Friday, November 23, 2007

Lies Between the Lines

The truth flutters on wings
that look like golden leaves,
tickle like excited fingers
like a blue joke's punchline--
long hair in the way of a kiss
as we pitch and roll and sigh
during these restless nights
the double storms of passion
in the air of this dark room
that we breathe together
on light satin damp sheets;
in and out the heart's tempo
the words, truths and lies
in our brown eyes begotten
by the light of morning desire.

The flutter of golden wings
means not a sigh of goodbye
but good morning, good night;
the truth has golden wings
like the leaves of autumn,
so pale lies between the lines
mean nothing more to us
than another gilded excuse
to spend a long summer night
over cover and incognito
as the bonfire only begins
to burn with its own light.

Top: A flower called Ascension by Fire. Like purify by fire, but with a slightly more tangible intangible reward at the end of the line.

Bottom: Jupiter's moon Europa, one of four large moons called the Galilean satellites, each one comparable in the size to our own moon. Fans of the movie 2010 (are there such people anymore?) will remember this one as the forbidden moon, the home of an intelligence far beyond anything quantifiable by our earthly senses. Beneath the cracked lines of its icy surface lies an ocean of cold water a hundred or more kilometers deep. Where there is water, many speculate life to possibly exist. And even children know that wherever life exists, a McDonald's franchise must surely follow.


Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

woohoo I am first for a change... lol

Excitement, lust after writing something that the heart and mind has touched. Flames, retarded by no air and then suddenly set free to breathe in and send out its heat.

I like this one.. makes my mind taste and my heart hunger.

Princess Pointful said...

It makes me long for summer, for those nights you describe, and spring, for the return of the butterflies.

eric1313 said...


The ember smoldering in the dark will flare into all of it's glory on first opportunity, first exposure to the wind.

And this ember is what burns inside of one who feels love--or truth.

You're on top of your game, and you're always welcome, first comment or last. Talk to you later.

eric1313 said...

Princess Pointful

It's in those long summer nights that we find the strongest heat and passion stirring our souls. Summer is always a beautiful metaphor for passion's heights.

And the butterflies--real, or just the ones we feel inside our stomachs in the springtime of love. The world is never quite as beautiful as when it awakens from the cold darkness and killing frost.

Glad to see you on top of your game, too. Peace out.

ann said...

if I was steaming from the last one, I am positively breathless and knocked out now...

"as we pitch and roll and sigh during restless nights and, double storms of passion"

where have I gone wrong? Take me to this place, pleeeeeeeeease :>)

singleton said...

"mean nothing more to us
than another gilded excuse
to spend a long summer night
over cover and incognito
as the bonfire only begins"

Clink! You have somehow magically taken these short dark days and spun them into the endless
dreamy steamy days of .....
sunshine moonshine summertime!

And yeah, you rock!

Enemy of the Republic said...

My dear friend,

Well done--I like the image of the truth fluttering--it is a fine metaphor. But your poem begs the question: What is truth?

Singleton: You rock too!

Oceanshaman said...

"long hair in the way of a kiss
as we pitch and roll and sigh
during restless nights and,
double storms of passion"

Man, I like that . . .

Wouldn't mind hitting that groove once again . . .

As for Europa, if there's a McDonald's franchise there, than I'll bet we can find us a liquor store and some drug dealers, as well . . .

All the essentials . . . said...

I have been told by a poetry editor that my lines reminded him of Catullus, some Roman poet of erotica.
To this day, I haven't checked out Catullus. But you, Eric remind me of a famous second-century heretic named Tertullian.

For what use of Nature, what enjoyment in the world, what tast of the elements is not consumed by the sould per cranem--by he agency of he flesh? .

Sure is nice when you're getting it. :) said...


Oh crap. I wasn't proofreading and what came out of the Tertullus quote was gobbledegook.

Here is the cleaned up version of my quote of Tertullus:

For what use of Nature, what enjoyment in the world, what taste of the elements is not consumed by the soul per cranem--by he agency of the flesh? .

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

This sings to me! Well done you!
I am loving it.
Your photos of all the outer space stuff is awesome. I love your info too...about the moons. Way too cool. Yes, water=life. There must be. No doubt.

Maithri said...

Dear Eric,

Love the way you serenade words. Make love to them, make them do your bidding.

Its like watching eagles in circled flight,

Beautiful to behold,

Peace and light my brother, Maithri

eric1313 said...


If you read the words carefully, you will be taken there. I'm sure you have a great love adventure yet in the cards for you. You certainly have the heart for it.

Don't forget to breathe!


Sunshine, moonshine and summertime... three great things that go great together!

And you know it's not magic so much as inspiration and a great friend to help me improve what I do.

Thank you, my friend. We all rock.

eric1313 said...

Enemy of the Republic

You rock, I rock, Sing rocks--we all rock.

Got it?

The truth in this instance lies in the little lies, in between the lines and in all the ways we try to find love. The truth is fleeting, as well. That is important.

This one is hard even for me to make sense of, to be honest. I just like it!

Talk to you soon.


There goes the neighborhood, huh? Europa was all set to try and become a retirement community, then the urban thang happened all over it. What a shame.

Thanks for the words about the poem. Getting in that groove is always good for the soul. I'm sure you've got plenty of grooves in your future.


eric1313 said...


Tertulian ehhh? That's cool, since he was the one who pointed out that the Christ story is an awful lot like Prometheus. Hmmm....

No wonder he was called a heretic. Heresy more often than not seems to be the truth that everyone else has been instructed to avoid.

It seems the nature of the world and the nature of the flesh are one, and we shouldn't freak out about having to keep these things separate.

We breathe and we fall in love, the sun rises and sets, the seasons change, and we are with lust throughout.

Agency of the flesh--I like that line.

Thanks, Ivan. Talk to you soon.

eric1313 said...


I love singing to you and everyone else, too. Glad you love it.

Yeah, the cosmos does indeed intrigue me. But this one is a little closer to home--as in, we could actually go there. But... it is awfully cold there.

Glad to keep you informed, thanks for the visit.

eric1313 said...


We have great friends who have inspired us to greater heights than we thought possible.

The words do my bidding only as long as I command them with confidence of the direction the need to take.

There are days that I have no idea where the words need to go, so they don't go anywhere. They languish, staring at me until I tell them to move, to line up, to separate and form new groups.

Peace out, Maithri. Keep the faith.

Ant said...

"long hair in the way of a kiss..." - nice imagery.

I read 2010 but never saw the film - I recall there was something slimy and tentacled under the ice that dragged the Chinese (?) shuttle under or something...

... where it forced them to eat big macs and fries until they went crazy.

i beati said...

left a comment lost- my meaningful associate in life was a breeder- cross -grower and lover of day lillies- oddly this post reminds me how brief, a day in my life, he was here with the passion you describe

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Life, but possibly only prokaryote. Life must be quite easy to start off- it started here very early- it's how it develops that may be less regular.

X. Dell said...

Io has the McDonald's. Europa only has Starbucks.

benjibopper said...

so pale lies between the lines
mean nothing more to us

than the bent over broken dreams
of political entropy
drifting in the airless vacuum
of eternal infinity

so swiftly the sun
sets in the sky
you rise up and say goodbye
to no one
[bob dylan]

Pythia3 said...

I think I saw a CVS going in during one of my astral dreams. lol.

Wonderful words...and that flower is beautiful. Even more so now that I know its name!

Enjoy this sunny Sunday, Eric.


eric1313 said...


I'm all about nice imagery! :)

I think we've all been there, stray hair in the way...

Sounds like the book was better than the movie. The Chinese space shuttle went around to the far side of Europa and never came back around.

A tentacled beast? Like a gigantic Cthulu? That sounds wicked! I want one!

Maybe it's the affect of all those fries... Drives even a monster insane.

eric1313 said...


That's always a good thing--to remind someone of a cherished memory.

That is a beautiful flower. I loved it. And the name is nice, too.

Thanks for the visit, I'll see you around, Sandy.

eric1313 said...


Right, it's so far away from the sun, it's hard to imagine advanced multi celled life under neath so much ice.

As we've been learning, there have been many extinctions. Many of them were in the early stages, and several of them cleared the way for life to take tremendous steps forward after the tumult.

It's amazing that so many people think that we are the only molecules to ever assemble in a self replicating form. I think we are on the verge of awakening to find that we are unique only in the specific way that change has altered our life over time.

eric1313 said...

X dell

Hot coffee! Of course! That would be a huge seller when the high temperature goes to 250 below 0.

Io sold out first, eh? Bastards. Ionians are probably already reaping the obesity rewards of such cuisine. Serves them right.

eric1313 said...


Excellent composite verse, sir.

Wow, I'm amazed that I inspire such creativity!

I like that, actually. It flows so well. And we can match up--at least a little--to Bob Dylan?

Most excellent, indeed. My Piston's cap is off to you.

eric1313 said...


It was sunny. Then the clouds and freezing rain came and obliterated the sunshine. Oh well, an ode to what was only this morning.

Thanks for the visit, Lindy. Glad my blog is behaving enough to allow you to comment today!

ChickyBabe said...

Butterflies flutter to the soul. Your imagery makes me dream.

eric1313 said...


Dreams are free for the taking. I'm glad if I can inspire anyone, even if it's just to smile a little, it's worth it.

Thanks for the stop.