Monday, November 5, 2007


The thread was there before the beginning,
before the the first light, before the big bang
before chaos beget order, or some such vagary.

The thread will sew it all up
when everything falls back together
in the last second of the last day.

Chaos will once more be the colors
of evermore flying in the breeze
the words will mean all and nothing.

So let's paint not a sunset
but a mural of every day
that ever was and ever will be.

The thread tying each day together,
at once they are snowflakes and
paper dolls hand to hand to hand...

The perpetuation of sunrises and falls
tells us that time creeps ever forward--

Stories of the ghost boys and girls
from ten evermores past tell us this much:

The final stitch will be in trembling hands.

You go first, my love.

Top: The Eagle nebula, this region is specifically known as the Pillars of Creation. Enough matter for thousands of Solar Systems to be formed. Insignificant does not even begin to describe our tiny little pin-point asses on a cosmic scale such as this. Below: "Remembering games, and daisy chains and laughs--got to keep the loonies on the path." Pink Floyd, Brain Damage, Dark Side of the Moon.


Neers said...

heyy Eric!

thank you so much for passing by here! yess Enemy is amazing blogger. and good thing that i found another one of the tribe here! thank you! :)

and most definitely the Authorities are right... you were not sleeping! :)

Princess Pointful said...

It is somehow refreshing, no matter what your beliefs, to feel as though there is something magical connecting this silly life together, isn't it?
Otherwise it would be a very happy accident indeed.
Sweet dreams, Eric. I have to scurry off to bed earlier than usual, as tomorrow is my first solo shift at my job at the forensic psychiatry clinic- wish me luck!

Crashdummie said...

Dude, shouldn’t you be sleeping right about now? But then again, I time its in the night time and darkness you can find clarity and sanity….

Sleep tight, sleep well, knowing that no matter how strange the world seems, we all are here together, with a strong bond that ties us all together… comforting thought knowing no ones is trust alone. said...


"Thee is no illusion here but plain belonging.
"Even if one were to listen to the sand whispering in the pines
"Even if you were to look into the green eyes of chlorophyll.

(Hryhory Chubai-- Ukrainian modernist poet). said...


Should read,

There is no illusion here but plain belonging.

(And I think you'd give the poet Andrew Marvel some competiton. I do believe he came just after Shakespeare, old buddy).

morbidneko said...

one thread to find us and in the darkness bind us. :)

when staring at the sky, it is such an awesome sight [if you're lucky enough to see stars and not smog].

one realizes your insignificance in the grand scheme of things.

singleton said...

"So let's paint not a sunset
but a mural of every day
that ever was and ever will be"....

A poetic reminder that there's more to life than the tiny little prefabricated world we sometimes live in, there's a universe, the beginning, ending, intricately connected, and without the before and the after, the now would be non existant....

i beati said...

You got me at before..and held me all the way . love the dolls sk

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Dark Side of the Moon lulled me to sleep throughout most of the late 80's and early 90's. It still does, the odd time. When I have trouble sleeping, I put it on. Crazy huh?
About that matter...what does it matter? LOL Space! is the final frontier, and there is much more of it...we need to get exploring!
Well written you cosmic thinker!
I love your spaced out poetry.
I am always thinking about stuff like that, stuff that is very difficult to put into words. You seem to have no trouble!
Cheers Erique!

karma lennon said...

"So let's paint not a sunset
but a mural of every day
that ever was and ever will be."

Definitely my favorite line. Keeping track of what's important everyday and living it to its fullest...

Also reminiscent of the three sisters...the last one always scared me the most.

And love your bookshelf on the side!!! LOVE Vonnegut and Beowulf was one of my favorites when I was a kid. Are you excited about the movie too?

the walking man said...

That Eagle Nebula picture is a poem all of its own Eric. And your statement about it is to true to be disregarded.
finally i got your page bookmarked, I lost the folder everyones page was in slowly I am getting them back.



Marissa said...

I always find that when I'm reading your poems, I hold my breath. And even when I finish, I wait a second before releasing the air. Your words just captivate me-they ALWAYS do. You have such talent.

drips of paint said...

love the eagle nebula to open your poetic vision and ending with the paper circle ....

what more can show the fragility of us within a cosmic scale of thing ... in this realm word is all and nothing at the same time indeed.

there are movement, life & mystery when I reading the poem:))

Danny Tagalog said...

Eric, thanks for the mail, but I'm out for the count. I started a fictional piece, but I'be gotta shelve it for a while. Too much work. Daily service will occur after April - until then it's gonna be very sporadic.

Thanks for the encouragement! BUt I've gotta focus on work

Will keep commenting when I can

Crashdummie said...

Just wanted to stop by and say hi.. hi! :)

oh, i just love the pic at the bottom - such a innocent, childish, hopefull, lovely, colorfull image *sigh*

sometimes u just gotto connect to your innerchild and feel what is important!

Behind Blue Eyes said...

I came back and wrote a really long comment on your Halloween story and must not have saved it. Bummer!

I always think of God as being the energy that holds existence together. Were you talking about God?

MyUtopia said...

I Love this part:

So let's paint not a sunset
but a mural of every day
that ever was and ever will be.

benjibopper said...

yeah, keep writing these alternatives to the Big Patriarch!

one thing though: despite the unimaginable enormity of it, we are all significant, says me. think of the butterfly effect. there's a delicate balance in place, our actions have the power to keep it in balance or throw it right off.

captain corky said...

Insignificant? Not me pal. I'm very important. If you don't believe me just ask my mother.

On second thought maybe you should ask my wife instead. ;)

Ant said...

Hee! I take the opposite stance here - I love the idea that we're all just part of some hugely random coincidental mess (extra points if it's a fuck-up...), with no rhyme nor reason nor thread to link it all together... :-)

Something a bit too final about sewing stuff up.

Lisa said...

"The final stitch will be in trembling hands.

You go first, my love."

I just LOVE that. Good morning! :)

Susan Miller said...

"So let's paint not a sunset
but a mural of every day
that ever was and ever will be."

This makes me smile. Then again, so many of your words evoke a nod, a whispered "uh huh" or a smile.

I finally got around to reading that Halloween piece and thoroughly enjoyed it. Great story that made me want to go trick or treating until I read the effects of such behavior.

Keep writing, my friend.

Maithri said...

This is beautiful my friend,

One thread connecting us all.
Stitching lives together in
one great tapestry.

One love, One thread,

Without end,

You write so beautifully,

Love and passion, M

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

The Great Wall Cluster, quite near us, is 300,000 light years think. The universe is mind boggling.

So is its estimated time span- We are talking centillions of years, to the power of I forget what.

I still think we will be its pinnacle, in due time.

Blancodeviosa said...

The perpetuation of sunrises and falls
tell us that time creeps ever forward--

how it seems to creep so slowly but time passes in the blink of an eye. or maybe i'm feeling my own mortality in a way i haven't ever done so before.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Oh good, Neers is here. Check her out. She is an amazing poet.

I like the use of the thread--a very clever motif and image. You got me thinking, bro!

RubyShooZ said...

You know this means we're going to be needing more paint, doncha my friends?

Peace, love and understanding.

~ RS ~

SpongyBones said...

The thread will sew it all up
when everything falls back together
in the last second of the last day.

... and to think of all the wasted energy we spend in worry over things that just won't matter when this finally is done ...

ann said...

brilliant... when I come across people who are all mememememe, I think to myself, you, like me, are just a itsy bitsy little microcosm (sp?) in the scheme of things and one day we will all be nothing

hold that thought :>)

eric1313 said...


I'll get back to you all as soon as possible.

Been busy and all, but I'm here.

Peace out.