Monday, October 8, 2007

She Lives

She will rise, despite lightning
forking down in strobe motion

--a snake's tongue flicking the air
with ungodly abandon

She is alive--
Her life shows in relief against

death's ancient bones,
and black-shod boots

She is alive--
Tonight, the dead will rise:
Somebody tell Lazarus
to stay in bed with the wife

Somebody tell the angels to take
down the pyre and please

Somebody ask Jesus
to explain sin one more time
to his ignorant children while they
still love all the groans and sighs

that life has to offer them,
before the struggle lays them low

She is alive--
bare feet walking slowly from the
grave, from the alleys, from the hall,
from the bedroom, leaving footprints
one by one by one,

each step is the print of a woman
and a goddess;
let light be, and it will--
watch her follow it as she likes.


singleton said...

"She will rise, despite lightning
forking down in strobe motion"

Blue Velvet...

eric1313 said...


She's alive and nothing is going to stop her.

bullets, steel
like dust in a gale of October.

at the full yellow moon:
she's alive.

blue velvet
on a wind swept remote beach
a most delicate morning.

Pythia3 said...

And yes - I am alive - thank God I am alive . . . and healing.
This gave me the need oomph to say goodnight.
Sweet dreams of flying machines and angels and goddesses.

Crashdummie said...

now this is what mythologies are made of - me love!

and the pic u chose, amazing.

Ant said...

Strong, powerful and female.

I likey. :-)

ddrips said...

//one by one, and each step
is the print of a woman and a god,
light was born at the beginning
let light be
and it will
and she will follow it into the night//

...the above is very visual for me

man, I got to go sleep 3.47am .. I have been replying comments for the last 4 hours ... cause my english is slow...

I always leave you to last, and let your words swim in me a bit ..

hope you had a good sleep, I go to mine now.
take care eric

eric1313 said...


Glad to make your night, then, or make it a little easier.

Thank god we're all alive, but yes, you too. You've been through a lot and I'm glad to see you hanging in there.


I love that drawing, Kitiara and Lord Soth--another blast from my extra-nerdy past.

Thank you. I felt wild and creative when I wrote it, and it showed through. It was inspired by a good friend who's computer was fried by a stroke of lightning, and her trevails to get it repaired.

eric1313 said...


Thank you for sharing in the power of SHE.

It's a wonderful thing to see, the lady with power.

Drips of Paint

Another fellow insomniac is always welcome. Mull over the words at will, my friend.

Glad to see you and hope your paintings are as equally vivid and imaginative.

karoline said...

wow eric..much to think about..i really like it..well done

and she will follow it into the night


Princess Pointful said...

And what an effect she has.
I love the bit in the middle with "somebody tell".

Maithri said...


Let light be,

She will follow it into the night.

What a powerful affirmation of a strong human being,

love and light my friend, M said...

Aubreay Beardsley, with a strong touch of Rider Haggard.

eric1313 said...


Thanks for the visit. If she follows it, I hope she comes back home soon!

Princess Pointfull
You alway like the interesting, obscure parts. That's a good thing.

When I write lines like that, I always feel like, "OK, I'll lose the atheists right here, or the women will all X out the screen over there, or the guys will puke then take down my link about that... Good thing the world isn't as mean as I tend to think.

Thanks for the visit, and see you soon, new post or not.

eric1313 said...


Thanks for the reading, as always. I like it's meaning, too, but maybe it could stand for a little revision.

Thanks for the words, friend


eric1313 said...


Once again, you pull up names I'm going to have to check out. "She" as the title? Sounds good.

If I can write about an affirmation of the opposite sex and yet pull in the energy of another great poet or writer who does the same thing but belongs to that gender, that's all good to me.

Thanks for the visit.

Peace out, everybody.

JR's Thumbprints said...

"I have done it again,
one year in every ten,
a sort of walking miracle
my skin, bright as a Nazi lampshade
my face, a featureless fine jew linen
my right foot, a paper weight ..."

Sylvia Plath's "Lady Lazurus"

Awesome poem.

eric1313 said...


Thanks for the comment, and the poem was an excellent one. Glad you came by with that.

It's bed time. I hear it calling to me...

peace out, all

JR's Thumbprints said...


I tried from memory and skipped a line. Let me try again:

"I have done it again,
one year in every ten,
I manage it,
a sort of walking miracle
my skin, bright as a Nazi lampshade
my face, a featureless fine jew linen
my right foot, a paper weight ..."

Of course, I've probably got the line breaks and punctuation all wrong too. This is my favorite Plath poem, it says it all.

lynn said...

My favorite is "The Moon And The Yew Tree" but Lady Lazarus might be a close second.

Just checking in, Eric. I am not really online much these days, mad busy. Working, working.

neko said...

but, ... who *IS* she?

Crashdummie said...

see, now you are using your nerdyness for something good - nerdy can be good ;)

omg, ur just way to cool, using that incident as an inspiration.

keep on the excellent work mate!


Cheri said...

What I love about your writing is your keen personification of women, using them to symbolize taste and scent, actions and repercussion. In some ways you use female to represent faith and life and it makes me wonder if you're not a bit into paganism? But regardless of my lack of commenting, I am always reading.

ByTaMiNa said...

Hi there!!!
welll my english it's not so bad...
bot it's not so good either ._.
tnx 4 ur comment, u make me blush!!
hoho take care :D!!

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Pure genius as usual.
Amazing visuals here.
Loved it.
Man you are smart.

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

This is different Eric ... sounds of pain, yet resurrection.

eric1313 said...


I found the poem in my Collected Poems of Sylvia Plath. It's a damn good one. Thanks for the shout out about that. She's a favorite of mine, as well. She's just so cool, yet spooky.

And I happened across "Mushrooms", which is another awesome poem.


Well, it's good to see you, no matter what or how brief. Keep on keeping on. The Dems need minds like yours in order to stay fresh and vital.

And, yes, "The Moon and the Yew Tree" is an excellent poem, as well. Might I recommend "Spider" on page forty eight of the collected poems? I love that poem, as well.

Gotta love her poetry! Peace out.

eric1313 said...


"She" is the all-powerfull, all-mighty she of dreams and blessings and kisses that are warmer than nights in the tropics.

"She"... It's a mystery, but one day, it will be solved. I promise!


You found me out--or I told you above, I think--yeah, that's what I did. Silly me. Now everyone knows I'm a nerd, right? Because they totally couldn't tell before...

Of course I used it. The friend inspired it though, by talking about her computer like it was a living girl who was in the hospital. I took it to the frankenstien level with this.

peace out.

eric1313 said...


Thank you for your observations--I see power in all of our forms, actually.

But the feminine power is very much more enchanting, and even a bit of a mystery to us y chromosomes. Females went from being mother goddesses, the first idols we have from pre-history are all mother goddesses with exagerated feminine atributes, to being relagated to secondary roles in the earliest recorded histories and myths.

Makes one wonder about, and also lends credence, i think, to the theory that men took power from women, changing our original matralineal cultures to the current patralineal cultures that have hold, with only a few exceptions.

Am I a pagan? Maybe a hybrid.

If god exists, then so does his opposite, the devil. Between those two extremes--if they do exist--there must be much more to spirituality than 'church fathers' would have us believe. Not saying I venerate trees, but perhaps there are elder spirits in nature that we should not anger. And perhaps there are powers in our sexuality beyond physical compulsions.

Thanks for the comment. Glad to know you're reading quietly. I won't let you down.

Peace out.

eric1313 said...


Thanks for the shout. And welcome to my humble home.

Peace out, and comment any time.

Now that's putting it on a little thick, but... I accept. Thank you!

Don't sell yourself short--your blog always has a lot to offer a person visually, as well.

peace out

eric1313 said...

Inside Our Hands, Outside Our Hearts

Thanks for the observation. It's exactly that. I imagined someone dieing, perhaps of a broken heart, as opposed to conventional means. But then something, some other will or force or love, causes that life to be reborn, and as the first didn't kill her, it only made her stronger. Now she is a force of her own.

Thanks for the comment.

Peace out, Tara.

ByTaMiNa said...

hahaha i prefer loneliness,that's why i made this blog... no one will read my madness haha i like da poetry, u r good :D! hahaha n maybe i can teach u sum spanish aigth? hahahaha :P

eric1313 said...


But I have to say, madness is good to be shared.

You'll have all kinds of people at your blog in no time. And they'll all want to know espanol!

peace out, aight?

sandykessler said...

how awesome is this !! she will rise....oh yes

eric1313 said...

Sandy Kessler

The immortal feminine soul--returning with power!

Oh yes. Like the picture indicates, she's not going to be dragged down again, not without a fight.

And the ghost death-knight standing behind her won't be an impediment.

Lisa said...

KITIARA. You are awesome. Haha. Did you draw this?! My camera is named Kitiara. I knew I liked you for a good reason.

eric1313 said...


Thanks so much. I wish I drew that picture, it's from a fantasy series called the Dragonlance, that pic was actually on a calender back in the early nineties. Kitiara is a sweet name--for a woman of mystery or a camera.

Thanks for the positive words, though. I'll find more to post, if I can.

Peace out.

The Lisa Show said...

Thought I left a comment here already. Anyway. Hi. I thought it was fan art. I got a bit carried away. I seldom meet Dragonlance readers these days that my inner geek rejoices every time I do.

eric1313 said...

The Lisa Show

Hi, Lisa!

You did leave one, I found it and answered it, so maybe that threw you off.

You read the Dragonlance novels too? Awesome. I rarely run into anyone who's read them anymore, either, but relish it when I do.

I'm just oldschool. I loved the Legends trilogy, especially.

The scene here is when she's crossing the Shoikan Grove to get into the tower of High Sorcery. Notice the hands reaching up out of the ground. And notice Lord Soth standing with his arms crossed behind her--he could help her, but he's hoping she'll die so he can have her soul, and she doesn't yet get that fact.

I'm a bigger dork than you--admit it!

Maybe I shouldn't be proud of that like I am. Oh well, I goit to be me...

Thanks for the re-visit.