Monday, October 29, 2007


The wind picks up,
but a breeze cools us down
with its ceaseless breath.

The earth lives,
the night sleeps
--but not we.

We feel each others' heat,
breathe each others' smells,
musts, passions, and poisons.

A pink and white hat on the breeze
turns pirouettes, as in the treasured
dreams of flamenco dancers.

There are so many earthly sins,
they are numbered and named.

I wouldn't call love one of them,
even if sometimes, sometimes
it feels like it must be--
so let it be.

The winds can race forever,
but our hearts have only
so many beats before
the dream is over.

Top: A treasure, indeed. I can almost see her dancing in a smoke filled Spanish bar room. Probably behind the diagonal grid of a cyclone fence, sadly enough. They can be some rough places, from what I understand. Spanish coffee, any one? Bottom: The Rosette nebula, a region of intense star birth. Note the central "bubble" where solar winds have pushed gas and debris light years away from the intense blue stars that it his birthed, some as recently as fifty million years ago.


Josie said...

Your poem is wonderful. Just wonderful.

There are so many earthly sins,
they are numbered and named.

I wouldn't call love one of them,
even if sometimes, sometimes
it feels like it must be.

My goodness.

morbidneko said...

this sort of poem is salt in the wounds of the have-nots.

but, that doesn't make it any less true.

i wish i were still in the position to experience this at will.

your pix are gorgeous.

eric1313 said...


Thank you so much for the wonderful compliment. I imagine we have lots of freinds who would likewise love this one.

Thanks for the visit, and I'll see you soon.

eric1313 said...


I'm sorry, I don't mean to make you feel worse than you do.

If it makes you feel better, I'm a have not, as well. But this extended period of having not has given me the time I needed for my poetic voice to grow.

Remember just a few months ago? I was nothing! But things are a lot different now. If my head head been in the love gutter, I don't think I would have got on this track. It's the best thing that could happen to me.

Thanks for the stop. Take care, my friend.

Peace out, y'alls. said...

Well, my favourite Mexico song is Malagena Sale Rosa , variously translated as either "the girl from Malaga" or Lady of the Red Room.
I like the latter translation.
Oh how Malagena could dance!
Egad. Your poem evokes memories.

eric1313 said...


Thanks for that comment. Evocation is always a good trait in a poem.

The image of the flamenco dancer is something that evokes a deffinite response from me, as well. I wish I had a visit to Mexico to reinforce such an idea.

One day, I'll rock the villa.

Peace out.

Maithri said...

This is an absolutely beautiful write, my friend.

I love the rhythm. The stillness between the words. The images that leap and pirouette and blow through my mind.

Its all just dreams. Within bigger dreams... this thing we call life.

Love and peace and dreams that last forever,


eric1313 said...


That sums it up pretty good. I'm glad you dropped by. Take care, my friend.

Peace out.

Maithri said...

The girl in the pics a bit of a looker too!

;) peace and love brother

eric1313 said...


She's a treasure, to be sure.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Loving that last verse

mystic rose said...


lovely lines, eric!!

captain corky said...

"There are so many earthly sins,
they are numbered and named."

And I've visited with almost all of them.

Great poem my man!

Sandy Kessler said...

I see her too m winds picking up in Florida a little Noel poassing by

singleton said...

"The winds can race forever,
but our hearts have only
so many beats before
the dream is over"

And so true....
Forever can be a very very short
we have to treasure it, even in it's passing....

As always, my friend, Beautiful!

karma lennon said...

"Our hearts have only so many beats before the dream is over." Exactly what I was saying in mine over on Fantastical. Too long and not long enough....

benjibopper said...

this one is so pretty. kinda reminded me of that Tragically Hip song:

"flamenco-sweep the air
and weave the sun
and stamp your feet for everyone"

You and Gord Downie, baby. Put this one on the wall.

Crashdummie said...

Talk abt bringing back bittersweet memories... and I'm not just talking abt the recent one from Barcelona..

"The winds can race forever,
but our hearts have only
so many beats before
the dream is over."

Enemy of the Republic said...

Love as a sin--oh yes.

Have you considered publishing a book of verse?

ann said...

I guess most of us are 'have-nots'
but I can still appreciate the
beauty in the words... and no, love
can never be a sin

eric1313 said...

Ultra Toast

Thanks. As usual, I've spent a lot of time on the first and last verses, but more on that one. And it shows, and, of course, I'm glad I did.

Mystic Rose

Thank you for the kind encouragement, as always. Peace out, friend.

eric1313 said...

Captian Corky

Sins like the roads writen acros the pages of this land, one to each and every end that we seek.

Thanks for the words.


The winds carry a lot to us; we should always pay attention, so as to pluck those little feathers from it as they pass us by.

Peace out!

eric1313 said...


Thank you for your support, friend. It's a lot of fun working with you so much. The words just flow so very easily.

I'll see you soon. Peace...

Karma Lennon

There's only so many seconds, and we should make a lot better use of them than we do. It's a common theme, but never is it untrue. We should treasure every one of them.

Peace out.

eric1313 said...


Thanks, man. You always have the musical connection, and I'm glad about that. There's never enough good songs in the world. We can always use one more.

And yes, it will have to go on the wall. Thanks for the visits. I'll see you later on.


I was thinking about those Barcelona pics as I re-wrote that part last night. I've had this one kicking around for a while, but not until then did I want to put it up.

Cheers, mate!

eric1313 said...

Enemy of the Republic

Some say it is, from theirr bully pulpits. Even raw desire--why would it be created in us if it were to be called a sin by man?

Makes no sense. So much better to love. When we love, we forget all about other sins. But sometimes, we commit sins to get to love or the object of desire. I guess that wuold be where we need to be careful.

Thanks for the stop, and I'll see you soon.

Peace, on and on and on.

eric1313 said...


Exactly; how could it be a sin? When we love, when we sing, when we create, we honor that which is most holy.

Love onand on and on. That's all we need to do.

See you later, too.

Princess Pointful said...

The idea of love being so delicious that it feels like a sin sometimes is perfect. I love the two verses surrounding that.

Thanks for your kind and supportive words-- it is so good to have a few moments to re-envelop myself in your images.

ChickyBabe said...

Beautiful imagery here. I liked the "musts, passions and poisons." Particularly the poisons.

eric1313 said...


I think so, too. The dream of the hat rolling like flamenco dancers spinning was especialy inspired. By what, I don't know, but I'm glad it happened.

And you know it's no thang--I got to be me! You too are a very kind soul who it's easy to be kind to.

Thanks for all the visits and reads.


The short list of things between lovers was a perfect touch. Glad it got noticed. I try not to waste a single line.

And even in the purest setting, there are the past ills, the wdoubts that linger, even in the bacl of the mind. Poison was the only thing I could think of to express that.

You too, thanks for the visit and see you soon.

Ant said...

"We feel each other's heat,
breathe each other's smells,
musts, passions and poisons."

Yes. This is why I love my dance classes. For some reason, especially if it as a stranger and we're connecting for that brief moment...

_Soulless_ said...

A pink and white hat on the breeze
turns pirouettes, as in the treasured
dreams of flamenco dancers.

There is a magical quality to the imagery in those lines. Entrancing. ^_^

Been catching up on previous posts. Got blown away by "No Angel, No Demon", especially by the first and third stanzas -- rife with strong images and with a buildup that leaves me with a racing pulse. Powerful stuff -- I'd take it on the rocks. Cheers.

drips of paint said...

I am more comfortable being here then before ... I can feel the wind, the steam from your words .. what has happened??

beautifully gorgeous lines, I like to imitate some. ... and the nebula what a piece of gold.

how is it going eric ...

peace & magic to you:))

eric1313 said...


Dancing is the essence, the proxy of all love. The man and the woman re-uniting to become the one spirit that we are when together.

Thanks for sharing the idea. It fits perfectly with this--as well as my last post, too.


Thanks! I think like that, in a kind of chant. I measure out all the lines as carefully as I can. I'm glad they have that effect.

Thank you for allowing yourself to be charmed by the words!

eric1313 said...


You are always welcome here--especially if you have praise like that! Growth in our art is of the utmost importance. Everything else follows that.

You too seem to be getting better all the time. That painting of the stage coach is so life like! You have the vision, my friend. And you run with it.