Friday, November 9, 2007

Light of November

It creeps in like a bold sniper
across the linen bed spread
until I realize I'm not alone.

Long shadows run to dark corners
away from it's piercing warmth--
later they will come back to play,
but for now they are content to sit
and wait for the long night ahead.

Each shaft of light is a spear
aimed at our eyes and hearts;
like the shadows, we will wait.

But only when I hear your voice
I know for certain I'm not alone
in the cold light of November--
and we both know it's time to go
undercover, to the dark corners.

Wind moans like a forgotten ghost
snow swirls in its whirling arms
the light grows weaker by the day.

Everything tells us to stay here
in this warm bed, with these arms
and hands and half-open eyes.

But the best dreams are those
hidden in the blinding light of day.

This is the season to hibernate;
no time to lie in open territory.



Maithri said...

'Everything tells us to stay here
in this warm bed, with these arms
and hands and half open eyes.'

Love this!

Peace and love brother, M

ann said...

firstly, the picture is absolutely stunning

secondly, your words are absolutely stunning

seriously though, I think I really would love to hibernate, especially
if there were some more hands in the bed.... maybe then I wouldn't need to put socks on every night :)

p.s. I've moved

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

So true, each and every cold pierced word. The words are like kindling though Erique, they help light the fire of our imagination.

Gillian said...

The extramundane.
How it reminds us that life is not the way they tell you it is.

Lisa said...

"But the best dreams are those
hidden in the light of day."

I love this line. I wonder if this is something people realize as they get older. :)

singleton said...

"Wind moans like a forgotten ghost
snow swirls in its whirling arms
the light grows weaker by the day"

And we live,love,live.....


Sandy Kessler said...

just so touching how well I remember the cold and love I will not say the rest for the temperatures are on my blog. Cheers sandy

Cheri said...

Makes me think of all those damned Little House on the Prairie books that I read growing up.

JR's Thumbprints said...

The last time a shot a deer I had been sleeping in the middle of an open field. Damn thing woke me up. Pow! That easy. Couldn't believe it.

Princess Pointful said...

That first verse was absolutely chilling. I don't know how I can be convinced not to crawl into bed now, no matter what the last verse says!

Behind Blue Eyes said...

Late fall in the midwest. You nailed it! I hate getting out of bed when it's cold.

_Soulless_ said...

snow swirls in its whirling arms

There is magic to that line. And dance. Loved the sound of it as I read it out loud. ^_^ No winter season where I am; even December days can be warm.

drips of paint said...

your senctences always tax my imagination to the utmost and every senses and more need to be awake lest the journey with your poem will miss some corners ...

you take me out of this world

morbidneko said...

i like this poem.

it captures my feelings around autumn / winter.

i want to stay in bed.

benjibopper said...

speaking of another month:

"Laura lays on the foot of the bed
Mimics a noose with a telephone cord
Doctor's on the phone
Then she hangs up and says
'I ain't never gonna see the winter again'
And I don't know how, but she smiles
September, September"
--Ryan (not Brian) Adams

it snowed here for the first time yesterday. it was nasty unpleasant weather, but after two years away from snow i got giddy for it. we'll see if i still feel that way when i get bitch-slapped by february.

karma lennon said...

That's where I want to be right now-in a warm bed with someone...nice images....

eric1313 said...


Thank you for the visits, as always.

Glad to see you. And noted the move. Your notes about hibernation are quite right.

The words are, but there comes a time when words must silence to make way for imagination.


eric1313 said...


Life can only be explained by it's own existence. I think...


It sure seems that way. So take it from me and go for the dream that is hardest to focus on.


The winds speak it to us. We just write it down.


eric1313 said...


The cold is still here for you if you ever venture north. I'll tell you about it this winter, I'm sure.


Seeing your comment made me realize why I needed a new post!

But, I guess that's not entirely bad, now is it?


All you had to do was move with assurance. It's odd how nature does that, wanders a little too close to doom.

eric1313 said...


Damn. I set it up too good, huh? I'll have to be careful of that in the future.


The snooze bar is a tradition in these parts. So is the on again off again comforter. Don't you hate that?


You are one of the lucky ones. Not only do you live a day into the future (compared to us), it's also warm am inviting all year round. It doesn't get any better than that.

eric1313 said...

Drips of Paint

If I doubt myself, I need only to read your comments to know I'm on the right path.


The bed wants you to stay in it. It gets lonely, otherwise...

eric1313 said...


I love the snow until my car is sliding out of control towards another vehicle. Then it's time for Maui or Tahiti.

I'm still waiting, but one day...

Karma Lennon

It sure does sound a lot more inthiting to be in the arms that lie next to us, rather than the arms of the wind.

Hands down. that's where I'd rather be, too.

morbidneko said...

maybe the bed and I can be lonely together..

Ant said...

Ooh beautiful!

Agree with the last verse wholeheartedly...

mystic rose said...

...the best dreams are those
hidden in the blinding light of day

..indeed!! and the imagery is awesome!!

RubyShooZ said...

Beautiful imagery and photo!

I love listening to the wind and I've noticed at different times it talks about different things.

About hibernating - I love to do this but too, I love going out into the frozen tundras - even when skidding into snowbanks - it makes for some real adventures!

Love and peace - always.

~ RS ~