Saturday, September 8, 2007

Many-Splendored Drips of Paint

Drips of paint applied liberally
in skeins of mosaic twilight,
like the stars peeking out
at the last ray of the sun.

They smirk their bright pinpoint
five-billion-year-old cosmic grin,
"I told you so..."

You light a smoke
salute them in one finger fashion
they laugh and cry and make stories
from the chaos and insanity,
drips of paint like stardust thrown
to the winds hope springs eternal
through the motions of the ritual.

You laugh and they match you--
four billion years ago they did,
just now catching up,
and you capture their essence
in smatterfied psychedellic freckles,
stars looming in an otherwise
once more brown-eyed sky
falling in love with you...

That's nothing new... nothing under the sun.

But drips of paint
flying higher than god to rest
where you tell them to--
most of the time they listen,
and you listen too,
loving their every hint
and allegation
each twinkle
billions of years in the making.

could've used a few good women...
or one chain-smokin' hippie.

But he loafed on the job
for a few billion years;
thought ribs-turned-ladies worked,
when all he needed was under
the apple tree slithering to victory
and a separate piece of the pie.

So ...

Now it's make believe
and catch-up time,
all in one galaxy made from
drips of paint shimmering
like the most heavenly of jewels
making many a splendored night
exactly what you say it is.


Gillian @ Indigo Blue said... is exactly what we say it is.
Slithering to victory...and thus began the great battle.

singleton said...

Every word of this makes me wanna camp in the backyard, under the grace of the summerskies......

"You laugh and they match you--
four billion years ago they did,
just now catching up,
and you capture their essence
in smatterfied psychedellic freckles,
stars looming in an otherwise
one more brown-eyed sky
falling in love with you..."

Damn, how good is that?
You rock, my friend!

Beerspitnight said...

I have to agree...

"four billion years ago..."
just now catching up,"

I wish I could do the same with matched speed.

MyUtopia said...

JR's Thumbprints said...

Late into the night, until morning rolls around, and I'm seeing Jackson Pollock's drip and splash, drip and splash. It isn't easy creating something from nothing.

drips of paint said...

This is one beautiful canvas i have ever seen, painted with words, stars and spirit ...

I only wish I have the pallette that you utter with your finger tips... my command of english is not so bright ... but the few mosiac twilight that I captured here is enough to propel me further into this galaxy that you paint of.....and
like the heavenly jewels
making many a splendored night
exactly what you say it is.//

Cazzie!!! said...

making many a splendored night
exactly what you say it is.
..and so it ought to be..just gorgeous :)

karma lennon said...

Oooohhh, lovely. This reminds me of this tradition I had in college-there was the field out by frat row and it had one of those towers on it (like a drum major would use or something) and we called it the moon tower. My friends and I would climb up and lay under the stars for hours and then go play in the sprinklers afterwards....

lynn@zelleblog said...

Hey Eric!

Sorry I have not been getting around, and have missed your posts. Just mad busy.

Exactly what you say it is- sure. Thats the power of the written word, and since experience is lost the moment we encounter it- the words are all we have when its done.

Blancodeviosa said...

You light a smoke
salute them in one finger fashion
they laugh and cry and make stories
from the chaos and insanity,

Taken exactly from my life..
How did you know??

Princess Pointful said...

Wonderful title- got me excited for a poem plum full of great imagery.
(which, of course, it was)
I adore the bible allusion verse- "But he loafed on the job... thought ribs into ladies worked".

(random thought- three posts in a tow at 11:58- coincedence or not?

Crashdummie said...

sorry mate for the delayed popping by - been kinda tangled up in my life.

But its always great to be back, cuz you really are a talented poet´- they always manage to transfer me to another time & space... but then again I have always told u that ur talented...

and to quote "Many-Splendored Drips of Paint":

"I told you so..."

Cheers mate!

captain corky said...

"You light a smoke
salute them in one finger fashion
they laugh and cry and make stories
from the chaos and insanity"

This is the time of year that I feel the stars and the night the most. I love a good September night. A good buzz never hurts either.

benjibopper said...

"and from your sweet mouth
so many beautiful
colours swirl"

-greg keelor

catch-up time indeed.

in my creation story there were many women involved. it was men who later excluded them to their own detriment, and the gods had nothing to do with that.

i really enjoyed this one, eric. waht a trip.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Yeah. What Benji said.

Also, never mix ribs with women. Especially BBQ ribs on a date. It's just messy. Stick to the chicken nuggets.

Behind Blue Eyes said...

Just to let you know I'm still around. I haven't been in the best mood lately and I haven't been paying much attention to the blog world.

david mcmahon said...

and that is just brilliant. well, you do it all the time!

Crashdummie said...

eriiiiiiiiiccc! get you pretty lil' butt back here and dazzle us with yet another wonderful poem... we need out weekly dos.

(as per request, pushing you - I didnt over do it now did I? heheh cheers mate!)

eric1313 said...

no, not at all!
thanks, friend!

eric1313 said...


The basis for the war between the sexes, fuel to the fire. The bible is good in many respects, but has not been particularily so to you women folk.

Men are the snake! The metaphor should be an obvious one. The serpent, the devil, men. Badabing.

eric1313 said...


Well get the blankets and the sleeping bags out and let's count them all.

We once knew them all by name, each light visible to the naked eye.


Lightspeed or godspeed? Bot work, both are completely ellusive to me.

Except sometimes, I pass out at the speed of light. Sometimes I drive myself crazy with godspeed.

ahh. Like right now.

Thank you so much for your help. I'll see where this leads me to. Peace out, friend.

eric1313 said...


It really isn't easy. But we somehow manage it. One splash at a time.

Thanks for the visit.

Drips of Paint
Keep working your pallate, and things will work out. You paint so vividly, your ideas are sound...

The words are just a technicality. Keep diving in and expressing yourself in any way you see fit. You do have the voice for poetry, if you have an eye for it. And thanks for letting me use the name... it is poetry in itself.

eric1313 said...

...and it always will be, too. Thanks! See you soon.

Karma Lennon
Memeories of college; sprinkler streaking sounds fun. Friends laying around under the nightime star field blanket. Beautiful.

listen to you! Waxing poetic wisdom. The memories of the experience make it worth while.

Thanks, and I'll see you around soon, friend. Post!

eric1313 said...

I'm just trying to be universal--universal in a bad-ass kind of way!

Princess Pointful
Thank you for your compliments, friend. I try! The biblical allusions are something that always make it into my poems. I can't help it. You write what you know, I know religion and I know love, so here I am, and this is what I do.

And it was doctoring on my part, the time signatures of 11:58. At least, the third one was.

"two minutes to midnight"
by Iron Maiden. Booya!

eric1313 said...


Tell me I'm talented any time you want to do so. No problem at all.

Glad to move you like you say. I need to write more and visit more often, too. "All My Friends Are Going To Be Strangers" has come true; my old friends are gone, my new friends I know by thought and written word, but not by face. Funny and sad. Thanks for the visit. I'll see you soon, too, my friend.

eric1313 said...

Captian Corky

You said it. Cool winds blowing, football, basketball and hockey starting. And a few good clinks!

Peace out.

I think that's how it happened in reality, too: Women gave birth to men, and eventually, men overthrew the matrilineal dominance by conspiring to keep women pregnant, and there fore, always in a state that they would have to depend on men for survival.

or not. Just a theory.

eric1313 said...

Ultra Toast

Yeah, ribs are none to sexy to eat on a date; unless you're dating a savage princess. Then it might be acceptable.

Buffalo wings are the same deal; to much mess, too little meat.

Nuggets or mozzarella sticks--a sampler platter. That always goes over well. Except for savage princesses. They generally despise deep fried items.

Behind Blue Eyes

I think everyone is feeling that way right now. It's everywhere. The most dedicated posters have had trouble feeling their old self. I've been no exception. Ineed to get on th ball and write some more. I can't just sit on my pile of un published, unposted poems forever...

or can I?

eric1313 said...


Thanks. I try, as I said. I get a lot of practice writing with Singleton. She really has helped me learn to turn on the writing valve like a faucet and let it all flow, on the drop of a dime.


as I said, Thanks for the shout, and I'm so glad you relish your roll as whip-cracker.

You'll make a fine bride for somebody, one day.

They will respect your authority.

Cheers, mate--peace out

benjibopper said...

lol Eric, that's a helluva theory.

i suspect that back in our origins there was more gender balance.

eric1313 said...


That is probably more accurate. It's just a theory from Freud, of all people. I dislike him, but he had some intteresting ideas.

And many primates are matralineal in dominanace structure. Humans and gorillas aren't though. We broke the mold.

Yeah, I wouldn't write a paper on it, but bandying it around in this format isn't bad.

Maithri said...


I have an image of all these drips of paint reflecting in the eyes of us all - Connecting us all in one great cosmic artwork.

Maybe I need some sleep :)

A beautifully evocative piece of work.

With love, Maithri

eric1313 said...


Creationg is a beautiful thing; life and our art. I wish I could teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. I know you wish the same thing.

And if we teach only one other to do that, then we have succeded in changing the world. Thank you for your visit. See you around.

peace out.

karoline said...

ahhhhhhh eric! i had to..just had to begin here to catch up..