Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"Freedom is Just Another Word For Nothing Left to Lose"

Freedom to climb that mountain,
until the mountain is no more,
Freedom to ride the bluest tides
until the blue tides are no more
Freedom to make love to beauty,
until beauty itself is no more
Freedom to do all these things,
until freedom itself is no more

And I am just a cloudy dream
blink and I'm gone forever;
you are just a wisp of smoke
breathe deep and you are gone;
again, forever...

So I breathe you in deep, deeper
as you keep your eyes wide open
you fill my lungs with your magic
my heart with passion and drama
I'll fill you with dreams and soul

We blend in wide spirals together,
hazy panorama on a blank page
chasing each others' naked souls
around a bonfire of burning idols
from dark times before their fall

Freedom is a whisper in the dark
hidden from its would be captors
we're free; take it's hand and run
we, the only free souls left alive

free under the false blue moon
free to run from a big yellow sun
free until tomorrow or the next
until there's nowhere left to run


Above: Must be a Saturnian butterfly, because that isn't our moon. It looks like Enceladus, though it isn't labeled as such. One of the forty or fifty plus moons of Saturn, Enceladus is yet another geologically active body in the solar system. Note the tectonic actions in its crust by the folded ridges on the left side of its face.


Princess Pointful said...

I adore the title...
And the verse about being a cloudy dream and wisp of smoke.
How lovely that you can still find each other.

(and what good timing! I just arrived home from work, checked my google reader, and there you were!)

singleton said...

"we're free to take it's hand and run"

That's the one for me! You gotta be free to really be anything at all, to be everything you are...

Clink~to "just another word for nothin left to lose" and I'm puttin' her on right now!

eric1313 said...


Thanks for reading it.

Like usual, I edited the crap out of it just before responding.

But your comment at least let me know what the heart of it was, the part I knew I could trust. I only changed that a little--relatively speaking!

eric1313 said...


That's the real deal, too. To have a chance to be everything we think we are. How right you are.

Our freedoms are dwindling under this moron president, but we still have some--like this medium. There are others out there who have reminded me that we can change some of the things in this world, we have the power and the means.

But do we have the will?

I know you do! You're the last, truest hippie, and you live what you believe like no other.

Let Janice sing her lullaby to you.

'Night, my friend.

ivan@creativewriting.ca said...

I quoted a little bit of Christofferson to a beautiful actress I was walking to the Four Seasons Hotel one day in Toronto.
Certainly felt like you did. Just she and I and free to do anything we wanted.
But this Betty Conner (minor player in the Gidget movies) said you still had to remember your lines and show up on time.
Kind of gave me a turn.
She wasn't into apocalypse, she was into professionalism.
I wrote something not as elegant as your poem, for the Toronto Sunday Sun, our stroll down Yorkville Avenue and the sense of freedom.
My wife at the time almost divorced me and ripped the article right out of my scrapbook.
No sense of freedom! :)

eric1313 said...


Elegant? Thank you very much. I just edited the crap out of this one, as you see from the responses above. But it's way better now, it flows a lot better and the ideas are gleam a lot more.

Thanks for the input.

The wife ripped your poem out of the magazine? Wow, and I thought I had girl problems from writing back in the day. Actually, I did, I was give the "stop trying to be an artist or writer or musician or I'm dumping you" response.

Guess I chose right! And now it's paying off. I think. Somehow.

Thanks for the response, Ivan.

Peace out.

karma lennon said...

I like the poem but I LOVE the title. The title pretty much says it all. And it sums up how I've been feeling lately. I also really like the "chasing each other's naked souls" line.....

Sandy Kessler said...

Love the free and blue choice - that's how i see it . Lovely really lovely Eric

ann said...

This is beautiful; I can't begin to choose which verse I love more... they all blend so well in spirals together... oh gee they're your words

seriously Eric, this poem can only have been written by a man in love, in love with life, with a woman, with freedom with a passion in his soul

JR's Thumbprints said...

I flew above our beloved country during a code "orange" and lived to tell about it. Does this mean I'm truly free? I drove by Haliburton on the way to the Houston airport and can honestly say, "I didn't feel thankful." I saw the old Enron building in downtown Houston and thought of all those people bilked out of their life savings. My freedom as of late has been bleeding "red."

JR's Thumbprints said...

Oh, I'm sorry. The George Bush International Airport. As in "Senior."

etain_lavena said...

wonderfully perfect:)

captain corky said...

"And I am just a cloudy dream
blink and I'm gone forever"

Bitter sweet, and sad but true.

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Beautiful Eric...

benjibopper said...

I agree with Ivan on two counts: 1)Kristofferson was a wicked songwriter, 2) this is elegant, that's the right word for it, nice work.

here's something very different i wrote at some point:

free is not a state of mind or nothing left to lose but more nothing to gain and no desire to do so anyway because each time the sun sets there is no need for more hours and no regret for what wasn't done that day; there is no concept of day for night or burning oil of any sort, only a sense of purpose that is innate easy and never questioned.

free is not knowing exactly where you'll be but having a general sense of direction and a strong sense of place, even when you're moving around or going on a long trip to someplace you've never been before because you know who your home is and you know you'll return here again when the time is right.

free is not rushed never being in a hurry and never being late, always being responsible but never having too much responsibility or too much to do.

free is following the flow offered by the universe yet not necessarily falling under its whimsical tides, at least not until the time is right.

free is not being rich but not having to struggle just to survive some meaningless existence.

free is lacking in this giant monoculture because no one i've ever met in my whole damn life lives the way i'm describing.

free never heard of existential, and i long for it.

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Janis and the Cosmic Poet, collaborating again...clink! And double clink!

Marissa said...

brilliant! eric, how do you continuously write such beautiful and meaningful poetry? it seems you find inspiration in everything, and that inspires me.

Josie said...

What Marissa said. How do you continuously write such beautiful and meaningful poetry? It's a gift!

I love your little astronomy educational bits. You should do an astronomy blog as well. It's fascinating.

BTW, I love Jimi Hendrix and Janice Joplin. I saw them both in person, back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth. Jim Morrison too. (He was yummy.)

distracted spunk said...

My two favorite lines: "Freedom to make love to beauty," and "hazy panorama on a blank page."

Such strong imagery! And they both lead to new tracks which can keep me thinking for far too long if I allow myself.

And hi. You know who I am. But it's the first time I've gotten a chance to comment. Fair trade, no? :)

Neers said...

nice indeed! :)

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Ah, an ode to the fleeting beauty of the free.

You don't know what you've got till it's gone, and such like.

Good planet facts.

Titan is one of my favourite moons, although i've yet to visit.

i beati said...

how is your aunt doing ???

eric1313 said...


I love that line too, it's definitely a happy thought.

And the title, well, that's just a good one. I loved the line, and Janice is such an icon.


We should always opt for happiness, right? That's the best choice there is to make.

eric1313 said...


You may be right!

Things they are a changin' lately. But maybe I'm just having a mad love affair with words.

Or all of the above!


That's the blood of the heart of Texas. Don't mess with it.

Freedom is becoming more and more of an illusion, lately, the choices we are offered are warm steamy shit or cold crap on a cracker, it seems. And I'm not just talking about the presidential race.

Freedom is as subjective as we've allowed it to become.

eric1313 said...


Thank you! Talk to you soon.

Captain Corky

It's just like that.


Gone in a flash. Freedom and Houdini have a lot in common.

eric1313 said...


Of course. Thanks for the word, friend.


Be back to answer the rest very soon.

Y'all are the greatest.

krystyna said...


david mcmahon said...

G'day Eric,

On my blog a few minutes ago you wrote that you were sitful about having a summer Christmas. Well, you're the first person I've told this to - watch my blog this weekend!!!



Leigh Russell said...

Hey Eric1313, I used to listen to Kris Kristofferson (spelling all wrong there?) a lot years and years ago in another lifetime. Reading that quotation brought back the melody and the memories... Please drop by my blog some time and leave a comment so I can find yours again. I'd like to visit again and that way I know I'll be able to find you. I found you on Charles Gramlich's blog and thought your comments there were interesting. My blog is about writing - and other random stuff that creeps in to blogs, like life.

Ant said...

The transient, ephemeral moment - try to hold on to it and it's gone. Just got to let it wash over you and experience its wonder...

A Saturnian Butterfly? Is that like a Space Baby? :-)

eric1313 said...


free is not being rich but not having to struggle just to survive some meaningless existence.

free is lacking in this giant monoculture because no one i've ever met in my whole damn life lives the way i'm describing.

free never heard of existential, and i long for it.

All of that was an excellent take on this theme. Thanks for posting it here. I really dig it when people bring their inspirations here for me to see them directly.

eric1313 said...


Double clink and a triple back at ya.

Janis and the Cosmic Poet. I like that. Thank you, as always.

Peace out


I do try to be inspired by everything. Life is too good to pass off as common, you know?

And to you, too: thanks for the visits. I hope the best for everything you've been going through.

eric1313 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
eric1313 said...


Thank you, too. Geez, I think that's the most said phrase on my entire blog.

An astronomy blog, ehh? Not a bad idea. But I like having the inspiration of the real heaven right here, too. But it's a good idea.

And thanks for the stop at the Flutterby. Yes, my inspirational music comes from way back. Tell me stories of them some time, will ya?


Welcome, friend! Fair trade, indeed.

I love working within interpretation, so think about it as long as you want to. I'm glad I make people think. That's the best compliment possible.

eric1313 said...


Thanks for the stop. A pleasure, as always. As is your own writing.

Take care.

Ultra Toast

Yeah, we need to use it or we will lose it, if that's not already inevitable. Bushes and true freedom don't mix.

I like Titan, too. I'm waiting on a good picture of it. The one I have is just a hazy orange ball.

I want to go there so bad. Make a snow angle in the methane slush. Fun fun.

eric1313 said...

I beati

She's back in the hospital. The news is not good, I'm afraid. She has more tumors than originally thought.

Bless you for your concern.

Peace and love, friend.

eric1313 said...


Right back at ya!

And welcome!


I will, if I can. And if not, I'll scan back. I'm going to be in Detroit this weekend with my family.

Thanks for the heads up, though.

White Christmases are getting on my nerves.

eric1313 said...


I'll be by in a minute. Thanks for the stop and the words.

We writers have to stick together! It's all about solidarity in the face of a world that does not always appreciate creativity.

eric1313 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
eric1313 said...


That's another great way to put it.

Let it wash over our souls, and they will be immortal.

Yeah, Saturnian Butterflies, Space Babies, Venus on the half-shell.

It's all good in old sol's hood.

peace out, good sir

mystic rose said...


eric1313 said...


Awesome right back at ya, my fine worded friend.

Maithri said...

My friend,

You are the very voice of freedom,

You sing to our souls,

Love to you brother, M

eric1313 said...


I sing with help from our great friends. But it is to souls that I do my best work.

Hope you all will always be there for me to sing to.

Princess Pointful said...

Another secret holiday blogger style email for you.

Thank for for your kind words, as always. Believe me, I come back here because I want to. You have a way with words, my friend, one that I am very envious of. My poetic days are far in my past.

I hope you are having warm times with loved ones this time of year. I am in my pajamas at my parents house, so that fits the bill.

Though unfortunately I seem to have been stricken by a round of bad luck, which included waking up this morning to a call from my credit card company saying that my Visa has been "compromised". Turns out someone got access to my info and made up a card, which they have been using intermittently for the past week or so. Good holiday fun!

eric1313 said...


No! So terrible! That's just not right at all. I hate fraud. That's the worst.

But the good thing is you are insured against such loses by the company. Just make sure they do it. Usually they won;t even put up a fight. But sometimes, they do.

To better matters--your compliment makes me blush, my friend.

Your way with words is wonderful, too, in all it's own meticulous way. And tonight, your story really pulled me in.

I can't believe I miss comments like this one! I'll have to turn on my email confirmation thingy so I can keep track.

Take care and I hope the credit mess gets sorted out.