Saturday, October 27, 2007


Two will join together
to one standing alone,
as this longest of days
turns its back to dusk.

Long fingers will grasp,
longings met with skin
to steaming, taut skin~
warm shivers quaking
the beholder and
the beheld.

Two long nights
two long dreams
alone but longing
to join into one.

Too long nights
one requiting union,
one love one lust
one night as short
as the final ray of light
when the source dies,
and two separate ways
will once more be found.

As one becomes two;
alone, once again.
To recede into the haze
of distance and longing--
in the lonely days after.

Top: A binary sunset. Talk about a night light.

Bottom: It's headed right for us! as the famous South Park line goes. The Andromeda spiral and the Milky Way Galaxy are scheduled for a cart wheeling, stellar rendezvous of sorts, about 2.5 billion years from now. So fear not the sun expanding and engulfing the Earth's orbit in five billion years. Destiny is hurtling to meet us half way (as if you were worried). But, ahhh... what a view our grandchildren ten to the tenth power to the tenth power again shall have, right in their own back yard. Assuming that by that time they haven't found a way to turn all of existence off in a wink, as in the novel Slaughterhouse Five.


JR's Thumbprints said...

Some things are beyond our reach but we dream about the day of convergence nonetheless.

eric1313 said...


I couldn't possibly agree with you more.

I know it. I know it well.

But it can make for some of the greatest writing known, if we are masochistic enough to subject oursleves to it.

Beerspitnight said...

...distance being the facilitator of lust once again...

eric1313 said...


It just seems to amplify the need and desire. Keep running and push ever onward to reach that all consuming oneness.

Peace out

Cazzie!!! said...

OMG, you know first image already captivated me..what beauty. THe poem, such words could be used for lovers who have to seperate and will once more again meet...not just the eclipse of two planets....Eric, you have done it again..just spectacular!!!

eric1313 said...


That's exactly what it was all about. You are right on.

And I love your emphatic complimentary style. It just make me smile from ear to ear.

My thanks and much peace. said...

JR and Eric,

Days of convergence. Yes.
So eloquently did Stanislaw Lem put this in his genius novel, Solaris, which seems to deal with the universe withouth and the universe within, and still a parallel universe somewhere out there. Don't see the movie. It has serious problems of suckage.
But the book, the book.
Solaris almost changed my life.
Thank you for bending my mind a bit with your poem. said...


The "sentient" planet Solaris had two suns.

eric1313 said...


Thanks for the scoop on Solaris. I'll check it out some time soon. I like that idea, "days of convergence". I can totaly imagine a small red star or blue star eclipsing a larger yellow star--as well as imagine it having a mystical quality.

I hope I didn't bend your mind too much! This was twice as long and I pruned it down and re-arranged it to flow much better.

Thanks for the visit. Peace.

singleton said...

"as this longest of days
turns it's back to dusk"

and nothing, thereafter,
is accidental.....


eric1313 said...


Nothing's accidental
just a little sentimental
and a lot of detrimental
losing my love ala carte
for an paltry bowl of lentel
as I'm taking back the rental
of this faulty broken heart.

(I should delete that, but I won't and I have know idea why...)

Peace out, Sing. Catch you when the second sun rises.

singleton said...

:) What are you partying with up there? Now you've got me wanting to stand up and turn my self around, do the hokey pokey.....

Maithri said...

I love this one Eric.

You describe it all so perfectly. The long fingers, long nights, long dreams of true longing.

The ache for union is great.

To glimpse our true nature as one being. One dream. One love.

Love to you brother,


i beati said...

I feel the longing, the lonely , the sensuality , what an enduring photo.Thanks for all you were to me this week.!!sandy

karma lennon said...

Beautiful and inspiring. I must go write something now. :) And I love Slaughterhouse Five-first Vonnegut book I read and he quickly became one of my favorite authors.

Enemy of the Republic said...

I would have to tell you my life story to convey how much this described where I am at in my head. You clairvoyent you!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Two nights ago I was stuck in traffic on I-75 northbound. At a curve in the road, I found myself admiring the georgia-glay sunset with silver lined clouds. A car honked & I looked in my side rear mirror. Behind all of that traffic was the new horizon with a full moon sitting square in the center of my mirror. A sight to behold. A convergence, a union & seperation, beginning, an end & in between it all, was me & everyone else here on earth.
Then tonight, I venture out (in my first outing in a cocktail dress;) to attend a wedding of two dear friends. Folks who have dated well over 10 years...growing apart & coming together, moving away & moving back, time after time.
I have said it before, but I'll say it again...sometimes your words are almost prophetic.

eric1313 said...


I'm glad you laughed about that. I was feeling extra silly last night, and boy does it show!

Excellent pre-dawn porch party.


eric1313 said...


I tried and I have to say that by your comment, I acheived.

And that's all I could ever hope to do.

Peace~love, brother.

i beati

No problem at all for encouraging you. The scum who bothered you are exactly that, scum of the worst sort.

And thanks for the compliments. I always appreciate it.

Peace and extra love to you.

eric1313 said...

Karma Lennon

I love when I can inspire people. There is no hire proof that I did my job and did it well.

And Vonnegut is just incredible. Slaughterhouse Five has to be the greatest anti-war novel ever written.

Thank you so much. Peace out.

Enemy of the Republic

And that is another huge reason why I write. To connect with others, as well as to connect within myself.

I think this is how many people envision love, and the persons we love. Drifting alone until we come together, and yet so often, apart again. I loved the idea. And there was good reason, too. I'm glad of that.

Peace out and take care.

eric1313 said...


It's the circle! You and your siter love have really impressed that idea--that everything comes full circle. Seperation nearing to convergence. Union, and a final sepration. That idea is wonderful.

So the philosopher went out in a cocktail dress finally? I'm glad you had fun. It's a cold night up hear. The train is rolling by with it's plaintif whistle, headed anywhere in the world.

Thank you for your words. You and Sing and Enemy were all united in the idea, as were many others, from Ivan and JR on down the list.

The circle continues onward.


X. Dell said...

Enemy, you didn't tell me that you were hurtling towards Andromeda like the rest of us. I always thought that you were above all that:-)

Eric, fun format for the page. I particularly enjoy views of the cosmos, good pictures, and humor.

From this post, and from a glance at your reading list below, I reckon you must like Vonnegut. To be honest, his books make me laugh out loud. Someday, maybe, I'll read one of them.

Actually, I've read a few. I'm particularly fond of Player Piano--which was a bit of a tease, far as the title goes.

eric1313 said...


Thanks for the visit.

It would be nice if Enemy could deflect Andromeda with a stare and a nerve splicing one-liner. Humanity may not deserve the favor, but it would be indebted to her, regardless.

Thanks about the site. I try to mix it up and have fun with it. Things have slowly grown over time. And I've always dug on the pictures--astronomic, fantasy, or just weird. I write, then find something to go with it.

Vonnegut is a favorite. I like Mother Night a lot--it's the most unlike his usual style. It's the closest he ever came to writing something romantic, and yet it's pretty dark and has his trademark odd humor. I have Player Piano sitting in the wings waiting to be read, but I'll give it a go soon.

Thanks for the visit. Peace out.

Crashdummie said...

U so totally know me - your right, I simply loved this poem!

I'm a moushy cheezy person still believing in fairytales... and this one was just like "awwwww".

Dont take it the wrong way, but it made me think of "2 become 1" - it was meant as a compliment even though it was the spicegirl who sang it ;)

Cheers mate

eric1313 said...


I forgive you! ;) They've been broke up for so long, it's cool. Besides, any connection my readers make is fine with me. I'm just glad you do connect, instead of reading it and saying, 'meh', and not caring to comment.

I figured you'd like it. And there is nothing wrong with fairytales at all, so believe away. You have a fairytale life.

Hope you're weekend has been perfect so far.

Cheers, mate!

Danny Tagalog said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Danny Tagalog said...

Your post is quite inspiring, and made me look inward...

The haze of distance and longing is where I feel safest and most secure within myself...perhaps I've been standing back and anticipating for too long. The kid at the back of the classroom who holds back and awaits perfect time.

It's something that continues into adulthood - in a re-arranged (personnel-wise) staff room today, within a social realm, it was my duty to ease conversation and join the 'union'. But wouldn't comply.

I just couldn't allow myself to join in conversation that didn't inspire me, though for the sake of collegial cohesion, I should have made more of an effort.

That staff room was filled with Americans, Kiwis, Aussies - I was the only twit, sorry Brit. Their urge to chitter chatter was wonderful, but although the push was for all to contribute, something inside of me rebuked.

Me, the rebuker, wouldn't allow the silent pressures to join as one to hit home. Not because of dislike but I just wanted to be within - nothing wrong with that - and no offense was caused, but I
was wrong. Something very powerful inside of me wanted to stay out.

On one level, I'm disgusted with my character, at times so loquacious, but today reticent to partake in the union.

It said awful, but vital things which, are in a sense my core - trilling in that they represent individual choice, but frightening in the inadvertent messages handed out.

Sorry about the ramble, but you post made me think about the *longing* one presently feels to be alone unless in the presence of substance.

Horrible, eh?

Danny Tagalog said...

Keep the posts rolling - this community in which I can only play a bit part is truly inspiring and helping my academic writing too.

I can't wait to focus on developing the spark of creativity, however small, whicg has been itching to grow for too long. Let loose that considerable mountain of feeling which has been piling up, awaiting some expression.

Take care Eric and ta very much!


Sandy Kessler said...

I have tagged you on a meme on my site why I blog?, follow my directions or those of walksfarwoman, both the same ..I think I know but anxious to see, Abientot. link did not come through sorry

eric1313 said...

Danny Tagalog

I understand not wanting to force yourself to join in conversation that doesn't interest you. There's nothing wrong with staying silent when you feel like it. I know exactly what you mean. No need to be disgusted with your character. Better to stand back and listen.

I love this online community for the inspiration it has brought to me. It makes me very glad I took the steps toward starting a blog and venturing around the world in this way.

And I remember when I first dropped by your blog. The lable under the title, "to write myself sane", that stuck with me as admirable and worth watching. Keep writing, and you will find the clarity that you desire.

Good for you for next wanting to foster the spark of creativity. There is nothing so worth it in the world as cultivating an art and a passion.

And thanks for all the encouragement. It's always appreciated.

Any time, Danny. Drop by whenever and ramble on. It's what I do!

eric1313 said...


I'll be over there soon. I don't usually do memes, but I might make an exception. Thanks for the visit. I'll see you soon.

Crashdummie said...

but see, not all fairytales have a happy ending...

And sorry to burst your bubble mate, but Spicegirls are now reunited, including ginger spice... ;)


Crashdummie said...

oh btw, after your msg I felt bad and have posted an explination for my absence on crashed site... *sigh*


Beth said...

Really nice. I came here off another blog.

The pictures were terrific too.

captain corky said...

"Two long nights
two long dreams
alone but longing
to join into one."

I can't begin to tell you how many years of my life I spent feeling this way...

Marissa said...

As one becomes two;
alone, once again.
To recede into the haze
of distance and longing--
in the lonely days after.

This makes my heart ache. I know this feeling well. Beautifully written.

karoline said...

wouldn't it be wonderful if each star housed the soul of chance...and perhaps we'll cartwheel right through each other, billions of years from now...

be sure to send a wink..and i'll do the same..



eric1313 said...


Damnit--my bubble sure is burst over that. Oh well, at least the New Kids On The Block will never rise again. ;)

And I'll be over to your site, soon. I hope the best for you at your new job.


eric1313 said...


Thank you for your visit--I'm always glad to see other people drop by and say hello. I always see you around at Benji's and Trevor's, so you are familliar.

Thanks for reading, I know you said elsewhere that poetry is not your cup of tea, so that you sampled this brew means much.

Thank you!

eric1313 said...

Captain Corky

Me, too. I really couldn't tell you, not in here. That would take a novel, I believe.

Peace out.


Glad to see you, as always.

That line is a particular heart wrencher. It hurt just to write them. Glad to have your words here, any time.

eric1313 said...


That actually might be the case, I've read, The only things that will collide are the black holes said to be in the center of our galaxies, as they will attract each other and trully become one.

The rest of each galaxy should more or less spin cohesively together and likewise become one. But we'll never know.

And I'll see you very soon, as well. Take care.
Peace out

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Stellar words too Eric!
Loved this one, it speaks to my cosmic heart! I adore stars, stars and more stars. We are after all stardust ourselves.
That last picture makes one feel so bloody small, doesn't it? Oh I wish I had a view like that.
See you at the bash~! xo

mystic rose said...

beautiful! and what a cosmic feel to the whole thing.

eric1313 said...


It's easy to love such beauty, isn't it? I too would love to see a sister galaxy so close to us in the night sky it seems we could fly there on our own and reach it in days.

Truly, it does make me feel small. But I love the image just the same.

Thanks for the visit.

Mystic Rose

Thank you! I guess it does have that feel. I was just going for the emotional appeal, but there's always something else that leaks out of a good poem.

It does feel like that. Like love reaching across not just space, but time, as well.

Peace to you both. And sweet dreams.

Crashdummie said...

Actually I dont start the new job until december :)

ann said...

oh my goodness... this one
speaks volumes to me. Were
you a fly on the wall? I
shall say no more, but your
words have pushed my buttons;

eric1313 said...


Well, in that case, I'll be wishing you the best of luck for when the job starts. I'm sure you won't need it. You know what you're doing.

eric1313 said...


I think I've said this before, but your response is what I love best about writing; I have the chance to connect with people that I only know through writing. I can touch hearts that otherwise I would not realize that I could affect.

Thank you for your comment. You are the best.

Princess Pointful said...

It is funny how just experiencing something together brings that sense of shared beings.
That poem makes me want to re-read it, curled up under a blanket for full effect.

eric1313 said...


I would be a happy bum poet if that's how most of my work was read.

And I know what you mean. Out of all time and all existence, one moment shared can be such an evocative focal point. Existence and time are huge; is huge, perhaps, since they are so closely related that they are almost one. But one moment together can shine on in memory like a star in the middle of the black, atracting the eyes of remberance forever to come.

Thanks for the thoughtful comment. I love it when something makes me think deeply and write accordingly.