Sunday, September 16, 2007

Draconian Smile

Your smile is—
a jagged panorama,
as the dragon's grin;
on the night wind
blotting out the stars
with fantasy ink
before gliding on.

you are real;
unlike the world
in the mirror
of broken truths
and deceits.

You probably won't
demand a virgin
for your dinner.

you are kind;
not dragonkind
not scaled
not armed
with hell's heart
or black magicks.

Not sleeping on
the gold of dead men;
but a faerie~shaman
of spirits on the wing.

And only sometimes
does the fire
make me think


Tasslehoff Burrfoot said...

My uncle Trapspringer was eaten by a dragon, once.

Nobody knows how he got out of that one...

singleton said...

"and only sometimes
does the fire
make me think

because the truth
is so very
to not

eric1313 said...


Kind a like that.

Ever date someone who was nice...
most of the time?

But on those rare occasions they do get riled, it's like letting something foul and acient and evil out of an imprisoning genie bottle?

singleton said...

I wish I could say no, but yes, I have.....
And it's so against the flow
and the what-I-thought-it-was
that I'm stun~gunned
and for a moment,
in the quiet that follows,
fooled again....

eric1313 said...

The mask dropped
shattered into
one million razors.

fooled again
that's me
a smile I could live
or die for.

Something so wrong
under the waves,
she couldn't let it go,
held it forever
against her own love
like a million razors
and my throat
the chopping block.

Fooled again I was
am and always will be;
against the flow
and the reason
there is a season
for everything.

Her witching season
her itching reasons
were all buried
and coming from
her well guarded deep
were I could not go.

And in the end,
razors be damned,
I had to.

eric1313 said...

Great poem! Glad you started it so well. This one would be a lot more clearly about the subject than the one I posted. Her name was Jenni, and she had lived through her own portion of hell. My first love.

We were sixteen and going to marry at eighteen.

at seventeen, we were a memory, years of friendship that turned to love gone forever. I miss her, but not the razors. They can stay in the past. This was about a time before we broke up, when I was just realizing there were indeed things not in my control, no matter how much I wished otherwise.

It was hard to believe what I was coming to know, and hard not to believe what it was that I had loved. I was in denial for a long time. But you know how it is, you can only save the souls that want to be saved.

Crashdummie said...

Is there some kinda friendly poem-duel going on here? Wicked… You guyz are really REALLY talented, so hopefully some of it will rub off ;)


eric1313 said...


Cheers, friend!

Yeah, Singleton and I write back and fourth a lot. Not really a duel, but collaborative, in an odd way.

And of course--take what you will from it. I'll be by soon, friend.

I'm reading some poems right now, but I read your post earlier, too, and am letting it sink in a bit.

Don't underestimate your own talent, my tri-lingual friend.

Lynn@ZelleBlog said...

I think hindsight and nostalgia have a way of distorting the way we remember many old relationships. I pined for years- YEARS- and then out of nowhere ran across him, and he was nothing like the genius I remembered at all. He was a regular guy. Nothing like the mythology in my head. I forgot the bad times.

The razors.

Anyway, at least with some beasts, like a dragon, one knows exactly what they are getting. The kicker is when you encounter the kitten that claws your freakin face off.


Keep writing, keep dueling, keep collaborating.

I enjoy Singleton's too.

benjibopper said...

you always find the best pictures to go with your word images.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...


That briefest of flashes in the eyes of a she-devil are enough to make even the most gallant knight sprint for the door.

Will she change into a terrifying fire-breathing beast?

Or will she just stay in her dragons form?

Ho ho ho!


Blancodeviosa said...

i like having virgins for dinner!!

come on ma, more virgins please..


MyUtopia said...

you are kind;
not dragonkind
not scaled
not armed
with hell's heart
or black magicks."

That totally rocks!

* Check out my big announcement

Beerspitnight said...

Another example of nicely slayed words

Kaufman said...

"With fantasy ink" has got to be one of the most creatively brilliant lines I've read of late.

If these words were transformed into a painting, they would draw a crowd each and every day.*

Bravo, E. B-R-A-V-O!

* Juxtapositioning of the 'a picture is worth a thousand words' adage.

Mob said...

I've eaten at Blanco's house and
it's a weird experience, especially when there's only one virgin left and a scuffle breaks out.

Crashdummie said...

and you totally rock my friend!

It's really cool that you and singleton can inspire & push each other to reach new levels.

But then again, thats what's friends are for, making the impossoble possible.


captain corky said...

I probably won't demand a virgin for dinner either, but i won't complain if one wants to offer herself to me for a midnight snack. ; )

Great poem my friend.

benjibopper said...

I think the worst is when you realize that the dragon's vindictive bite is the product of its internal pathetic insecurity.

the walking man said...

Not sleeping on
the gold of dead men;
but a faerie
and a shaman
of spirit children,
and only sometimes
does the fire
make me think

shit you finally found me out my friend. I guess I can no longer be the undercover dragon with no gold to sleep on.



Princess Pointful said...

It's the probably in the verse about virgin dining that worries me a little...

eric1313 said...


You understand well. This girl used to be on a pretty good sized pedestal. I placed her there and keept looking up, ignoring the increasing pain in my neck.

A dragon kitty: the much feared beast of unrivaled cuteness and supreme deadliness. What an image.

That is quite memorable, and I hope I never encounter one.

(here kitty kitty...)


Thanks. This was actually the cover of a DnD module, Dragons of Light. Let Gary Gygax sue me for the whopping zero dollars I make from this blog. I'll pay him in instalments!

eric1313 said...

Ultra Toast

You know it. Sometimes, a dragon can be an awe insipirng thing.

Who wouldn't want to see the world while riding through the clouds on the back of one?

Sometimes, that devil aspect pops fourth. And then we need those three steps toward the door...


I'll have seconds!

What? Someones NOT a virgin the second time around? What gives?


ahem. (to steal a line from toast)

eric1313 said...


Congratulations on your big announcement. The pitter patter of little feet in utopia is a great thought.

Thanks! I try to rock whenever possible!


Excellent use of the proper draconic term for mortallity.


eric1313 said...


Thank you, sir, for your kind praise. And welcome back by.

If it was a painting, it'd be called Serpent of Eden, by St George of the land of Nod. Ah, quite an exhibition.


Did you have seconds?

Anyone get a fork in the eye?

hehehe. I bet you all have some times down there. Stoned lizards and all.

Peace out, all.

eric1313 said...


Inspiration can come from anywhere, but a good foil to write with is a rare occurance.

Glad I am to have such a friend.

And cheers back at ya!

(don't yell, I'll post soon)

Catian Corky

Hungry is the night.

Tender is the wolf, in lamb skins and all. Bon apatite'.

eric1313 said...


In this case, that is true. I couldn't get deep enough to learn what made her tick--and she could get terribly violent.

What's a guy supposed to do? She'd star throwing coffee mugs or radios or silverware (yikes), and you duck and dodge. She'd throw punches, you'd catch her wrist, let it go and she'd swing again.

I tried to be as kind as I could, but when we didn't agree--the flames roar!


No gold? You didn't stash the hoard and forget about it, did you?

Oh, well. Let sleeping dragons lie--if they must!

eric1313 said...

Princess Pointful

You picked right up on that subtlty.

Plenty of times, the wishfull thinking on my part got just a little scorched.

I was naive enogh to go into battle wearing nothing, and bot did my butt get burnt a lot!

Marissa said...

i am sorry i haven't visited in a while. i just saw your comment, which moved me so much, and i came here and read this poem and am now moved even more. you are by far the best poet i've read--i am so amazed at the way you string your thoughts and words together. when i read you, i feel like i'm looking at an intricate painting or incredible piece of art. well thought out, but you cannot see the thought. just the beautiful masterpiece.

eric1313 said...


That is so nice of you to say. The best? If I got compliments like that all the time, my head would burst like an over-filled baloon.

Actually, there's some really good poets on the net here with us. I'm lucky to know them. They stimulate me in ways that are just indescribable, and my art has flourished due to it.

And your writing is also very, very good. And I'm glad you came by. And anytime you wish. Don't worry about infrequency--I have trouble making my circuit, too. I know too many bloggers! said...


Psychoanalyze the dragon, I say.

He is so Georgie-Porgie, eating the girls, hearing them cry. And all the boys, they ran away.
Ah that dragon with his repressed psycho-sexual fantasies towards him mother.
Oy. Schmutzig!
Even understood, he is such an
Und fiergemachen mit panzerfaust und panzershrek!


eric1313 said...


Couldn't have said it better myself.


I don't speak Yiddish or Deutsch, so it would be impossible.

But it is totally possible for a guy to be a dragon, too. Maybe I'm a dragon...


But I wish. There's a few people I'd go and devour--virgin or not!

Princess Pointful said...

Eric (re: your comment on my post)... I was tickled pink that my few little lines inspired you! I should hope you would never regret a poem...

Puddles be damned indeed!!

Princess Pointful said...

(whoops... I meant to put this on the recent post!... I'm sure you'll find it anyways)

eric1313 said...

Of course I found it!

It's always prudent to think twice. But, as usual, my prudence only appeared after the enter key had been hit.

And of course you're inspirational. You write very well, and get to the heart of your ideas easily. Good writing is always inspirational.

You should look forward to an excellent dual career, as a shrink and as an author. Thanks again for your words--here and in your posts.

eric1313 said...

Man, I had a lot of typos up there!

"Boy did my butt get burnt"

That's what I meant.

Maithri said...

Love how you give the whole poem a twist in those last four lines. Fantastic,

Peace and love, M.

eric1313 said...


Thanks for the word, my friend. I'll be by soon.

Your blog is quite an inspiration. You have some great hope for the parts of the world that need it most.

The Lisa Show said...

I got a bit sidetracked with the whole Kitiara thing before. You write beautifully, Eric. I tried poetry before, and thankfully, I knew enough to know that I should never attempt it ever again. :)

eric1313 said...

The Lisa Show

No problem with the side tracking, I'm the same way--shiney things especially are my downfall.

Thanks for the compliment. I try very hard. I was once "not so good", but I got better with every one, slowly, do slowly. But now, it's a lot better. Thanks for the visit, as always. Glad to see the archives get some use, even if I have to advertise.

Peace out, Lisa. See you around.

Princess Pointful said...

Decided to respond to one of your comments in a random location!

Sorry I have been so busy as of late. I feel as though your work deserves more than a cursory scan, so I have avoided commenting until I have the time to give it the thought it deserves. Soon, hopefully! I am also hoping to post this evening... fingers crossed. Silly life getting in the way.

In regards to the Duke's post, yes, there is a little life drama taking place. We had an unfortunate falling out with a friend that got rather ugly. I made a conscious decision to keep the details off the internet, as I feel that is dirty pool when we that person is likely to see it, as are other people whom know who I would be referring to. Unfortunately, that moral stance was not shared, nor was the other strong moral of honesty (as this person did not expect us to get wind of their words, probably because so much was omitted and fudged). I'm STILL going to do my best to not refer to it, as I truly do not want to get any further engaged it it-- it is far too juvenile for my liking. Hopefully it just washes over. Thanks for your support, though. I would appreciate your discretion :)-- we are good at these secret conversations hidden in far off posts.

I will be doing a real visit, soon, I promise!

eric1313 said...


Absolutely--I knew to keep it back and not bring it to the front. I noticed that the Duke seems to be handling it, so you can keep your hands free of that kind of slime.

I'm glad you let me know! I was worried that I'd stuck my nose in business that it didn't belong in. Discreation will be taken in these regards.

And yes, no problem with the conversations quietly carried on in the back. I'll keep a look out for anything else.

Take it easy and come by whenever you get a chance--you have very important things going on in your life that need your attention. By all means, make sure those are taken care of, first.

I'll see you soon. Take care!

Five5six said...

Oh such a hopeful young voice to this one.

Too bad too many of us have been burned to cinders by that fire.

eric1313 said...

So have I, but I'm reborn.

Not quite a phoenix, but more like the perfect victim of a phoenix. I can rise from the ashes every time.

Until the day I can't rise from the ashes anymore, that is...

Ah, but hope always springs eternal.

Peace out, my friend.