Sunday, November 18, 2007

Words, Alone

Listen: invent a new word for this
cloak of love drawn skin tight
against the hungry north wind--
against the thousand-eyed stare
of today, tonight, tomorrow...

Forge your every new phrase
as if they where cast in bronze
or purple rows of sunset clouds--
the foam edge of a rolling blue sea
in and out and in with the moon.

Words that crash on the rocks
words that sway oak trees

words that soothe our souls
words that make hearts whole
or split them like rocks shattering
in the fathomless cold desert night.

Weave your words into a blanket
and wrap them around our bodies.

Let me hear

hold these words on my tongue--
let me inside their warm embrace.

Invent a new word for the way

your lips caress me in the dark.
I'll write a holy book using only it
because there is nothing so divine
as the sounds your mouth evokes;
there is nothing so like god as the
way I feel when you look at me
before night burns into a new day.

Invent for me one new word--
because these you see on this page
are tired, dying, and without hope.

Invent for me one new word--
and the whole world will be yours;
my heart is already in your hands.

One new word and immortality
is ours.


Drips of Paint has seen fit to ensure that I do yet another awards post. Not that I mind. He's a great artist in his own right. My thanks.
Great writing has no formula. If it does have one, I don't know it. I kind of just spew words out like a shaken can of beer and pray that they make sense. But there are some guidelines that help...

Open your heart and see what it says to you.

Open your eyes and look for a grain of truth.

Open the floodgates and let the words have their way with you. Even if you don't have a plan, the words usually do, and they'll let you in on it if you keep throwing them out there.

In turn, I award this one to the following blogs who have ways of digging deep and writing strong works that I remember often:

Pythia3, Cave of Pythia
Cheri, Open, Remove, Swallow Dry

Enemy of the Republic, Cruel Virgin

Ann Raven, formerly of London Love Verse, now at At Home With Ann

and Oceanshaman at... Oceanshaman, of course...

I hope everyone will give these fine bloggers a shout, as they deserve it for their fine and often emotional efforts. There are more of you who deserve to be recognized, but I will keep this list at this, so as to not award everyone in blogylonia--even if a lot of you deserve it. And of course, you five may choose however many people you want to give this award to. It's all good, no matter what.

And this pic is of the Thor Nebula, named for the Norse god of thunder. I assume it's because it resembles a helmet with wings. No matter, it's a beauty. And I'll have to keep my eye open for the elusive Loki nebula. Ragnarök will happen right here on this blogspot.

Thank you for the tremendous outpouring of support for my aunt Theresa on my last post. She underwent her first surgery yesterday, but a few more are still scheduled. Other treatments will also begin soon. Each one of you totally rules in your own right. Give yourself a pat on the back, or take an extra smoke/coffee break, or have another drink at your power lunch. You deserve it.


Enemy of the Republic said...

Thank you, Eric. And you know that you deserve that award yourself. What a fine poem! I love reading your work.

eric1313 said...


Thanks for the compliment. I need to get this stuff out there, as I keep saying.

And you, too. No problem, friend. Thanks for the words, as always.

captain corky said...

My thoughts are with you and your Aunt.

I wouldn't mind coming up with a new idea either. That would be amazing. Great work my friend.

eric1313 said...

Thanks, for that. A new word, idea, anything. It's all been done, so why not reinvent the whole language?

And thanks about my aunt. I'll pass the good vibes along.

karma lennon said...

I love the photos and I love the poem (when do I not love your words?). I like this one because it's about the power of words, the allure of language and also I make up words all the time. I've developed my own little language. Since I'm doing this whole living again thing, I'm remembering my passion for certain stuff-like languages and's fun. :)

Still sending healing thoughts your way. Please keep us updated on your aunt-I'm sure things will go well!

Wrote a poem about fire for Fantastical, went in a different direction totally from yours though.

K, I'm rambling. Bye!

eric1313 said...


Ramble any time you want, it's all good.

I love making up my own words, terms or just combining the old forms to create new ones. Neologisms. It's what we have. True creativity. And go with the fun, I'm glad you dropped by.

Peace out, Karma.

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

I'll have to read back, I've been gone a few days so I am out of the loop. (Camping.)
I am sorry about your Aunt Theresa, and will no doubt find out what it is when I read back. I hope she is okay.
I really like this poem today.
There is something eternal and holy about it. Very nice, you really reached in for that one.

eric1313 said...


No problem, catch up anytime.

Thanks for the wishes and the compliments. I wrote this one a few nights back, and I knew it was going to be a good one. It's just that kind of vibe. Glad you liked it.

Take care and talk to you whenever I get the chance.


Crashdummie said...

Words… sometimes words are all that we have.

My thoughts are with you & tiyr Aunt Eric. Sending some positive energy.

Congrats for yet another award. You totally deserve it my friend.


eric1313 said...


Cheers! It's early, but what the heck... clink!

Thanks for the positive thoughts. You're a great friend. I'm glad to have your thoughts anytime.

Oceanshaman said...

Honored by the award . . . and by the source . . .

Will jump passing it forward shortly . . .

Pythia3 said...

Thank you Eric...your visits and comments are special enough...and I am honored by the award.

efkhadi sto polee (thank you very much in Greek) since I am at a loss for English words at this moment.

:) Lindy

Princess Pointful said...

This poem gave me goosebumps.
Without being too gushy, I swear you were in my head last night... the idea of wanting so badly to come up with a new word, because english just doesn't do things justice sometime.

Ant said...

Beautiful words, beautiful pics.

Whatever your formula - it works...

ann said...

firstly thank you so much for the award; it means a lot to me as do your words. I will display it with pride

"Great writing has no formula. If it does have one, I don't know it. I kind of just spew words out like a shaken can of beer and pray that they make sense. But there are some guidelines that help...

Open your heart and see what it says to you.

Open your eyes and look for a grain of truth.

Open the floodgates and let the words have their way with you. Even if you don't have a plan, the words usually do, and they'll let you in on it if you keep throwing them out there."

you expressed my sentiments far more eloquently than I ever could

as for your poem; pure magic and I wish I could come up with a new word, or a better word than simply love

my thoughts and prayers are with you and yours and especially with your aunt

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

Lisa said...

I don't pray, but you and your aunt are in my thoughts. I have an aunt too that I consider a third parent so I can imagine how hard this must be for you.

P.S. Love the poem. It's... delicious, for lack of a better word.

Lisa said...

I've been checking my blog reading level. I've gone from genius to postgrad to undergrad over the last ten days or so. I wonder what they base it on.

Anonymous said...

Cool Nebula. Are you sure it isn't named for thor because it looks sort of like the head of a hammer?

Or maybe they were just deperate for things to name it after.

sandyshares said...

good ones. I'm thinking of words for that first post ....

david mcmahon said...

That first shot is spectacular, Eric.

singleton said...

"One new word and immortality
is ours"

You take language, and remake it into something etheral
with every line......
time and time again...
just beautiful.

Blogger ate my wee morning thoughts, but somehow, I see new words here now, woven just slightly different, maybe it's the light....or the night....or just my imagination...

So glad your Aunt Theresa has done well thus far, hoping and praying each hurdle ahead goes as well, if not better, and that healing is fast at work.

Peace~love my friend

Enemy of the Republic said...

Better comment coming soon. I am thinking of you and your situation with your aunt. I know how hard that is. I love the nebula and the namesake.

Justgivemepeace said...

clinkin' ya back

drips of paint said...

another wonderful poem ... I am still chewing on it ... trying to split open the mystery of your words ...

Your guideline for writing is a treasure for me ...
//Open your eyes and look for a grain of truth.// ... have never thought of it this way! I know i'll ponder on this one.

Glad you are happy with award & a fine post so quick in repond to it ... wonderful

may your aunt recovery goes as planned and success in the follow up treatment ... hope she is keeping her spirit high and you too.. lol! said...

Streak of talent.

James Joyce: "You poor poet, you."

_Soulless_ said...

Invent for me one new word--
because these you see on this page
are tired, dying, and without hope.

My favorite part. There is a sadness there that reaches out with no conditions. And reach, it does.

Blessings to you and your family. May your aunt be well. Have strength.

miller580 said...

I know I haven't been aound I want to say thanks for stopping by every so often. I promise I will get back to making the rounds in a week or two. I am almost done with the semester from hell.

Anyway, this of my favorites. And if I may be so (is pompus the write word) I would like to make one small edit suggestion

"Try to invent a new word for this
cloak of love drawn skin tight
against the hungry north wind--
against the thousand-eyed stare
of today, tonight, tomorrow...

Invent a new word for the way
your lips caress me in the dark.
I'll write a holy book using only it
because there is nothing so divine
as the sounds your mouth evokes;
there is nothing so like god as the
way I feel when you look at me
before night burns into a new day."

My suggestion would be in the first line...cut "Try" Start with Invent.

I think it is stronger and consistent.

I also had a teacher once, who used to say...all the time..."Trying is Lying."


Just a thought. Do with it what you will. Peace my friend.

eric1313 said...


Right back at you. Your words do so much to remind me to stay centered and to be calm.

And let me tell you, I do need the reminders. I don't know if it is apparent, but passion can wreak havoc with my peace.



Well, thank you! We all struggle, I struggle mightily, and we all deserve recognition. You are no different. Your writing, too, inspires peace and thought. You deserve it. I wish I knew the words to thank you back in that beautiful language.

See you around, friend.

eric1313 said...

Princess Pointful

Oh yeah, that was the comment!

Well, you are the neologism queen, so our language is your plaything. So mix match and create, it's all good.

And the goosebumps are free!

Talk to you around the bend.


I'll just keep spewing words like a shaken beer, then. It's all good, too.

Thanks for your comments here and last post. They help a lot.

eric1313 said...


I'll take all the love I can get. Lotsa love or just a little bit.

And you deserve it! You right so very well, your verse is love itself.

I'm just glad you drop by my site, and to have yours to read.

My thanks for you sweet wishes. Bless your heart, Ann.


Thank you for the wishes and heartfelt thoughts. That's what matters, not how the vibes are sent. It's that they are sent.

And about the reading level gauge: It does it by a post by post measure, so if you click your title and use the URL for a specific post, that's what will it will read. I've had some poems come back as high school level, one that was (gulp) JR high, undergrad, one Genius... I didn't think that was fair, so the the Postgrad reading I got I stuck with.

Yeah, it's cheating, but hey, that's what rules are for. Use them, bend them, break them. They are tools for those so inclined to use them as such.

eric1313 said...

Trevor Record

I guess it does look like a hammer.

But it also looks like a winged helm, I thought. Definitely abstract--and yeah, they probably where scraping the barrel for that one. But it is damn cool.


Well, I hope you get some good words. I'm sure you'll invent something great.

Talk to you soon, y'all!

Crashdummie said...

too early? Well it depends on how u see it - some would say it was to late to cLink? ;)

have a great one, brave lil' soldier!

eric1313 said...


Thank you. I thought it was one of the most beautiful pictures I'd ever seen, as well.


That evil blogger beastie! I'll have to find out what it's problem is--it's undoubtedly bloated with all the things of ours that it's gobbled up over the space of time.

And thank you fro the words and the wishes. You know this fight well, you've cheered on so many and helped them through the hurdles with your love.

Thank you, friend. Thank you so much.

eric1313 said...


One can never have enough visits from your august presence. You're writing makes us think and your spirit is present in your friends, to not take anything for face value--even ourselves. Self discovery is not an objective, it's a journey. It lasts until the end.

Thank you and come back anytime.


And clink we did. What awesome writing last night.

The Butterfly Bar is covered by our scribblings and what a joy it is to be a part of that.

eric1313 said...

Drips of Paint

Thank you for the recognition, the words of praise and especially for the encouragement to my aunt. I'll pass it all along to her.

And yes, when we write, we need to write the truth. The truth is the heart of all good writing--otherwise, it's just not convincing. Thank you for the visit and I'll see you soon.


May I keep the streak alive! It's all been building up more and more. I love where I'm at now, but I can't wait to get to where I'm going to be tomorrow.

Until then, see you around.

KarmaLennon said...

I just replied to your comment on Chimerical with the longest reply ever! ;)

eric1313 said...


You like tragic poetry, don't you? That line was sad to me, too. I almost got rid of it for not fitting. Then I realized that it did fit, sadness and all. The tragedy is feelings like this are so hard to live up to.

Thank you for your wishes, they go a long way.


Welcome back! And no problem, I took that advice and ran with it. How could I forget something so important, such as never to begin a poem infirmly? Argh!

So I took a Vonnegut like turn with "Listen:". I like it. It works very nicely.

Thanks. And thank you for your wishes, too. My aunt should be almost recovered from all these good vibes you all are sending her way.

eric1313 said...

Dr Crashy

Right on--time is a relative thing. Early to you is late to me. Or is it the other way around?

Aww... Your words make me proud. Thank you so much. I'll talk to you more later, friend. Glad to see you jump in while I'm at the keys.

Cheers, mate!

Karma Lennon

I'll be by to check it out in a second. Thanks for the words once more.

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Wonderful poem Eric. I wonder... who is your heart beholding? Who ever it is, well, she is lucky.

This is seductive and I am involved with its affair now. One for the hammock.

T said...


Josie said...

Congratulations on your award. You definitely(!) deserve it.

Lovely poetry. Romantic.

Best wishes to your Aunt. Tell her Josie says hello, and speedy recovery. We're all pulling for her.

Manic Street Preacher said...

you liked 'song remains the same' n dont have led zep in ur favorite music list?

heh heh...

ur words on a paper. will always be back for more.


Maithri said...

Dear Eric,

This is quite simply one of the most beautiful poems i've ever read.


Love, M

eric1313 said...


She may very well be lucky, but I can't know for sure at the moment. I think I'm lucky, though. Lucky enough to have words and images swirling around me so much that I can just pluck them out of air and spin them into a gold patina right here before your eyes.

Talk to you later, T.

Take care.

eric1313 said...


And now for the encore: I will jump from ten-thousand light years above the earth and land in a shot glass. No cameras, not nets. Just a long whistle and a splash.

And maybe a hangover a little later.

eric1313 said...


Thanks Josie. You deserve to be named for a few of these, yourself.

And you are well aware of my romantic bent, so this should never be a surprise.

Thank you for the wishes, she was released from the hospital yesterday for a little bit of home healing. Everyone's thoughts go a long way. Glad to have you all with me on this.

eric1313 said...


Zeppelin's on my favorite list. It just says "Zeppelin", though--kinda un-leded.

Come back any time, Manic. I thank you for the visits.

eric1313 said...


And that makes my day to hear praise like that.

God bless you and your reading here. Your words are very much the same for me. Just beautiful glimpses of a thruth and beauty where we least expect it.

Peace out, brother.

and everyone else, too.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

I think there already is a word for that. It means something different to everyone, which makes it all the more beautiful; always fluid in form and forever open to change.

eric1313 said...

Ultra Toast Mosha God

That has to be one of the best expressions of that thought I've ever heard.

A thought, a feeling, an emotion that changes like the tides and brings our spirits to closer kinship, through an intangible beauty and grace that we all have in common.

Thanks for the visit.

benjibopper said...

Throp. To twist unexpectedly toward the morose (kind of as you did in the poem so skillfully). Throp.

[A great collaborative post project would be for a bunch of bloggers to each invent a new word, complete with definition, then all go off and write a poem using those poems.]

eric1313 said...


I didn't set out to throp anyone, but I guess if the neologism fits... indeed, I thropped the heart of this one, in order to contrast the two feelings that much more.

That would be a great project. Funny thing is, I can't think of a good word right off the top...

Except to add that a well-executed throp is a key component to dichotoprosaics, or writing that contains two polar opposite ideas and blends them into one beautifully convoluted thought. The throp makes this seemless transition possible.

Princess Pointful said...

Another secret message...

First, I am going to cover my ears about your taunting of my poor Canucks.

Chelios and Hasek indeed have to retire.

Though Zetterberg is in my hockey pool. Shhh, it will be our little secret.

I am honoured for your invitation with regards to the Butterfly Bar. I haven't touched poetry since my melodramatic adolescence, so I have no idea if I still have the right touch! However, I will have an open mind, and see what bounces from my head onto the pen. No guarantees.... not that you would hold me to them anyways!

Also profound thanks for the offer of the award. I will decline, as it is a little delayed, plus I think it is likely more intended for the more formal writing crowd... not such babbles as my own. However, the fact that you enjoy my writing so much is a huge complement- and I mean that, especially given that I sometimes feel I have fallen off from my best writing days, which were the inspired days of my youth when I would put pen to paper a whole lot more.

By the way, I loved the line you threw into one of your secret communications regarding whether writing as therapy is a good thing, as it brings up more than we can answer.

From the academic standpoint, there actually is a ton of evidence for writing as therapeutic- even if you think no one is going to read it, there is a ton of benefits to writing down your secrets. I think it is the simple act of transforming them from the jumble of emotions in your head into a story. There is much power in having your own stories, I think.

I am now going to google "Tall Tales from the Mekong Delta", as see if I can find it in this moment.

Sleep tight, Eric.

Princess Pointful said...

Okay... I just read it and feel as though I need a shower. I was all tense and goosebumped going through it.
It is so eerie how you watch him just wear her down, as if she is just so exhausted with everything, she can't even put up a fight.

eric1313 said...


Yeah, the wings have a bad problem with old bluebeards who don't know when to hang it up.

Zetterberg and Datsyuk are both awesome. You should get them both for your hockey pool (or one day when you're rich, for your pool boys...), since you'll double up on goals and assists.

As for the Butterfly effect: Don't worry about the poetry thing, or trying to be poetic, if you do accept an invite. Just type words and let them lead you somewhere magical. It's the best way to go. It'll open up doors of creativity all over the place. And, if you ever have a line in your head or on a piece of paper, that's what you do with it. Poetry. Type it, and then, like word association, type the next things that come from your mind. Your style of writing is extremely cerebral. That's good! But you can open up even more and reap benefits in the things you write about right now by learning to trust your intuition in writing. And poetry is much less of a time investment than short stories. From what you say on your blog, you like to have a plan (there's that fine self control in action, once again) when you start to write, and this way you'll see that plans can indeed take care of themselves on the fly. Maybe you already know that. But it would be a great chance to practice with people who have open minds. And Sing likes you. Maybe it's because I like you, but then again, I never see Singleton at Dear Bastards, so that theory is probably hoey.

I've read a lot of your work. I love it, I think you are uniquely hilarious, touching, poignant, and universal, and I bet I'm not the first to say so. There are people who love writing that would kill and trade in souls and all those other dark mystic deeds just to get half of that.

As for the award thing, that's just a simple encouragement. You drip with talent (wondered what that was, didn't you?). I'm sure I'll see your writing one day on at a bookstore. I'm positive, actually. No matter what happens, one cannot destroy a creative soul--unless you get sent to Siberia by a cruel dictator, to be mentally crushed for something you alluded to once, or something horrible like that. That's different.

And as for therapy from writing... yes, it is huge. I've heard arguments against it, but I already covered that with the whole "you might dig up more than you can find answers for" thing.

But all in all, how could I, of all people, argue against such wisdom? I use it as my own therapy--god knows I need it. But I especially can't argue when it's endorsed by a bona-fide expert. Or near expert.

Bahh... Who am I kidding? You're an expert, you write and study psych. High five, yo!


Kate Braverman is awesome. I read that one in my contemporary (1970 to present) North American lit class--that's right, two nations, one class. Braverman's a student of Margret Atwood--and I know you know who she is. How can a person be a Canadian and not know of her?

You could write a story like that one. That's what I thought as soon as I mentioned it. That's why I phrased it like "do me a favor and read..." It's the kind of story that would almost have to be written by someone well versed in psych.

Your expository writing is so good, I think that if you went to the other side of the coin--to show a story in the actions of a character or group dynamic, instead of telling it all in the narration--that you would surprise yourself with your growth. (of course narration is important. Just let it guide the action, show, don't tell. It's more than just a creative writing workshop cliche)

Sure, it's a different mindset, but you already have the desire to do so: looking in windows to make up stories about how people live? Sound familiar? You can do it. One day.

Obviously, right now would not be good, since you are so busy, and finishing what you started is very important. But later, when you get settled into a practice, I'd love to see your imagination take off.

Repeat after me:

I am the shiznot. The shiznizzle. The beez kneez, baby.

Like the zen buhdists, like the samurai, I am the master of my personal domain, my passions, and most importantly, my self.

Words do my every bidding.

I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me...