
blowing smoke rings now
out the six o'clock
searching for the
Clink! said...

love this. love the images that the description of winstons and smoking evokes for me. this is sitting richly in my brain, which is high from several hours of photoshop-ing.

thank you for your visit to my blog and your kind words. hope your week is going well.

Danny Tagalog said...

Hi - love the drifting imagery here - as mentioned above the final pic is most appropriate too. Lovely artwork - her hair, snakish, didn't strike me at first, but does at second glance, Very interesting...juxtaposition...

Keep your creative well flowing Eric:)

eric1313 said...


Thank you for a perfect compliment--on behalf of all parties involved.

No need to be in awe! We're all worthy. Everyone.

(to play on the camp-tasticaly famous Wayne's World "we're not worthy!" line)


Thank you, it's going just fine.

Take care, Kelly. Glad you liked the offering.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Lol Eric...this is great! Who knew! Your photo at the bottom is most appropriate & you know, I always love singleton's artwork. My words are never artistic & fluid, nor do I try to make them as that would just frustrate me, but you do have a beautiful gift of being able to pick a word or a line and just run with it. I imagine if I were to give you a thread you could run with it until it became an industrial sized dragon-kite. Beautiful. Thanks & as always P&L.

eric1313 said...

Drips of Paint

Sounds like you did understand it just fine. Your own artistic opinion is noted and appreciated by myself and Sing, I'm certain.

Yes, the title is something. It sets an auspicious tone for the reader. Thanks.

peace out

eric1313 said...

Enemy of the Republic

We love you, too. Glad to see you back in action. The bloggy-blog world is a richer place for your presence.

Peace out

eric1313 said...


You know the riverbanks well, friend. The words swim and jump like black bass under the pink sky of earliest dawn.

Glad the amazement is mutual. We do some fine work, friend. Your "Winstons are dry--" intro was genius. That part really made the rest easy to put together, to bridge it to Skinny's lines and then create a conclusion to try and tie it all together--not that this idea lent itself to being restrained!


eric1313 said...

Red Mantissa

Thanks for the word, Singleton should be proud. When she wrote it, she had no idea it was going to become somethng like this.

But there was a theme going on that day, between her and Skinny and the rest of their crew. I just recognized it and spun the mill acouple turns, and here it is.

See you soon, Mantissa

eric1313 said...

Danny Tagalong

Yes, indeed. Her blue hair with the coral snake-like colorations weaving in and out is well executed. It was my favorite of her drawings. Singleton's got a hift, that's for sure.

eric1313 said...


You knew--that's who!

Glad to see you, and glad you loved the final draft of this gift to all three of us from ourselves--a most unexpected gift, indeed.

Of course, you saw it a while ago with Sing, but not in this form. I was waiting for the right time to display the whole project. No time like right now. And what a time it is.

Talk to you soon, Skinny. Good luck with everything--we all know everything will work out great for you.


Princess Pointful said...

'Tis indeed a gorgeous photo. Feels like you can sense a bit of the artist in it.

Lovely piece of writing... I like the transition from prose to poetry.

eric1313 said...

Princess Pointful

You always make excellent observations. That's the scientist in you.

It's fun to mix it up. I like how it all came together, as well. Not too often do I really love something before I post it. Sometimes, but not all the time.

Crashdummie said...

that was amazing - I'm starting to recognize singletons unique paintings.. so cool that I might one day go around in museums and say: "Hey I know that one, thats a singleton" :)

Wonder poem u guyz, as always... loved the ending since it feels so undefined yet so bittersweet, like life itself. Sadly we spend most of our life waiting...

"The entire world was hushed;
everything hung in the air;


Cazzie!!! said...

Gorgeous sentiments in your words... lovely said...


Reminds me just a bit of Wallace Stevens. The Blue Guitar.

Artwork most attractive, though it reminds me of Abreay Beardsley, who makes me just a tad uncomfortable.

But it's all good, originals stuff, no matter what it might remind me of.



kj said...


Lynn@zelleblog said...

1.Very nice! Why do I want a cigarette? I quit so many years ago but every now and then...I swear....

2.Makes me think of the posters my mom had in her bedroom when I was a baby. Kind of the rage there for a while. I'm an old thirty-something so thats practically considered vintage.

Maithri said...

This gives me goosebumps!

A Beautiful tribute to this 'now world',

Love, M.

Anonymous said...

Those are such cool pictures, I really gotta get on trading singleton for one...

Anonymous said...

PS: Long time no see eric, I haven't been too active on blogger (I was a bit spent after the novel writing attempt). But I dig "Many-splendored drips of paint".

JR's Thumbprints said...

The Lansing Fat Cats have it all figured out. They'll have us work one day a week for the month of October -- just enough so we can't collect unemployment. We've got the biggest Fatty of them all, Mike Bishop, to thank. So how long does marijuanna stay in a person's system? ... oh wait ... the state's to broke for drug testing. Yippppppeeeeee! They'll be plenty of smoke circles in the air real soon.

eric1313 said...


You get it exactly, friend. The waiting. That's what I sensed, too. Skinny's writing really had the sense of waiting, and I drew it out even more. Her stuff was about being at the river and everything being perfectly calm, like before a storm.

Sing will love what you have to say, friend. Glad you made it by. You're the bomb!


Thank you for dropping by, mate. Love my fans from downunder!

eric1313 said...


She's from that gorgeous generation that brought us free love, electric coolaid, and woodstock. Hopefully Sing's art is better to you than Beardsley's work.

And thanks for the words about the poem. Wallace Stephen's Blue Guitar?

I have a blue Les Paul! So that totally rocks! pun and no pun!

eric1313 said...


You recognize this, ehhhhh? YOu should. You were there when it happened--or at least, you dropped by and saw it. Thanks for the visit. See you soon.

eric1313 said...


Sorry to remind you... old habits die hard... I know from trying to quit, myself.

You had a hippie mom, too? My mom was more like the flower child seventies with satin shirts and hand-me-down bellbottoms, but it's all kind of the same, no?


This is something. I'm glad you liked it--I sure did. And so did my co-conspiritors, partners in creative crime.

Glad to see you both and everyone else. Thanks.

eric1313 said...


I saw you bartering on Justgivemepeace, so I figured I should speak up for the one I liked!

The eyes. That's the clincher for me. They say so much.

And it's all good. I figured as much. Plus, this seems like the down season on blogger. Lots of people are taking steps back right now. I'll see you soon enough, I imagine. Later.

eric1313 said...


Is that so? I could use a good left handed marlboro, myself. Been a few weeks.

Bet I'll get rocked--that's kind of cool, too. My tolerance had been sky-high. No pun intended, but hey--shit happenes...

Hope this friggin state cleans it's own act up. Maybe they've been testing the wrong people for drugs. Crackheads in the state senate, I swear...

benjibopper said...

fine collaboration!

if i knew you could get a singleton original for that price i'd have made an offer ages ago.

eric1313 said...

Make the offer--and see for your self! I didn't know it at all, either. Plus, I sent some cash, but it wasn't that much.

Barter with her over the prices on the justgivemepeace blog.

Hurry! Before Trevor gets them all.