Monday, October 22, 2007

Spirits Live In Fire Of All Kinds

"Always keep them guessing,"
said the one-goddess
she of the checker-bordered
black, white and black again past--
her smile kept me guessing
until I could venture no more
to the many intangible realms
of her otherworld charm.

"Keep the mystery alive..."
she said, lighting a candle,
a wisp of curling smoke
drifting between our eyes
reminding the both of us
that we-so-alone never are;
spirits live in fire of all kinds,
released by this spark
so difficult to extinguish.

"Let them down slowly,"
she knew this to be true,
and always did just so--
as the love-delusion only flares
brighter, higher, hungrier,
when one tries to quench the blaze
of desire in the eyes of a fanatic.

"Love changes everything,"
its mind, its heart, its path
a carousel one-trick pony
answering the mysteries
the guesses and cries--
it lets stricken hearts down
so slow, they sleep before hitting
the cold, wet ground of heaven
below the mountains of clouds;
the rain dripping down our faces.

Bottom: Carousel at Arcadia Mall. I assume this mall must be in Arcadia, which I also assume is a city, not the Babylonian/Sumerian version of heaven.
Top: Pinwheel Galaxy photographed in the IR spectrum, by Chandra orbital observatory. Catastrophe can be a beautiful thing...


Princess Pointful said...

Ah, again, these goddess like women and their words of wisdom. It looks like you are listening!

eric1313 said...

Princess Pointful
I do listen, Princess, I do.

At the very least, it leads to some great poetry.

Thanks for reading. And look at you! I just told someone to check, and you still beat them to the punch.

Got your page open, as we speak, too.


singleton said...

"spirits live in fire of all kinds"...
Now you've got the bonfire going on....
And we're all scooching in closer,

"one-trick pony"
"when one tries to quench the blaze
of desire in the eyes of a fanatic"

And the fire grows....

Clink ya, baby!

eric1313 said...


I could tell you liked it, my friend. Glad I turned to your page. As always, there's just somethng you say that makes something in my head click.

And I'm not alone, there are a lot of people in awe of what you do, who find amazement in your art and your words.

Peace and love.

JR's Thumbprints said...

Why do we get the runaround when we ride the one-trick pony carrousel? Or is it .. some people never notice?

eric1313 said...


They get really dizzy, and they'd blame it on what they ate, rather than admit it was their fault for not expecting the ride to be a wild one.

I think.

But I could just be blowing smoke circles...

Anonymous said...

said the one-goddess
of my checker-bordered
black, white and black again past--
her smile kept me guessing
until I could venture no more
to the invisible realm
of her otherworld charm.

eric1313 said...


You singled out a very telling, and very personal line.

I compliment you on your taste.

Peace and love to the winds and the words that they bring to me. said...


"She wears an Egyptian ring
Sparkles when she speaks."

There are women like that. The Isis types.

I have found that they can get you through.

eric1313 said...


Dylan has a song for all occasions, doesn't he? I know that song, too.

And any imagery of Isis is very cool. "The goddess rising" is a figure I imagine with a smile.

And very fitting that you brought her up here. This poem means a lot like that.

Peace out, write on.

Susan Miller said...

"as the love-delusion only flares
brighter, higher, hungrier,
when one tries to quench the blaze
of desire in the eyes of a fanatic."


captain corky said...

"Love can change everything,"
its mind, its heart, its path"

Love controls everything. Great poem my friend.

mystic rose said...

the invisible realm of her other world charm.. :) that would not be so easy to love on a human level.

But I esp love the last verse, eric! You play so well with words.. those rides can be so addictive too, to some!

maleah said...

"it lets stricken hearts down
so slow, they sleep before hitting
the cold, wet ground of heaven
below the heavy clouds
that rain down on our faces."

how sleepy-sad and yet comforting. quenching in a way. very like the cold, wet weather outside.

karma lennon said...

"Let them down slowly"-reminds me of an old Cher song from her Gypsies, Tramps and Thiefs album but I can't remember the name. It's stuck in my head now though!

Always keep the mystery alive. This is why I don't ever let anyone really know me. :)

Sandy Kessler said...

You took me there, I loved it

morbidneko said...

to be let down easy?

if only.

love is a b@stard of a thing.

but, i wish and will and cry for it to return.

only to find -

pain and anguish..

jason evans said...

Pinwheel galaxy--is that one of the early-form galaxies in the old regions of the sky?

Danny Tagalog said...

"the cold, wet ground of heaven
below the heavy clouds
that rain down on our faces."

That's a comforting portrait - when you fall down you hit a heavenly base...

But, yes, those 'heavy clouds' raining down our faces is a great line too...:)

My God - there's an enormous row outside - a weeping woman, wailing actually - unheard of here.....

Anyway: thanks for the posts!

Enemy of the Republic said...

I love how you personify women in your poetry--I totally dig it.

And I know Singleton is your muse--you can't ask for better imagery than that fine woman!

Sorry I've been so absent--work gets in the way of blogging!

Blancodeviosa said...

hmm.. i wish i knew women like that.

all i know are bitches!
it's in our true nature. me included.

eric1313 said...

Susan Miller

So very gald to see you back, my friend.

Yeah those were some hot lines, my friend. You picked out a scorcher, indeed.

Captain Corky

Love changes everything. It's so true, and we never account for it unless we are feeling it.

Thanks for the comments.

eric1313 said...

Mystic Rose

It's a love and a beauty beyond the norm, something to be remembered forever. Something one never forgets.

I likd it too, the last lines. What is love but the best ride with the brightest lights flashing around us? And it can let you down, sometimes so terribly fast, but sometimes so gently that we don't even realize we are being let go.

Peace and love.


You too, know it. This is a good thing and a sad thing. Like I said, being let go so subtly one hardly realizes the rejection.

Thaks for your comments, friend. They mean a lot.

eric1313 said...

Karma Lennon

I didn't think about that song, but it sure does match up. I've heard it before. Good eye and good ear.

Mystery is half the attraction. Everyone needs their fair sahre of it.

Sandy Kessler

I'll take you there any time you want to be taken.

Peace out!

eric1313 said...


Don't be so sad, my friend.

Pain a nd anguish are terrible things that we all get our share of, and you are know different. I just hoipe you weather the storm well.

Peace out, my friend.

Jason Evans

It is about twelve billion light years away, so what we see is theoretically only two to three billion years old. It may be a spiral galaxy in early formation, before the black hole's gravity attraction levels off to form the spiral arms from drawing the out disc slowly inward.

Thanks for the stop. I never mind a good cosmic talk. It's a good break from poetics--the poetics of heaven's lights.

eric1313 said...

Danny Tagalog

Don't mention it. Glad to post well, whenever I can.

I liked the idea, too. I might need to do a bit of doctoring here and there, but this is really good.

And I hope there isn't anything to terrible going on out there. We live in interesting times, as the Chinese proverb would say. I hope your day does not get too interesting.

Enemy of the Republic(ans)

Nothing wrong with that. What am I going to do? Put guys on pedestals? Too many women writers do that already. Women deserve their due from a guy for once or twice, right?

And yes, Singleton is a great lady. This one was jarred loose over at the back porch. She's a unique talent who I am so glad to know.

But, the memory I had in mind is distinct, from somebody I once felt very close too. She also was full of the best advice.

Peace out, friend. Later.

eric1313 said...


You so cracked me up with that comment.

It's in your nature, and yet we love it, every time. I like mean women, personally--as long as they aren't vindictive or petty about it. Somebody who stands up for themselves is not that bad. It's better than being a dishrag, or washlappen, as the Germans would say.

Singleton's a real good friend who I write with very often. Go by and say hi to her sometime soon. You'll like her. I promise.

Peace out.

Trevor Record said...

black, white and black again past"

Heh, you know you always take colloquial phrases and make me remember what they actually mean.

Nice carousel picture. Makes me think of love and magic.

eric1313 said...


How you been?

This one is a semi mystic, candle glare and mystery smile poem.

If I could ver paint a Mona Lisa with words, this is it.

Thanks for the words, and as always, your stories rock, bro.


Peace out.

And by the way--Carbon Nanotubes.
The space elevator is possible...
but it's still a big fat pipe smoking IF, like you said.

Funny thing about carbon; it's ten times more plentiful in the outer solar system. I did not know that until I looked into more recent writings about a possible space elevator.

Anyway, just a crazy thought.

singleton said...

Yup, this is your Mona Lisa! Clink!

eric1313 said...


She so is. Her smile gleams in the fire, framed only by the checker bordered night.

clink on, my friend.

SpongyBones said...

Why do you think the most wise voices that we hear are womens? I know I wouldn't listen to any other and trust I hear mine loud and clear these days. Great stuff man keep the food coming ...

eric1313 said...


I often wonder. I think it has something to do with me being raised by mostly women, personally.

Something about them taking responsibility more serious than men do. They aren't as destructive--someetimes they are, but they seem to have their heads on a lot better than men often do.

I know it to be true, as well, but I can't definitively explain why.

Tahnks for the comments. Later on.

Maithri said...

I'm in love with this poem.

Just Wonderful my friend, in the truest sense of the word!

Love and peace, Maithri.

Princess Pointful said...

And frotteurism is a real word, I'm afraid.

At least I have you coming back for more!

Crashdummie said...

”"Love can change everything,"
its mind, its heart, its path
a carousel one-trick pony
answering the mysteries
the guesses and cries—
it lets stricken hearts down
so slow, they sleep before hitting
the cold, wet ground of heaven
below the heavy clouds
that rain down on our faces. “

Wow, this is my favorite part.

Gosh, I really missed reading your poems and drifting away to lala-land!
Cheers mate

Behind Blue Eyes said...

So hallucinatory. that is the best kind of writing to me. All of these images blurring the distinction of what sense senses what, that place between sleeping and wake. How do you get there so ealisy. I wish that I could.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Yeah, Hallucinatory.

Kind of non-linear - like most of my relationships with women, i.e I get the order all wrong and they fall apart.

karoline said...

out of such chaos and catastrophe, indeed basic beauty survives..

i luv the cosmic jellyfish waiting..waiting..


jason evans said...

Thanks for info on the distance from this galaxy! I did think it looked nascent. If I had all the time in the world, I'd like to do deep space photography.

Trevor Record said...

I heard about the carbon nanotubes - but apparently they are just a little bit shit of being strong enough to work (at least the kind we have at the moment). However, apparently strengthened steel is good enough to build a space elevator on the moon, which would also be cool.

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Tres usual.
Light of any kind too...I believe.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Love can change everything
It's mind, its heart, its path

yes, and just because it changes it's mind, it's heart or path... doesn't mean that the love itself has changed or disipated.
your words are always so beautiful & reflective eric.

eric1313 said...


I'm in love with the words and the ideas. You are in good company.

Peace and love.


Drat! I thought jargon used within a specific profession counted.

Damn Wiki! It is so not god...

eric1313 said...


La-la land totally missed your presence, as well. Glad to see you here.

I can't pick favorites. It's tough to split hairs with this stuf, but the ending buildup is a nice one.

Peace and love, mate!

eric1313 said...


It was tough to get down. I kind of force the sensory mix-up, then it falls into place, and I go back and fix the parts that seemed forced.

Thank you for your compliments, they made perfect sense to me. And you can do this! It's not too hard--but, then again, I've been practicing it for years. One just has to keep at it long enough.

Peace out, friend.

eric1313 said...

Ultra Toast Mosha God

I think that's one more thing we both have in common.

Love needs a timeline and a schedule. And it needs-needs to mail me copies of both.

I'll google it sometime.

Peace out.

eric1313 said...


In an ending, a beginning can be born.

That's the wonder of it all.

I too love the pics. Thanks for the visits, as always.

eric1313 said...

Jason Evans

I would to.


This is the link that I get all the shots from. I love it. I should put it in my sidebar.

Actually, I think I will.

Thanks for the visits.

Peace out.

eric1313 said...

Trevor Record

Yeah, I had also read that there was a carbon nanotube design based on the geodesic dome that would be much more suitable. But making these things is the hard part.

Of course, I read that the project built on Earth would cost more money than all projects ever executed throughout time, and all the money in the world's economy combined.

Sounds steep.

But the moon? That's a good source of material for building true space craft, which is the whole point of needing one, beside orbital insertion. All indications say that there's lots of titanium and aluminum near the lunar surface.

And because it doesnt exactly rotate, we could build a more traditional platform style elevator. No windshear on the moon to contend with, either. There is the occasional moonquake, but they're nothing compared to a live body like the earth.

Ahh, dreams of heaven...

Later on.

eric1313 said...


Thank you. I aim to please--well, maybe not, but it's nice when it happens.


Skinny Little Blonde

The feeling itself is the same, the focus and the object chabge all too often.

That's a beautiful thought and I'm glad that was all part of it.

Sing flipped and told me "You better hit publish on that one!"

When she says that, you know it's good!

Welcome back, friend. Anytime.

Peace and love

Princess Pointful said...

I am exciting to see if you ever find that pesky little neologism. You're the first one to ever make a real attempt.

Side note- the term neologism is just a fancy term for the many made-up words that schizophrenics have a tendency to use. Though I promise you that tendency is my only symptom.

And maybe the occasional delusion of grandeur!

eric1313 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
eric1313 said...


Rock on!

What some see as delusions of grandeur are often just epiphanies.

And I too exhibit the occasional schizoid symptom. Just don't hold it against me!

I relish the hunt for this Neologism--thanks for introducing me to the word. I like it, it's what writers often do when we feel backed into a corner: we make words up.

Thanks for dropping in--I have a serious comment fetish and you help me out a lot. Ahh, the ego of a blogger is a simple thing to please, is it not?

And I'm just getting a post together, I'll be right on over as soon as I'm done.

Trevor Record said...

The space elevator would be the greatest project humanity ever undertook. However, as technology progresses the cost will go down; automation will help a lot, and nanotechnology will become less expensive in time.

I sort of doubt we'll ever see the start of an earth space elevator in our lifetime unless life extension technology comes out before we die.

The moon is a different story. From what I gather, the moon base they want to start around 2030 is going to eventually be the launching point for all other space endeavors (sort of like a lunar Cape Canaveral).

eric1313 said...

Trevor Record

And that would be a great place to start. The moon is a good source of raw material that will be needed to build future vessels. Moondust is basically rock, and has excellent insulation properties. And the escape velocity is so much less, the fuel costs saved alone would be a huge incentive to put this plan into action.

I doubt the space elevator will be in our lifetimes too, but it's cool to think about, and people need to agitate to get things done--we are quickly running out of room down here.

Plus, I'm impatient. That's why I want China to bust a move, so the US government will be forced to put it's mind (?) on better things than world domination. The threat of another government doing something unheard of like annexing the Moon would get them moving, that's for sure. I want to see a base on Ganymede or Callisto by 2030. I want to see Titan with somebody's flag planted in the methane slush before I die.

At least there's a probe going to Pluto. That'll be interesting to see--if it makes it. NASA's had a curse on a lot of their projects, and there's no way to tell how thick the debris might be. One good pebble, and it's the fastest flying hunk of junk ever created by man.

Trevor Record said...

Yeah, the space program has certainly seen better days as well. Seems like the big thing nowadays is "private space tourism", which might eventually become something even regular people can engage in (doubt it though).

I hope that people don't give up on the space program, though. It has the potential to supply us with virtually unlimited energy and resources once we get off our fat asses and start pursuing it seriously.

eric1313 said...


And you actually work in this field, or in a related field, don't you?

That's awesome. I know you said you couldn't talk about it much, aside from the "think video games" part.

Yeah, the cost of blasting off THIS rock is so high, it's deffinitely the province of multi-millionaires and their ilk, and probably will be for a long time, aerospace vehicle, space elevator, or no (ahh, to be an elevator operator on that scale).

I would love to go up there, but I'm broke and there's no tactical or practical reason for NASA to send a bum poet up into orbit.

Mores the pity.