Sunday, November 25, 2007


Let’s keep going/the tank's half full.

N'Orleans is just past the horizon,
through the delta, a midnight's spell;
you hear it, smell it before you see
it's glow fading the stars of heaven.

Do you feel it? God is closest here.

Tomorrow we will walk beside her.

But tonight we will have each other.

The tank is half full, and anywhere
is only one deep, sultry breath away.

Let's keep going through the night
and the dawn will meet us halfway.

Top: Sunset over the Big Easy, from across lake Pontchartrain. Skylines can talk, and this one says to enjoy this place while we still have it. Coastal cities that lie mostly below sea level are in one hell of a precarious place in this carbon crazy age.

Bottom: The Milky Way at sunrise. Obviously, this one was taken well away from any big city lights. Stars like grains of sand on the beach, a spiral arm of our galaxy about 30,000 light years in length, cutting diagonally down and to the right. Majestic. We are a speck of dust on the cog of a great wheel, but like any dust we will leave our mark before the final sunset.


Princess Pointful said...

Short and sweet.
And making me crave a road trip somewhere new... where everything is noteworthy and symbolic.

eric1313 said...


It's awesome how traveling puts everything in a new light, how things we might not otherwise notice all of a sudden ooze with meaning. Especially for the creative mind.

Short and sweet... That's hilarious, especially considering your new post.

singleton said...

"The tank is half full, and anywhere
is only one deep, sultry breath away"....

That's the best runaway line I've ever heard...
makes me just want to
get in the car
and go....

eric1313 said...



I wrote this one a while back. But I dusted it off, made additions and here it is.

N'Orleans in a snowglobe!


karma lennon said...

Oh, this is what I've been wanting to do-this right here exactly. Nice work as always, Eric! :)

david mcmahon said...

Beautiful work, Eric. Nothing like a road trip, is there?

You'd love Australia and the Outback.....

Rose Dewy Knickers said...

I like the idea of riding and meeting the sunset. You create a beautiful picture of hope and wonder with your words.



i beati said...

i can smell it , hear it , taste it feel it thanks sk

PaulS said...

Cool night driving road poem and great photos. The poem has that rhythm of rubber on the road and liberating feel of travel. Cool.

singleton said...

Thats it! I'm takin' my last twenty bucks and puttin' half a tank in the car! Ta! Dah!

Beth said...

Oh, if only I prized love enough to waste a half tank of gas. I mean, with gas prices and all, I'm quite the cynic. =) said...

The lae Hank Williams seems to make people laugh today, but I kind of liked, a half-century ago,
"On the Banks of the Old Ponchartrain."
Oh that Ponchartrain River, so meaningful.

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

this is good writing Eric. There is something steamy, almost sexy about it. Oh the mood is flowing over the big easy and gr.


RubyShooZ said...

Today I'm ready to keep going and I've even got a full tank. I had a rather different sort of trip in mind though and it would be best if I didn't post about it here.

Thanks for the photos! The bottom one does, once again, remind me of how very small we are - or - how very large we are depending on my view of the universe -vs- us some days.

Little cogs sure can make a big mess eh?

Much love to all today and every day. It's the best thing any one of us can give.

Peace, love and understanding.

~ RubyShooZ ~

ChickyBabe said...

Sounds like the tank was half full that night, not half empty.

Maithri said...


Love every word,

Peace, love and light brother,


eric1313 said...


Get the keys and go, girl! Nothing will recharge your creative batteries like a road trip.


I think you are right. Australia would be a paradise for me.

And I love aboriginal cultures, so know it would be interesting, at the very least

eric1313 said...


Thank you much. Meet it half way, I liked the idea, too.

talk to you again.

i beati

I'm glad to take you there. Any time, Sandy.

Peace and love.

eric1313 said...


You're site is also teaming with powerful work. I'll drop by soon and take a good look around.

Musicians always welcome.


That's the spirit. Pick me up and we'll hit an open mic sometime!

And there's some people I'd love you to meet.


eric1313 said...


My greatest teacher always said "cynics are really romantics", I imagine the transformation took place only from getting burnt a couple times.

But, saving your pennies is a great idea. Beside, a half a tank won;t get you half as far as a full one.


I love Hank Williams senior. Honky Tonk Blues is one of those songs that echoes through time no matter how much you dislike country music.

Actually, there's a lot of other folks who like him, too. Maybe he just makes Canadians laugh.

eric1313 said...


I was totally going for steamy. Of course, you picked up on that, you know passion and call it every time. And I'm glad you did. Thanks for your visits.

Peace and love.

Ruby Shooz

Post anything you want here, if you like. Or, post about it when you get home. I'd like to see what you had in mind.

Of yeah, we cogs make a mess. And yes, the galaxy is a big place. We are small now, but one day, our mark will be on more worlds than just one. I just hope we know how to use them better than just exploitation by the time we set foot there.

eric1313 said...


That was exactly what I was going for with that. Good eye.

Yes, this one was all about hope. I wrote it a while ago, after hurricane Katrina almost wiped the place clean.

I saw it the other night and knew I had a jackpot of beautiful vision.

Thanks and see you later, Aussie friend.

eric1313 said...


And you complete the Oz connection.

Glad to have you here, as always.

Peace to you and I'll drop by to see your fine words soon.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

I can almost smell the tarmac

captain corky said...

I wanna go there! Never been, but I hear it's my kind of town.

karoline said...

keep pushing through till dawn...keep on, keeping on...

i luv it eric..your words spin circles around my head...


Lynn Alexander said...

Eric- this carbon crazy world will eat itself up. I think about the images of what will happen to coastal cities, like in Gore's movie where they show the tides rising, eating up the land.

Very sad.

maleah said...

Growing up across the Pontchatrain from that city, I watched the lights twinkle on clear nights. Slidell is Northeast of NO by the Twin Span bridge. "We will lose the city someday." I always heard that growing up, and Katrina nearly made it so. It's not the same as it was, of course nothing ever is the same as it was yesterday or the day before that, but the city is not the same and I think it never will be. Perhaps like a party that lasted longer than it was ever meant to, a steamboat city below sea level in the bend of a river on a coastline has lasted nearly as long as it could.

Dang, it takes me a full tank to go see my sister.

eric1313 said...

Ultra Toast

You have the travel bug, too. As well as the ways and means to go to New Orleans. By the holy river of North America. What a great place.

See it if you can, sir. It's the best, the original Sin City.

Captain Corky

I bet you'd have a blast there. At Mardi Gras, people dress up in all kinds of get-ups. I wouldn't be surprised if that gold Star Fleet shirt got you a few beads.

eric1313 said...


Thanks for your words here and at the Butterfly. I try, and damn it if it doesn't pay off, you know?

Thanks for the shout and all of your encouragement.

Lynn Alexander

Thank you and welcome!

Yes, it this place is destined to change and soon, unfortunately. That's the biggest shame. It's a train wreck in slow motion, inexorable and tragic.

But see it while it's there, if you can.

eric1313 said...


Half a tank, full tank, it's all good, right? At least you get to see her.

You got to see this view ever evening, huh? You're a bayou girl; how cool. I'm just a yankee raised Tennessean, which is not quite as cool, but hey, I'll deal.

I love the party analogy; we can't stay at the party forever. It's sad that that party will one day be over forever. It's there and it's still fun, but it's different and it will never bee the same again.

ann said...

I'm sorry... the pragmatist part of me was calculating the cost of half a tank of petrol which in these parts is almost $10 a gallon

I love the concept that everything is one deep sultry breath away... I guess it is if you let it; sounds like a good idea and I'm gonna hold that thought :)

eric1313 said...


Just don't hold your breath, or it won't work!

I was meaning "everything" in the sense of everything physical and spiritual between two people, so I hope it's true.

Ten dollars a gallon? We are so spoiled here!

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

I will be journeying there next year. Hurrah!

eric1313 said...

You will love it there. The music, the food and drinks, the atmosphere.

The lady tourists are very nice.

Hope you like it hot. Everything, that is.