Wednesday, October 24, 2007

No Angel, No Demon

She’s writing poetry, naked, wet--
as though just born, but the truth:
she's fresh from the shower, clean
rivulets dripping, wickedly slow.
Inspiration takes many forms,
yet this one is my favorite.

She stands the empty field, alone;
terrible, swift sword in hand,
waiting for the next challenger
from deep within or without,
demons in the shadows and lines,
she, an angel with a blade of fire.

Nothing yet poisons the water
dripping from her hair, winding
rolling down pale arms, breasts;
she looks at me and I know, I know
time's numbered hours are short,
the angel glancing over her shoulder
at me, alone, as the last word falls.

The only thing to do, she tells me
is to turn out the glare of the light
for I am no angel, she knows this
by hell's heart; I can only listen--
seductive night falls down onto us.

Above: said battle of light and dark, to the victor goes the souls. By a very good friend of mine. Below: Centaurus A, a galaxy that only seems to know catastrophe, as it is one hell of a radio source, though a bit dead on the x-ray spectrum. I just like the darkness and light. It was once believed to be a galactic collision in progress, but now the dark band just seems to be some of that mysterious "dark matter" that astronomers swear by their holy theorems must be out there, but can't really prove it outside of an ungodly equation.


Princess Pointful said...

I love the first verse... it is of a different tone to the rest of the poem, yet sets it up well.
The last line of the first verse made me smile- of course that's your favourite! ;)

eric1313 said...


I just edited it, too. The original second stanza had to go. It was what was throwing it off kilter the most, as the rest of it flowed a lot easier. Thanks for your opinion.

And yes, that last stanza rocked my world--no, dimension.
Peace out!

mystic rose said...

Powerful!! is the word that comes to mind.
I love the second verse.. esp..
waiting for the next challenger
from deep within or without,.

Wonderful poem.

And as for dark matter.. it could only exist as long as its in our hearts..for the duality seems to be apparent only trhough our perception, when its settled into us.

eric1313 said...

Mystic Rose

Glad you liked it. Our challegers are often right in our head, the demons and doubts are. Just like the duality--it's often in how we see things.

Thanks for the stop. Peace out.

captain corky said...

I like the ending the best. It's kind of sad.

And obviously that's a gateway to another galaxy. Anyone who watches Star Trek could tell you that dude. LOL

Sandy said...

ill at present will be changin gname of site and sending to you - little problem - love the word rivulet - always have and don't hear it that often.

morbidneko said...

eric, hi

i like this poem. i've always been drawn to fantasy characters.


i used to draw pix like the one you have there, when i was in highschool...

perhaps i shall take up my pencils and inks again..

eric1313 said...

Captain Corky

I wonder what galaxy it conects with? Hopefully it isn't the one with Uranus in it, or you might have a really nasty Klingon problem!


Thanks for the info, I hope you get everything situated soon.

Peace and love, all.

eric1313 said...


I'd love to see what you have to draw. Your imagination is wild, that is certain.

Take care, you. Peace out.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

The pen truly is mightier than the sword. Unless that sword happen to be flaming, and your pen is out of ink.

Sandy said...

by following the little blue Sandy instead of the yellow brick road you come to the happy spirits and me i beat the blessed!! yaayayayyayaya mark it , change it , love it ciao

karoline said...

ohyesss..eric..fantastic imagery!...i can see her standing there, defiant..


i luv it!


eric1313 said...

Ultra Toast

That's absolutely write.

Always have a back-up bick just in case.

eric1313 said...


Got ya all hooked up, don't worry about it.

You just take care, you hear?

Peace out.

eric1313 said...


She's as defiant as anyone I know. And her words could cahse away the darkest denizen and stand toe to toe with the brightest beings alive.

And write some mean lines, too.

Thanks for the stop. Peace out.

singleton said...

"She’s writing poetry, naked, wet--
as though just born, but the truth"

"Nothing yet poisons the water
dripping from her hair,"....

And that my friend, is spectacular,
yet again....
And I bet she is defiant and bright!

Clink ya to it!

eric1313 said...


She is was will always be--

This one was an old poem from way back in the archives, spruced up and life breathed into it for another go round.

And she stands up to time, as well as the forces that lurk inside of us.

Clink ya right there, my friend. said...

Brings to mind, in an eclectic way, Leonard Cohen's line, "touched her perfect body with his mind."
I believe, in the next stanza, he uses somethig other than his mind--at least I hope he does.

eric1313 said...


I too could only imagine that the Mr. Cohen's next line would be a lot more visceral. But that still is a fantastic line.

And it makes perfect sense within the bounds of this poem. This poem is about both the mental/emotional as well as the physical side of desire and want.

Thanks, Ivan. Later on.

Cazzie!!! said...

Astronomy, darkness and light, these things we do not yet know, I love this, it speaks of now, it speaks of then, it speaks of the unknown..or is it? Maybe we know more than we is just waiting to be discovered!

eric1313 said...


I think you are on to something with that line of thinking!

And that was what I had in mind with the angels and demons motif--the inner workings of our desires, both pure and less than pure, but still good. Good and healthy, once we know more about them.

peace out, Cazzie!!!

Crashdummie said...

You know what, I really got chills when I read this. No, not just cuz it I freckin cold in the office, but wow… I just love this fantasy poems of yours… such powerful wording, speaking right to the heart…

“waiting for the next challenger
from deep within or without”

“she knows this
by hell's heart;”

Love it! Cheers eric, and have a wicked weekend (in a good way!)

ChickyBabe said...

I like the edge in this one. Something sharp yet seductive.

etain_lavena said...

absolutly awesome...LOVE the pic...the spoken word leaves me in awe:)

Keep safe.

singleton said...

There's a draft on the bar...

karma lennon said...

Wow, wow, wow. Amazing imagery, the battle between our dark self and our light self. Reminds me of someone I know. You are a master of words, my friend! Peace....

Ant said...

I did a masters project on dark matter - conclusion: "Um, not sure..."

The pics you're using (and your descriptions) suggest an interest in the cosmos that goes beyond mere aesthetic "ooh, pretty colours" - is this correct?

Crashtest Comic said...

it's my freaking birthday!

SpongyBones said...

May she always be on our side with the blades of flame.

eric1313 said...


I will have a wicked good weekend, I promise.

Thanks for your emphatic praise, girl. You really make me smile, and as always, I'm glad that you drop by. You're the bomb of bombs.

Cheers, mate.

eric1313 said...


That's how I felt when writing it, and it worked out perfect. It was one of my favorites, really. I've had it for a while--a few years, actually--but after a big re-write it was even better.

Thanks for dropping by. Peace out.


The pictures and the words match up really well.

You keep safe, too. Thanks for the shout.

eric1313 said...


I saw it--and I caught your comment at the bar, too. Will do, my friend, will do.



You know how to compliment me in convincing fashion--thank you.

I liked that aspect, too. In it's original form, this one was more of a he/she, darkness/light conflict, as well as self. But that distracted from the focus.

It worked much better as an observation of the original conflict that inspired it.

Peace out.

eric1313 said...


So you are really in the know about this? That's cool.

Me? I'm a voracious reader about anything having to do with the cosmos. When I was young, I wanted to be an astronauat, but when I found out the only rout was pretty much through military service, that put a damper on that.

I have a telescope, but it's really small and is only good for the nearer planets and the moon. But I read everything and try my hardest to understand the concepts and what the different readings and measurements actually mean. And I took Astronomy 1 and 2 in college, which was cool, but I aced them without studying because I read so much since I was a kid.

Yeah, I find astronomy to be absolutely fascinating.

Thanks for the visit.

eric1313 said...


Happy bithday. May the moon shine on you!


Right on. If she were to turn that conflict outward, there wouldn't be much to stop that flaming sword.

Peace out.

Anonymous said...

Cool pic.

Ah yes, "Dark Matter". When I first read about it, I thought it sounded like something from a video game. From what I gather they have some evidence of the stuff, but it mostly has to do with gravity.

I think the fact that we can't otherwise interact with Dark Matter is a good example of something I heard of in Kant's critique of pure reason... The idea that it is preposterous for us to assume that the 5 senses we have are somehow sufficient to investigate the universe with.

eric1313 said...


That makes sense. Kant is some tough reading--"There are only two ways in which we can account for a neccessary agreement of experience: either experience makes these concepts possible, or these concepts make experience possible."

I took me a while to have a neccessary agreement with that style of writing, but it made me such a better reader and writer because of it. That's why I respect philosophy students more than almost anyone else. If you can read that, or Plato, or Aristotle, or Neitzsche and not give up, nothing will ever present a problem.

I've heard that it's quite possible that the laws of physics as we know them might only apply in this particular gravity well. I can imagine that there are things we will not know until we experience and survive them, and even then, our senses are adapted to the experience provided on this planet.

In that case, "dark matter" is a catch all for the unseesn we will not know until we get out there. That's really something to think about.

Thanks for the info. I'm glad to have people in the know to talk to about this stuff.

Enemy of the Republic said...

This is very good. May I ask--why is the persona a she and not a he? I reread it, substituting the male for female and it just made me wonder if I'm thinking like a heterosexual, but there is something very exotic about male poets--does that make sense?

skinnylittleblonde said...

Reading through all the comments, I think it's interesting that sisterlove picked up on the same stanza as me. Absolutely beautiful & as weird as this may sound, I found myself painting a mental picture of this woman...and she looked like my mother before she was my mother. That being said & reading enemy's comment, I can't imagine how I would have taken the poem with a man standing naked with driblets of water running down his chest. It would completely change the entire feel of the poem.

eric1313 said...

Enemy of...

I wrote it the way I did probably because of the point of view that I am coming from. I saw in it a strong person who fights, not so much with actions, but with words and ideas and moral conviction.

But, how could I tell someone how to read my work? Or how to interpret it, or read it. I couldn't.

I like that you found your own way of seeing it, and the person I am describing. And yes, I think there is somethinng exotic about a male poet. We aren't usually supposed to be in touch with feelings, which of course is bullshit. So when one of us does do this and really run with it, we're kind of breaking some rules, of the unspoken and ridiculous "man law" variety.

Thank you for your comment's honesty. It make perfect sense.

You rock. Peace out, Enemy...
(even saying "peace out, enemy" has a fun irony to it, that should be adopted by the rest of the world)

eric1313 said...


And you, too, could see something from your life in it. That you saw your mother is something really cool, and makes me glad I put this one out there.

I had written it years ago, but only now did I feel good about putting it up for everyone to read. And of course, I had to re-write it substantially. But it was better than ever and worth it.

Thanks for the visit.
Peace out, my friend.

Ant said...

Sort of in the know, but not really... My degree was in Astrophysics and I started out all starry (!) eyed about what I was going to discover. Five years of hideous maths equations later and I found myself seeking a career elsewhere...

Your approach is the best one to have in astronomy I think - as a result of my experience I have some friends that are of Einsteinian genius and could tell you the exact doppler shift of some obscure gas/spectra/whatever, but can't remember the names of all the planets in the solar system...

Long live the keen amateur that can still relate what the stars mean to them in human terms. (And poetically to boot!)

eric1313 said...


That's the best compliment I think I could possibly recieve--to know the heavens poetically. They are a poetry all of their own. They were some of the first stories amnkind passed on, the pictures that they saw in the stars, and they were one of the bringers of religion and mysticism, the portends of the sky.

It's sad that getting the degree wore out your passion. But at least you have the paper. You never know--one day, you might find your way back into the field. Certainly, the study has served you well.

Thanks for th re-visit.

See you later--when the world is under your thumb.