Monday, October 15, 2007


Tight cut baby blues,
love-tangled fringes--
eyes lips fingers
searching in the night.

Everything about you
"shut the fuck up and
enjoy this life, baby."

Tight cut baby blues,
you tell me to listen
and I do, I know
you hold the key to
what everyone wants
a low house payment,
the children fed,
and the warmongers
all put to bed.

V for victory

Two fingers spread;
like her legs said
"Victory, so sweet,
just shut the hell up
and dance, baby"

V for victory

And really you're saying
it's all good and
it's all the same
spirit to soul
peace to love and
those sweet baby blues--

V flashing victory
one more kiss before
the night breaks for day.


Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Two fingers spread;
like her legs said
"Victory, so sweet,
just shut the hell up
and dance, baby"

This made me think of a Cold Chisel lyric from the song 'Khe Sanh' about vietnamese hookers.

'Their legs were always open, but their minds were always closed'

singleton said...

Life is short...

"just shut the hell up
and dance, baby"

deja vue spinning


captain corky said...

"and the warmonger
wannabes put to bed."

Amen brother! Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Danny Tagalog said...

Yeah, Captain Corky said it right!

sandykessler said...

wow what a wake up call - smooth sweet graphics too l love it ..clink ciao baby you made my day sk

karma lennon said...

Kick ass. That's where I want to be again, that's it exactly. Like the Janis pic too. How amazing is she?

Princess Pointful said...

You just don't sleep, do you? ;)

You find power in these female characters in such diverse ways.

And I adore the line "love-tangled fringes".

Anonymous said...

I loooooove the way you write ..very daring ...


JR's Thumbprints said...

V for violence,
S for silence,


V for victory
S for so sorry.

RubyShooZ said...

Eric - or is it Clink? - Thanks for this evocotive piece of writing and for the graphics as well. I'm snagging the Janis shot, I hope you don't mind.

I love your writing and I've been lurking here for the most part; I'm not sure I've ever commented until now. I've seen your nick here and there on some of the blogs I've been recently visiting and wanted to come say hello - and now I'm here - thank you.
Great post.

Peace today - victory - dance.

~ RubyShooZ ~

Pythia3 said...

Bell bottom blues baby.
And, yes, peace is an invitation (to come inside...)
Peace is two individual lines (entities) reaching - in synchronization - to join together at one common point.

benjibopper said...

givin me head in the unmade bed?

Enemy of the Republic said...

I've decided that I know why I like your poetry. You mix lyrical verse with sarcasm, a fine trait in both writing and speech, but you always approach a theme originally. Look, I read a lot of poetry, and most doesn't do squat, but you are working the Lady Muse, my friend. I love knowing your buds, too. That walking man is the best and JR writes some mighty fine posts too.

eric1313 said...

Ultra Toast

That's funny. I deffinitely wasn't thinking about Vietnamese hookers, but I can see the relavence of the comparison.

This one was almost like that--except the sex was free. It was more an indictment of the one the qoutes was addressed to.

Peace out.


Life is short, we all need some more moves to help ease us on down the road.

Yeah, I looked way back in the archives for this one. I hadf to trim haf the bull off of it, but what came out was a perfect little banzai tree, a sweet dance partner.



eric1313 said...

Captain Corky

Exactly--make love, not war.

And the stdgy but munchers out there need to quit making war on love.

No dinner for them! Straight to bed!


You heard it, too. Life is short and depressing. Any chance we get at something the opposite of conflict is a blessing.

We should always choose that path that leads to a smile, and a cup of blue wine...

Peace out, all.

eric1313 said...

Karma Lennon

As Robert Plant sang...
"Everybody needs the light..."

Disco lights and black lights, that is...

And Janice is a goddess. I actually found a picl of her with Bobby McGee, too. I'll post that one sometime. I'm a huge Janice fan. Tome, she is proof that talent makes some people that much more attractive. Wish she could still sing some blues to us all...

Princess Pointful

"Love-tangled fringes"--that was some very inspired writing. I loved it, too.

Yeah, sleep and I don't get along very well... As well you can ascertain, I'm sure.

And about female characters. They aren't all this inspiring, only some--and only if they choose to be cool. Some people don't want to be cool, they just want what they want.

Me? I just want to write.

Peace out, Princess. Glad to see you, as always.

eric1313 said...


Thank you for your compliments. You know good poetry, you write great poetry, and your words are pure encouragement.

Peace to you, my friend.

JR's Thumbprints

vs is a very short but susinct verse.

As always, you have a sharp mind for the perfect comment. That's what I always try to emulate about you.

peace out.

eric1313 said...

Sandy Kessler

Almost skipped you, but I would never skip anyone here.

Hope I can live up to being a day-maker everyday. Now, if only I could make some days for me! After all, life is a bit short, as Singleton pointed out.


Ruby Shooz

Thanks and welcome to my parlor. Come by anytime, snag any pic you like. And by all means, comment away! I'm a bit of a comment whore, so I don't mid one bit!

And I am Eric, or E1313--clink! is what our bottles and glasses do when they meet in a salute to victory or to peace!

I'll drop by your place and see what you have to say there. Thanks for the visit.

Peace out!

eric1313 said...


How did you know I was listening to Hendrix again? ;) "Belly Button Window" is playing right now. An album of great odds and ends called 'Voodoo Soup'.

Peace is a darn good thing, fo sho! We all need more of it.

Thank you for your lively comment. Always good to see you.

Peace out...


Somethng like that. Excellent way of putting it--to put it excellently.

Peace to all.

eric1313 said...

Enemy of the Republic

Thank you for the boost of confidence, that never hurts.

I try to be original. I want to make a living at this. I'm not cut out for retail employment!

If I can entertain people and make the think, what more could I ever ask for? Thank you as always for your visit.

Peace, love and understanding. We need more of all three.

Cazzie!!! said...

Cry cry Babbeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

eric1313 said...


She's the best. Thanks for the stop. I'll see you soon, as well.


mystic rose said...

what everyone wants..
so simple just to live and be happy.. or atleast thats what most of us do. live and let live.

thanks for your words about the tree.. youare right, planting some extra trees will help.

Ive been by reading your poems. they stand on their own. no explanation needed. you have a flair for writing.

Standbymind said...

Wooosh coool thing to read.. A treat

Marissa said...

"Two fingers spread;
like her legs said
"Victory, so sweet,
just shut the hell up
and dance, baby"


this poem inspires me so much you have no idea.

MyUtopia said...

sweet poem, I love the lines:

what everyone wants
a low house payment
the children fed
and the warmonger
wannabes put to bed.

Blancodeviosa said...

Everything about you
"shut the fuck up and
enjoy this life, baby." amazing line man. your poems always take me to places in my mind I forget exist anymore beyond my pharmacutically induced zombia that i call life.

Maithri said...

'One more kiss before the night breaks for day'


I think you could write about pretty much anything and i'd enjoy it.

You have the gift. You are the gift.

Love and peace dreams brother, M

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Namaste My friend. Sweet Eric, you have outdone yourself yet again.
Words like wine.
(Flashes the V sign. With two fingers!) ;D

eric1313 said...

Mystic Rose

Thank you, and don't worry about a thing. You can stand in the shadows and read any time.

I wish life were this easy. I really do. Somtimes, it is, but that's rare.

Peace out.


Welcome, thank you, and hope to see you again.

later on. Peace.

eric1313 said...


Always glad when you like my work. You too are a fantastic writer.

Inspiration is the truest gift of the gods. Glad it inspires you. Very much so.


Thanks for the shout, as always.

None of that's what we all want, but it seems to many like too uch to ask.

Especially with a loose cannon cowboy commander in chief waving WWIII around like his own personal hand gun.

Peace. Peace and more peace!

eric1313 said...


Your words are so sorrowful. I wish you the best, and as always, thank you for the visit.

And I'm always glad to take you and eveyone else I can beyond the bounds of this life's limitations--even those imposed by pharmacuetical zombia. Now that's an inspired line, friend.


I'm going to have to write about anything! I want to make thiis my living in the best and worst ways.

That's right, just one more, we always wnat one more. One more beer, one more chocolate chip cookie, one more dnce, kiss or roll in the tall grass with love.

Peace and love to all.

eric1313 said...



Good deal. Finger spread is just fine, and all I could ask.

Glad you made me laugh. Take care.

Peace out.

Princess Pointful said...

Eric- I was just putting the finishing touches on a very petty new post when you wrote your last comment on my end. You definitely made me giggle.

And, see, ha! You are a geek, too. I can spot one of us a mile away, Mr. Phil Collins lover!

I loved your story. I am from a small-town known for its counterculture, and while I adore it for the most part, it can be insanely hypocritical at times. For instance, I am officially working for "the man" by virtue of living in a big city. The horror.

Sweet dreams, intimidating Nike guy in the front row.

eric1313 said...


The horror, indeed...

I know what it's like. I've been from long hair to short hair, and had all the "enemies" in between to face down.

Your post was so very funny. Your writing is very good, as I always say.

I'll take those sweet dreams and run. You do the same.

And try not to drown on your way to class! I'll pray for ya! Maybe Noah will show up with an ark and give you a lift.

peace out.

Manic Street Preacher said...

you song of the summer dusk is a sincere sounding satche of truth.

sing on.


eric1313 said...


I like the way you put that. Perfect.

Thanks for the visit.

Peace out.