Friday, November 30, 2007

Somebody Get Me

Somebody tell me this has to be real.

Her sunlight on Saturn smile
and her star of midnight eyes,
just let me slip into her deep
with these visions of heaven
intact for the big kiss and tell.

Somebody pull the horror
the cold blood-shot dread
away from my past lives
like a sheet from a revenant
slowly stalking innocent night.

Somebody get me a doctor--

or a big fat twelve mile high
monsoon-wet goodnight kiss.

And one more Marlboro.

As the tic-toc whiles away
the precious gem of hours
with her, rolling into night;
before the molten-gold fire
burns on the ocean of glass,
just tell me this is for real
so I can be born once again
by a siren singing the blues

Somebody get me one more day to live.

I'll take the long odds and run for the hills;
just as long as the dream girl is with me.

Top: European Space Agency artist's rendering of a view from the surface of Titan. With a view like this, real estate is bound to be on the expensive side.

Bottom: Titan is Saturn's largest moon, a little bigger than our own Luna. It's the only moon in the solar system with an appreciable atmosphere. Average temperatures range around the 300 below zero mark, Fahrenheit. This atmosphere is about twice as dense as the Earth's, and is composed of well over two-thirds Nitrogen, making it awfully similar to our own here on this rock. So if the day comes (five billion years from now) that the Earth's orbit is engulfed by the expanding sun, we might have a place to do something with. And it'll have one heck of a view, what with some forty or fifty other moons floating through the night sky, even though Saturn's glorious rings will probably be long gone.

I'll be gone again for a while. My aunt is in the hospital with worse news than before, more tumors and less time left. You all have been some great supporters. Bless your every endeavor, no matter what it might be.


singleton said...

Bless you sweet friend. Travel safe. Sending Prayers on every thought. Much Peace and love

And the words are beautiful....
simply beautiful....

eric1313 said...

Bless you, (((Sing)))

I will and I'll bring her your best greetings.

Did you finish All My Friends Are Going To Be Strangers yet?

PaulS said...

Very cool, wolf howling poem. Some body get me a southern rock 'n roll tussle under the desert moon. Nice.

X. Dell said...

(1) Dr. Kaku says that if we could advance to a class two civilization, then no natural disaster--not even a supernova--will be able to wipe us out. Still, for those wanting to stay in the solar system a bit longer in the event of an expanding sun, Titan might be an inviting residence, especially with a view like that.

Of course the heating bill would be murder.

(2) My best wishes to you and your family. It has to bite to go through this experience near the holidays (speaking from personal experience).

JR's Thumbprints said...

I'm staying away from touching foreign objects. No moonwalking for me.

I hope your aunt's health improves.

karma lennon said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your aunt. Sending good wishes and healing thoughts your way. I know this has to be an extremely difficult time.

Poem was lovely, as always.

Rose Dewy Knickers said...


Sorry to hear your aunt is poorly. I wish you strength in this time.



benjibopper said...

ahh how we long for a better past while still mucking up the present.

mystic rose said...

first of all sorry to hear about your aunt. I do hope everything gets resolved quickly and gets better for her soon.

And this poem... I have been reading all of your poems, they are beyond my words to praise. That is such a lovely state to be in.. :)

iamnasra said...

Im so so sorry..Just when it felt is going towrds a new direction...Hang in there prayers for her and more stregnth to you and your family

eric1313 said...


Thank you for bringing your musical approach to this page. I like your ideas.

X dell

Good points all the way around.

Maybe more cost effective than heating would be to learn how to thwart gravity and drag Titan from Saturn's grip and bring it closer to the sun.

You never know! I'm waiting on Spatial Folding to see if that one pans out.

Thanks for the wishes. Talk to you soon.

eric1313 said...


But it's so much fun!

Yeah, spring a leak and the fun is over, but hey, risk and reward might be in the same package.

Karma Lennon

Thanks about the poem and the wishes.

Take it easy this weekend.

eric1313 said...


Thank you for your kind wishes. The best to you, as well.


If we could go back we would, at least some of us wold. But we can't, so the future, the one more day, the one more minute with her is all we can ask for.

Thanks for the visits, you all.

Take care.

eric1313 said...


You too create some beautiful work. But yes, I have been on a roll. I attribute it to writing with good friends.

And your wishes make a huge difference. Thank you for them.

Peace out.


Your prayers mean so much, Nasra. And your visits here give me hope for my writing. You know great poetry, so when you praise me it is felt very deep.

Peace to you and everyone else.

eric1313 said...


Be seeing you soon, I hope. Take care and enjoy the weekend.

realbigwings said...

Many blessings to you and your family, Eric.
Your poems are lovely. Thanks for supporting my creative endeavors too.

*health and wholeness*

mountii said...


Enemy of the Republic said...


I wish you and your aunt well. I especially like that line with past lives--that hit me hard for some reason. I tried leaving a comment yesterday because I enjoyed the Tuesday post--I think that first stanza is one of the best I've read in blogdom.

Sorry I've been bad about my comments--work has been nuts so I've been trying to hit people's blogs to let them know I still love them. Also, writing that last post was hard for me--long story.

Sandy Kessler said...

photos enchanting- news -sad, poetry over the top sensuality . love and prayers sandy ibeati

Maithri said...

Dear Eric,

Bless you and your dear Aunt during this most difficult time.

You are one in a million my friend. A diamond in the rough.

Sending peace on the winds,

love, Maithri

Cazzie!!! said...

Many blessings to your Aunt, and to those who will need the strength to hold her up high and give her all the positive energy they can.

I love this poem, I love the planets, always so awesome to look at..such secrets they seems...timeless, quiet yet bursting with a message we cannot know.

ivan said...

Prayers for your aunt.
Your poetry here reminds me, somehow, of Wallace Stevens' The Blue Guitar, especially when he wonders whether what is on the floor is wine or blood.

Princess Pointful said...

This is one of the times I hate how busy I've become, as I didn't get here until now.
You know we all have nothing but good vibes for you and her. If she played any whole in making you so insightful and kind (which it sounds like she did), she is a wonderful person indeed.

And this poem starts off with such a wonderful bang! As I've said before, I love when you have a bit of a theme, like the "Someone" lines.

Much love to you!!!

ChickyBabe said...

I'd say skip on the Marlboro if you want one more day :).

Sorry about your aunt. Hope all goes well.

Josie said...

Eric, I'm heartsick for you about your aunt. I know how much you care about her. And I know she realizes how lucky she is to have you in her life. I think you must be a lovely person. I can tell from your writing and your poetry. Look after your aunt, and look after yourself.

maleah said...


Beautiful words yet again.

Prayers and comfort for your aunt, your family and you. None of this ever seems fair.


eric1313 said...

Still in Detroit, but the night treats me well. My friends are around me, and my sister is even here.

Actually, there's a party going on here and we have Flogging Molly and Queens of the Stone Age blasting so loud I can barely type.

But I am. Everyone here is leaving a fan of poetry, as well.

You all are great. Great like as in you all deserve monuments in your honor.


You're welcome, because your spoken word really that powerful. Thanks for posting that link. That stuff floored me.

Thanks for the visit, you. Talk to you soon.


Welcome to the shack man. Grab yourself a cold one and read on.

Talk to you soon.

eric1313 said...


That last post of yours was hard to respond to, as well. It struck deep, resonant chords in me. I could only speak the truth in regards to that.

And don't worry at all about responses. I can get bad, too. Things are always up, or they're down. Not much of a middle ground, you know?


Your support of my art and this situation with my aunt are both touching and appreciated.

Thank you for your visits. So glad you're around.

eric1313 said...


As are you, friend. One in a million millions. Keep sending that light to everybody around you it helps.

And keep writing the words that you do.

You will be know one day.

Peace, brother.


Another wish well-received. Thank you for your compassionate soul, my friend. I'll relay the love to her.

eric1313 said...


If I ever want for new poetry, all I have to do is look back at one of your comments. That sounds so interesting I'll have to check it out.

Hope all the technical issues over at your place are ironed out soon.


Your words make me blush and beam a smile like a spotlight as I read them. She did have a lot to do with it; she speaks four languages, plays piano and sings. And she loves it that I'm a poet. To say the least, it would let her down to be any other way than the way that I am.

And the theme... Even though we have to save our selves, we sink or we swim, somebody can very often be our saviors. Even if just for the moral support.

Thank you for your words, my friend. And the wonderful sentiments. Take care, OK?

eric1313 said...


What great motivation to be a quitter. Just an expression. But yes, you are right; smoking can kill a close friendship getting closer.


I am looking out for myself. Nobody else van do that except me. But as always, that's great advice, no matter what the circumstances.

And I try to be nice--not everyone sees it, but enough do that the others don't matter if they don't have the consideration to care.

Thakn you so much and see you soon.

eric1313 said...


Glad to see you here, as always.

My aunt faces a lot, but everyone's wishes help--me especially, and I pass that along. Always.

Take care, OK?

Peace out, all. Detroit loves no one, but it is beautiful on this night.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...



Thoughts are with you, Eric.

eric1313 said...

Thanks for the visit, Ultra Toast. And likewise the words.

Talk to you all more later, as I'm at the old college library blogging and holding up a line of angry procrastinator type students trying to get their finals done before tomorrow.

Fug'em, I say.

Princess Pointful said...

Eric- I have you on my google reader, so I'm afraid I was able to read your deleted post.
The poem was beautiful (as always), but your words and tributes to Theresa were even more beautiful.

"Even if anything at all is too much to ask so might as well ask for it all, I only ask for that.

Except sometimes when I ask for everything."

Those few lines are beautiful and all too human.

I can't even imagine the daily pain and wondering, forcing you to keep on confronting the fears of life without her yet again.

Much love and the best vibes I can squeeze from my body.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Oh, Eric...I really have been out of orbit for too, too long. I am so sorry about your Aunt. My thoughts are with comment above you mentioned looking out for yourself, as nobody can do that quite like you & I have to say...those are sage words of wisdom. You awareness & appreciation of everything beautiful combined with with your awareness of everything real & not-so-easy or pretty makes you intricate yet least in my world. P&L

eric1313 said...


Keep squeezing those vibes, because they worked beautifully.

I can't thank you enough for reminding me about those lines.

Peace and love to you.


Take your time visiting, I know how busy you are. It's nice whenever you do visit, since I get gaze through the words and see what hit you as cool and all.

"Intricate, yet solid"

Sounds fair. I'll go with that for sure!

Thank you for your heartfelt wishes. You and your sisters know this well.

I'm honored to know all of you.

Peaue and love to you too.