Wednesday, December 19, 2007

All We Need

It's part of the season
goes with the territory
snow falls in the north
the fire rose sun dips
low to the south

Nothing is what it seems
everything is in the cards
in the defiant stars,
all of it is falling
from out of the yellow fire
in the sun's burning heart

It's part of this season
part of this circle
part of this life

All we need--
a lover's hot breath
on our body
so close as to smell
each other's soul

All we need--
one winter night
and the rest will be
lined up to fall down
like dominoes

All we need is love
(so let it be sung)
All we need
is a warm place
to spend a long night
making our own light

It's the fire rose
of the sun's burning heart
alive and irresistible

It goes with the territory
right here

It's a part of all seasons,


Behind Blue Eyes said...

The simple things are the best, aren't they?

eric1313 said...

Truly, they are, BBE. Winter nights, fires, sunrises and sunsets, that feel of breath on our skin from someone we could stand to be closer to.

And they make for great writing, as well.

Peace out, my friend.

Princess Pointful said...

Oh, to be out on snowy walk tonight, for the world to be glowing before your eyes, and to feel someone's hands encase in mittens.

And worry not, dear Eric, I can take my fair share of razzing for the Canucks. My boyfriend is a Flames fan and he is rife with taunts.

I agree, there is no part of Florida and hockey which go together... you come from a hockey town, so you know that it is as much a symbol as a sport. From Winnipeg to Phoenix is an epic travesty.

I'm using my surprise lone night to try to catch up with everyone's ponderings over the past week. I hope you are doing well and a little more rejuvenated. Best wishes... especially for snow frolicking opportunities!

ivan said...

I used to think life was for achievement, and not happiness, nor love.
Well, love always interferes, doesn't it.
All these thoughts at this time you describe with such accuracy.

And Mars closest to us right now.

singleton said...

"It's a part of all seasons,

That wrapped up beautiful! Clink!, my friend, to all seasons,
especially now.....


gingatao said...

Right here, right now. Great evocation of mood, of gentle need. Cool poem, warm heart.

Enemy of the Republic said...

We need love in all the ways you described, but we need it to go our way. Does that make sense?

X. Dell said...

There's nothing you can write that can't be written.

Sorry. Caught up in the moment.

It's the time of the season for simple pleasures. They are the best.

Trevor Record said...

Hey Eric,

Cool Beatles reference.

I have always thought that winter was the best love season as well. It is the loneliest part of the year without it!

Bemused said...

I like the part about smelling each other's soul.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Beautiful as always Eric...
from one domino to another, may peace & love lay us down ...

distractedspunk said...

"All we need--/a lover's hot breath
on our body/so close as to smell/each other's soul."

That? Kills me. I love the picture and I feel that so very much right now. Also, the photo is beautiful. You always make me think when we correspond, and I love that.

eric1313 said...

Princess Pointful

OK, I hoped I didn't get to you too much with the Canucks razzmatazz.

(Holy shite! Blogger recognizes the word razzmatazz as real, and yet it thinks 'hijinks' is spelled wrong--even now it's underlined! Like I said before--retarded monkeys are responsible for programing this thing, I know it!)

But yeah, the Jets should never have left Winnipeg. Phoenix AZ is regularly 110 by the time the Stanley Cup Finals roll around. And I'll bet Sing can attest that tickets to Florida Panthers games are given away everywhere. My friend Michelle said they were giving away Dallas Stars tickets even in the Finals. She said there were stacks of them at restaurants and the like, just sitting there to take!

The amazing thing is how hockey took off in Nashville TN. They liked it from the start, and I believe they have the longest sellout streak currently. That's wild.

But thanks for the comments. A nice walk through the cold winter night with someone close is always an inspiration. Hell, anything can inspire me. I'm a dog when it comes to poetics!

Peace out, and I hope you've gotten to your destination tonight.

eric1313 said...


Mars has an undeniable pull. Makes us all a little onerous. Silly y chromosome!

Achievement is good. I could use a little myself. But we always could use a little bit of love. That helps more than anything.


To all the seasons... the snow and cold rain and all.

And thanks for posting the Beatles. That affected me, as you can see.

Talk to you soon, my friend.


eric1313 said...


Thanks. To warm a heart on a cold winter night--that's the miracle of the feeling.

And yeah, I hoped it wouldn't be too cliche to bring in the 'right here right now' thing, but it worked, I spaced them out enough.

Peace out.


Yes it does make sense. We can't make love do what we want, it either has to be or it will not be real. It'll only be a delusion of gratification.

I hope that makes sense! It does to me.

Right on, and thanks for the thoughtful comment.

eric1313 said...

X Dell

They are indeed, although a little complication also spices things up, too.

And no problem, I was caught up in the mood of that song too. It's pretty obvious.

Thanks for the visit.

Trevor Record

It is indeed the best, it's the one where we share warmth, the inviting season, the one we stay under covers for. In that way, it really is perfect.

And always, the Beatles are a nice change.

Peace out.

eric1313 said...


I do too, that was one of the high points, I thought. We're all unique; I love when you smell the sheets next to you and the hint of her is left behind like an aura of the finer senses.

Thanks and talk to you soon.


Glad to see you!

And what a beautiful way to put it. You have the words in you, never doubt it.

p&l to you too.

eric1313 said...


Yes, those are the lines that really got me going. It does call to mind a beautiful picture, one that lingers in mind and inspires a huge smile from the one who sees it.

And you too are a great person to talk to. Any time.

Take care, OK?

Peace out.

Josie said...

Eric, that's lovely. It's the small things that count, the things that don't cost any money. They are the most important things in life.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

This made me think of the homeless guys i've been seeing huddled up against the heating vents of buildings in the biting cold of the illest tempered winter nights I have seen in many a year.

KarmaLennon said...

Nice. Makes me all wanty. Yeah, I'm still Fight Club sleepy. ;) Beautiful.....

Sandy Kessler said...

I love this piece so much come back and read it again and again.

ann said...

that's simply beautiful

nothing more to add; I think you've said it all apart from
seasons greetings my friend

lotsa luv xxxxx

eric1313 said...


It's true, love and kindness, laughter, smiles--they don't cost a wooden nickle, and yet they do the most for us.

Merry Christmas and all that sweet jazz.

Ultra Toast

So right, so right. Few people even give them a second thought. As you can imagine, homelessness is quite common in Detroit, so I see it too. Every night during the winter, many of them die, yet there's a few more every day.

It makes me think of John Lennon, and his Christmas song. If there's anything humanity should be ashamed of, it's that we all too often leave behind the poor and the weak to die alone.

Thank you for the very thoughtful comment.

Peace out.

eric1313 said...


Thanks for the comments, as always.

I hope you can get some rest and enjoy the holiday. Keep in touch with friends, that will help, I guarantee it.


You are welcome to read this any time you want to.

If you want, copy it paste it and print it. I don't care. Just if I get published, promise you'll buy a copy, OK?

Thanks for the stop, you two.

Take care

eric1313 said...


Welcome back!

And add anything you like, or nothing at all, it's your choice. As long as you read here, I'm cool no matter what.

Always accepting lotsa luv. Take care.

And a Merry Christmas to all.