Friday, November 16, 2007

They Call Her Old Painless

Something about a fire--
when it falls sprawling and low
and the heat rolls across in waves
pulling people in by their eyes,
smoldering in the black-blue night;
nothing ever dies before its time.

Something about a fire--
how it lives and breathes in the dark
long after everyone has gone home.
It won't die as long as embers glow,
and somehow this lets me know
that I will live on far beyond the day
my paper heart is fed to the flames.

Something about a fire--
the moth whispering to sister flame
each and every definition of love,
as it spirals faster into the inferno
it will never again have a chance to
feel the unrelenting bite of the heat.

Thank you so much for all the concern about my absence--you know who you are. My Aunt Theresa is about to undergo surgery for a tumor behind her eye. She just found out about it. She's like a third parent for me as I grew up. I have no idea why that translates to a stoppage in my writing, but it did. Until this one. Hope you like it. I'll try to be back soon.


Princess Pointful said...

I'm very sorry to hear about your aunt. You and her will be in my thoughts. I like imagining that this poem is a little inspired by her strength.

eric1313 said...

Princess Pointful

Thank you for your kind wishes. You're an awesome blogger buddy.

And the poem was unrelated, but when I was looking at it, it just called to me. I've had it laying around for a month, but I re-wrote it and posted it up. And it does have that kind of strength to it; the moth falling into the flame is kind of me, not her. But I'm pretty sure I'm fire-proof. I've been through enough to be.

I hope she rises like that ever burning fire. I'm sure she will. We have people with faith who are sending us good vibes. It will be OK.

Again, thank you.

Crashdummie said...

I'm sooooooo sorry to hear about your aunt eric - she'll definitely be in my prayers.
I'm really sorry that I didnt dropp by earlier.

find the strength in your poems, among your friends - if u are strong, it will rub off on her, trust me

as always, a lovely poem eric, and I'm sure it was dedicated to her.

singleton said...

"Something about a fire--
a moth whispering to the flame"

yes, there's something about a fire.....
and the embers burning there.....

even in your distance, your quietude, it smokes.....

Sending prayers and good thoughts for all of you....

peace~love, my friend

Ant said...

If there's one guy that can provide the kind of love that your aunt needs in an uncertain time, it's you...

Hope she (and you) get through it ok.

Maithri said...

Dear Eric,

So sorry to hear about your Aunt my brother.

Your words are perfect. And your spirit likewise.

Sending you the love that burns through the night,


Anonymous said...

Too bad about your aunt, Eric! Cool poem, though.

eric1313 said...


You too. Thanks for the sweet words, my friend. I'm glad you dropped by, and I know how busy you are. Let it all add up and post us about the changes in your life.

And thank you for the words about my poems. You're a fan and I'm glad.

drips of paint said...

wish your aunt well ... :) god bless, eric

eric1313 said...


Quietude... now that's a beautiful word. Much better than silence, let me tell you.

May the embers smolder forever, and the flames tell us stories that will never be extinguished.


Thank you for these very generous words. I will take them to heart.

I'll keep you all posted.

eric1313 said...


And the candle never burns low, no matter how hot the flame. That's the fire of love. Waxing poetic until the sun rises again.

Trevor Record

Thanks for the words, and at least the words on this end are back on line.

eric1313 said...


All the wishes will do her well, I'm hoping for the best.

Take care.

ivan said...

I agree with Trevor that you have produced a cool poem.
Waycool, to coin a phrase.

...I have this fetish about singulars and plurals though.
Think I'd try to clean up that particular line, though I know that people speak that way today.
Just my hang-up, I suppose.

eric1313 said...


I think I fixed it. I couldn't exactly find the spot you were talking about. But while I was in there, I tinkered and trimmed all the lines up a bit, making some of them less awkward.

Thanks for the input.

JR's Thumbprints said...

Fire is a dangerous element that we can't seem to live without. We embrace it, harness it, and hope for the best it has to give.

eric1313 said...


Playing with fire definitely paid off on the evolutionary scale. Now look what we use it for: when we aren't scorching dinner or people we don't like, we use it to put glorified toasters into orbit.

And damn it all if I don't like this world of glorified orbital toasters.

Top of the morning to you, Jim.

mystic rose said...

eric, thanks for your visit. I hope your aunt does well with her surgery.

This poem is beautiful..the moth and the flame, and you know, I am actually writing a short piece on that.. :).

Pythia3 said...

Dear Eric,
My prayers go out to you and your Aunt Theresa (my middle name and patron Saint [my sacred footing blog post]) I sincerely wish her good health and a peaceful recovery.
I love your poem and I can totally relate. I am a moth - I love the fire.
Beautiful photos too. Did you take the moth photo? I would love to copy it for inspiration some day.
My writing stops for many reasons too. I am so in every moment (at least aspiring to be) that it is difficult to pull myself away from the reality that is in front of me. Although I admit, as I have written in the past; I tend to get absorbed by things in manic and indulging ways.
Thank you so much for being such a great blog friend - although I feel I know you more than through the internet - there is a connection of energies for all of us here...evolved relationships if you will...purely in spirit.
Take care and I will send your aunt healing prayers and energy. When is her surgery?
Peace and love to you, Eric :)
PS - cross fingers and press publish!

Pythia3 said...


nbmhd said...

Look good, really good, Eric.
Scans well.

Josie said...

Eric, this is wonderful. Flames have always fascinated me. I feel like the moth.

I hope your Aunt does well. I will send good vibes out to the universe for her. It's an awful worry, when someone we love is going through something like that. I understand now why you have been feeling depressed. All your blogging buddies are here for you.


Anonymous said...

In spite all what is going around you took time to visit my blog..Im touched...Its been hard time and would be hard time for the one you love see them going through cancer ...

If you have chance please read her my poem to her (hope it will fuel her with power)

~So You Are~
So you are the famous Cancer
Came in without invitation
Invaded me, expecting my submission
From nowhere you declared your existence
Urging me to fall - fall without resistance
Until this time you were beyond my sight
Your invasion gave me a fright
Walls fall and crumble
But don’t expect me to fall
Without a fight
So you seized my reins in a storm
I won’t let you conquer my body, my home
I will not live in fear
So much pain I cannot steer
I stand to face you and all I’ll endure
On my journey seeking a cure
There’s no choice but surrender
Your time is over
I’ll walk the calamity - never falter
I’m a survivor

eric1313 said...

Mystic Rose

That's really cool to hear. I'll watch for it on your blogs and read it. I'm sure you'll take it in a different direction altogether than what I have done. But in the end, it's still the same concept: being attracted to something mortally dangerous.


Thank you for your well wishes. I'm glad you made it by and I'm very glad my website is behaving itself and not eating your comments.

Thank you so much for being such a great blog friend - although I feel I know you more than through the internet - there is a connection of energies for all of us here...evolved relationships if you will...purely in spirit.

That's exactly what I feel. I'm glad to meet my people where I can. And I've met many of them right here in blogylonia. People I don't know by face or by voice who care and check up on me and encourage me in every way.

And thank you for your visits. Certainly, I understand manic behavior. I deal with it's consequence more and more often. I can harness it and write five six or seven poems in a night, but it catches up to me when I step too far. Sometimes I don't see where I'm stepping until I've slipped in the bullshit, right?

Again, my appreciation is tremendous. Take care.

eric1313 said...


Hooray back at ya! It's nice when blogger behaves.


Thanks for the check up on it. I think it works much better. It was a good idea, but not fully implemented.

eric1313 said...


It's just an attractive image. The moth meaning change, the fire meaning warmth and life and also a quick, searing end.

And your wishes and everyone else's are gladly accepted. You all do me so much honor, I don't know what to say. Except thank you.

Anon ~ Nasra

Thank you for your encouragement, and I will read her your poem, of course. You are so kind to have written this here. I'll call her soon, and I will read it to her, gladly. She's exactly the type of person that would love this gesture. Thank you so much, really, I thank you from the bottom and the top of my heart.

karma lennon said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your aunt. You guys are both in my thoughts and I'm sending lots of love and healing wishes your way.

Also love the poem. I'm the moth-I can't seem to stay away from what can hurt me, it draws me in, beckons to me till I'm lost in the thrill......also I like to set things on fire, it's fun to watch! ;)

eric1313 said...


I think there's going to be a battle royale over who is the moth. Or rather,

it'll be a strange
fluttering ballet
of moths to the flame
each one vying
to be the first
to understand
that the flame
only looked beautiful
only appeared to be
a laughing, dancing
friend in the dark...

And thanks for the wishes. It's nice of you to add to the bonanza. I'll be by your site soon. Take care.

Sandy Kessler said...

Thank you for your kind comments. I teach a lot of places and help with athletics and all sorts of shorter jobs- left the classroom with illness. I empathise deeply with you and your aunt and family - how scary that illness must have been location alone. I pray for the best. We deal with what we are dealt in life.. skLife is what happens when we make other plans- a beatle

Blancodeviosa said...

sorry hun..

seems like it's getting deep for all of us sometimes.

my thoughts are with you. thank you for stopping by and lending support. i wouldn't know what to if i didn't know there were so many caring people in here.

eric1313 said...


You too, friend. You've been nothing but kind no matter what. Your words right now are extra rays of light, like a harvest moon.

And I think it was John Lennon who said that, but I can't be sure. The Beatles were such a smart group.

Thank you.


I knew your voice would be among the supportive folk. And you're right. The people we know are excellent. Thank god for that.

My thoughts are still with you and your family. And thank you for chiming in on my side. I didn't want to say anything about it anywhere else. But I thank you for dropping in and saying hello.

Take care, all.

drips of paint said...

Hi Eric...

how is it going and I hope aunty is well...

I left an award for you at my bolg "roared" post ... when you have a chance pop over to take a look.

very interesting for me here to learn about your poem & poetry with all the comments...


eric1313 said...

I beat you to it, Drips...

I've already copied it to my memory and thanked you for it personally. Thank you once more. A mauve lion... how cool is that? Peace out, drips.

Anonymous said...

We all burn sometimes, don't we?


eric1313 said...


We sure do, and it doesn't help that the burning looks so damn attractive.

Barrel roll right into the flames...

morbidneko said...

there's something about a poem of fire -


is it dumb for my comment to always be that your poem is beautiful? coz, it is.

sorry to hear about your aunt. i hope all will be well. there is, after all, a plan with all this stuff that happens.

keep writing, eric. may the struggles and trials be fuel to the fire of your creative spirit.

eric1313 said...


Well said, my friend. The creative spirit, the fire, will always bloom and burn high in the night.

Thank you about my aunt Theresa. She's doing OK, just had her first surgery yesterday morning.

And you can always say my writing is beautiful. Who am I to contradict a fan?

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Oh, yikes. I am thinking of you guys and sending love.

eric1313 said...

And I'll accept that love, gladly. Thank you for being so thoughtful.

love and xoxox's

karoline said...

oh eric..i'm thoughts and prayers for her recovery..and your peace of mind...we must keep writing, mustn't we...

your thought of a moth to a flame..the ultimate analogy of love me gets ever closer...just close enough to bask in the warmth, but the risk of dying all consumed if we lose ourselves or give of ourselves too deeply...only a cautious moth survives...

eric1313 said...


Your meaning is so right. We open ourselves for what we love and in that same instance, we are opening ourselves for pain and anguish and loss.

Not that the gamble isn't worth it! It is, but still there's always risk when we seek gain. Always.

And thank you for your wishes. I'm hoping the best, too. Thank you so much for your words.

Peace and love.

iamnasra said...

Thanks Eric for your kind words..Im glad she enjoyed it, I will send the book in PDF file if you would like to gift her so she can have more power to fight it .if that will be okay with you ..let me know I will email it to you

eric1313 said...


That would be lovely and so very thoughtful of you. Of course I would love that. I will let you know on one of your sites tomorrow. Take care!