Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Moon Loves You, Baby

Just looked outside my window,
at Luna swinging so very low,
over the horizon and tree tops
looming as big as the houses
only inches beneath her
gold harvest glow.

I'll walk to her; watch me,
the distance closed to
a conspiratorial wink.
I leap to the tree tops
flip-spin, swan dive up
to her silvery, stilled land.

Watch me:
I'll take that old moonmobile
that the spacemen left behind
double parked, keys dangling
forgotten in the cold ignition
for a joyride; circles, spirals
victory turns, round forever,
dust kicking up in clouds
made of pure-silver lining.

Luna and me laughing in love--
rolling in ticklish madness,
while the aliens of the earth
make wild ghost story guesses
to why she glows gold not silver
on this cool breeze black-robed


singleton said...

a true joyride upside down and perfect
"on this cool breeze black robed night"

Clink! said...

First stanza sounds vaguely Russian to me.
Maybe it's the vodka or the strange realization that this is the 50th anniversary of Sputnik.

JR's Thumbprints said...

It's the vodka.

No fender benders. There's the possibility they'll catch you on satellite.

Princess Pointful said...

Such a lovely playful tone to this one.

I love those nights when the moon seems to suddenly expand upon the horizon, watching over you.

Crashdummie said...

Eric, that was simply beautiful. As PP said, I just adored the playfulness of it.

” I'll walk to her; watch me,
the distance closed to
a conspiratorial wink.”

Danny Tagalog said...

Hi Eric, keep the fire burning. Cheers for the post but I'm dealing with a battery of paper whacking my chops.

karma lennon said...

Love this! I'm one of those more in tune with the moon than the sun and I like how you make her well "her". If that makes sense. :)

Blancodeviosa said...

Leaving our atmosphere intrigues me and sends fear chills up my spine at the same time.

Cold. Sheer Beauty.

That's what I picture.

karoline said...

i luv it...nothing can top a harvest moon...


ann said...

this is really snappy...
upbeat and fun fun fun

makes me want to

have a great weekend

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

Bardouble29 said...

Hello, my poetic friend! I am back in the business of being able to write again now that I have internet back! Looking forward to reading many more of your great poems.

eric1313 said...



That's the spirit exactly.

To another porch party and may it happen soon. My fingers are burning with creation's impulse.


Thanks! That's a great compliment--to be compared to the Russians. Russian poetry, even translated, is beautiful reading. They know life so very well because of how close death often is to them.

Sputnik? I should have known... and posted a picture.

Peace, both of you...

eric1313 said...


Big brother is everywhere...

even an eye on the moon, eh?

Maybe we all need some more vodka and we'll show the "all seeing eye" what a full moon really means.

Princess Pointful

Well, aren't you the prophetic one? That's what this was about, a long distance friend telling me to smile, the moon loves me! We both saw it, and felt connected just by talking about the smiling Mona Lisa lunaris face ingrained there.

I do love when it's just above the horizon, and as big as the ground objects. It does seem like magic is watrching over us.

Yeah, I'm ready for the loony bin! Good thing you're here!

eric1313 said...

Danny Tagalong

Any chance to stick your head above the sea of paperwork invovlved with training young English-speakers in Japan is a welcome one, ehh?

Glad to see you, catch up with you soon.

Karma Lennon

I've always thought of the moon as the feminine counterpart to the sun's masculine role. Thus the Mona Lisa lunaris I mentioned above.

Singleton calls them both 'she', so I could be very wrong about the sharing of power in the universe!

There is always something to be said about a full moon.

I need to stop saying it, though! This is like my 20th entry to the big book 'poetica lunaris, anno domine'.

Or maybe not... This could be a small chapter at the end of something larger.

Anonymous said...

I liked this one a lot.

Especially the part about taking the abandoned moonmobile :)

When are we going to be able to go to the moon, Eric? Probably never within our lifetimes. Ah, but we can dream, I suppose.

eric1313 said...


There you are! I tried to loosen up and throw lines from the gut.

It's not always happy, but lately, they've been, with the odd exception of something chilling, just to keep the fictional voices of my writing alive.

You know. It's just a good thing to write, to be able to be creative when ever one feels like it.

cheers, mate!

eric1313 said...

I think it's a great sounding creative opportunity. To go up there and write down everything I think of and see how near I'd still be, evn that far away, in a shuttle or capsule, or that crazy space station, banging or fists on machines to get the going again...

Crazy glue everywhere.

And no smoking! Grrrrrrr.....

It's just a strange place, space. It's deffinitely an alien environment to anything we feel here on earth so it's bound to give a person the creeps.

eric1313 said...


Thanks for that. It feels a little mooshy, at points, but that's me.

You have a great weekend, as well, Ann. Hope yours is just as good.

eric1313 said...


Good to see you, too! Things are as crazy as they always will be, but I'm sure you understand those conditions of living.

We'll have to get something going on a Poet's corner sometime soon. It's always good to have reasons to write.

eric1313 said...


When the Chinese expressed interest in going to the Moon, I thought it ignited another space race. The current Space programs could be there--as soon as they think of a way to make money off of it, they will.

We need a good space elevator, since rockets and fuel are so expensive.

Cazzie!!! said...

Romance in the Stars..I like it!!

eric1313 said...


Good morning! Glad you liked the view.

See you soon, Caz.

mystic rose said...

whoa!!! this is just so amazingly beautiful!! I do believe you are in love. :)

Camplin said...

Please don't take this as an ad, but I think you sould submit your work to important journals. I uses to be art editor of an arts and humanities journal known as Sojourn. They take poety, art, short stories, non-fiction, and scripts. Please, go to to submit your work. I know your work would have a good chance of being published.

singleton said...

porch lights on

Behind Blue Eyes said...

How Lupian!

Behind Blue Eyes said...

Oh, duh! I guess I meant....lupine!

Oceanshaman said...

luna's got power, she does . . .

eric1313 said...

Mystic Rose

Not neccessarilly in love, just kinda stoned...
on love!!

Thanks for your compliment.


I will try that. I'll send them something soon.

Thanks for your vote of confidence, and for everyone else's, for that matter.

eric1313 said...


I was there! I wrote on the walls and it was a beautiful thing...

Peace and love...


It's OK! I knew what you meant, and it had me howlin'.

eric1313 said...


She has power that we all see and feel, from beauty to her mysterious disapearing, to her pull on the tides themselves.

The natural word contains enough mystery for us all to write about for a thousand more years.

Peace out, everybody! Thanks for the visits, I really do appreciate the comments and discussions.

Maithri said...

Eric my brother,

I love this!! Just love it.

'Luna and me laughing in love'.

Your poems always leave me speechless,

Makin love to the moonlight - It doesnt get much more romantic than that,

Love, peace and moonbeams brother,


eric1313 said...


Nothing is better than love by Luna's grace, that silver faced beam of hers...

Once again, it pleases me to know that my audience is so diverse and far flung. I feel like every corner of the world is part of my back yard.

Peace and love, brother Maithri.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the space elevator. IF there is a way, it will be made. IF.

eric1313 said...


Maybe one day!

but...yeah, right now, we don't have metals with the tensile strength to tether something of that scale to the ground and keep the other end in geo-sychronous orbit.

Minor obstacles... you know, the laws of physics...

They are big 'if's, as you implied. But I'm a dreamer when it comes to the space program. It's the curse of me sitting home sick from school, watching Challenger blast off--and the subsequent explosion. I was in third grade.

I was cursed to want to be an Astronaut--until I found out that military experience is just about the only way they let you into the space program. That put a damper on things.