Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Philosophy on the Rocks

Stone-faced and blue
a midnight philosopher
sits facing the wind
stars winking on
for their turn
at the wheel
he knows not "why"?
or "how"?
and change is timeless
cold and ceaseless
but welcomes all into
it's flight
even one too numb and brittle
from the long cold clutch of hours
to come in out of the biting wind
while Love's arms
are open one last time

so the philosopher of stone
a million maybes
when he could've been thinking
and did neither

his finest hour unheralded
but upon him
like a smothering blanket
the wind his companion


Cazzie!!! said...

Good work un noticed because he didn;t want to go out and seek the reward...or reap the rewards..of the good he has done.... a man who just wanted to BE perhaps?

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

I liked the stars waiting for their turn at the wheel.

singleton said...

I'm with ulra on this one...

"Stone-faced and blue
a midnight philosopher
sits facing the wind
stars winking on
for their turn
at the wheel"

How incredible is that?
Next time I'm stone-faced and blue, I'm just gonna put it all in their hands,
and give in to the roadtrip! said...

Sort of deep.

An old love once said to me, "You took my bud of love and trampled it."

I lose more damn buds that way.

Ivan, PhD
(Plumbing, Heating, Drains).

benjibopper said...

and more still.

this is nicely meditative, goes well with a steaming cuppa and sunshine coming in through the window, light jazz in the background.

the picture works nicely with it too.

eric1313 said...

A man who wants so many things, he misses everything that he needs.

It's sad but happenes every day. I know the feeling.

Ultra Toast
I like that too--the stars are fixed to a great wheel, almost. One wheel being the night itself, bringing ach constelation into view, the other is celestial precession, the twenty four tousand year cycle of the zodiac.

It's one of my favorite concepts, every two thousand years, we inherit a new age. Currently, we're on the cusp of the ages of Pisces, behind us, and Aquarius, which is unfolding.

eric1313 said...


Let the great wheel above take the wheel from our hands.

You'd call it fate--as something meant to be will be, and if not, then we are better for having the faith to let go, and not things to happen.

Peace out, my hipster friend. See you soon.

Of buds remembered and buds yet to be...

The flowering of true love is something beautiful, but the aftermath of an ending is terrible to behold, indeed.

eric1313 said...


Glad you're comfortably settled in the new digs. Warm sun and some cffeinated beverages...

All you needed was some good verses, and I hope I haven't let you down with this offering.

But if so, I'll get you back on the next poem. Thanks for the shout.

eric1313 said...


My problems with moving and putting my house back into order are all behind me now. I was posting on borrowed keys and dial-up lines all week, so sometimes I had no access to get to you all and your wonderful, inspiring writings.

But now I will be back and jibber-flab-jabasting to my heart's content.

Peace out!

Princess Pointful said...

I loved the middle verse, with the million maybes, and finishing up with "and did neither".

Kind of speaks to the futility of it all... yet the power of it at the same time.
(you can pretend that makes sense ;) )

ann said...

interesting... I think your stone philosopher is like many men I know... they don't think at all!

eric1313 said...

Princess Pointful

That middle verse is the key to it all. The paralysis of wondering what to do, about thinking too much about motives and desires. And missing the boat necause of one's insistance on observing love.

Futility, sweet and sorrowful.

Peace out, friend.

eric1313 said...


It seemed universal to me, as well.

when will we learn? Soon, I hope.

Then, when finally secure with knowledge that love is not a mirage, maybe we won't blow it by doing nothing, or worse--doing the wrong thing.

Talk to you soon. Your poetry and verse is wonderful and reflective, too. Glad to have it to read.

Maithri said...

Eric this is just awesome!

It truly speaks to that midnight philosopher in us all - telling us that sometimes thought must translate into action - lest our 'final hour go unheralded'.

Peace and love Friend, Maithri

Maithri said...

that should read finest hour :)

eric1313 said...


I read it as finest hour, so don't worry about a thing.

Glad to have you here. Peace.